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At least I think it's a meme. I finished my first doc and made the mistake of coming back to where there's interwebs, and then of clicking on Friends of Friends, which I don't do very often, and I think the meme is that you ask people to give you a subject, and then you list your top five things in that subject. Actually, according to someone's post from seven years ago (seven years ago!), it goes:

Top Five! Ask me for my top five list of anything and I shall respond. Then go forth and do the same.

So... shall we? *g* We could have lots of top-five posts scattered all over our flists, and find out stuff about each other. It could be fun, right?!

Look - five wee pics of our lads, to start us off with fives!

And five other randomly-chosen pics from my scrapbook.
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