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Well, it's raining outside alright! It's been blustery all day again, and I even had to go out in it, but that was okay. *g* And from next week, I'm going to get to go out in it all the time! Well, sort of - I'll be back in the world, not so tucked away! *g*

I gave in and bought a paper shredder today. I used to have one, and gave it to my mum, and I must admit it's a handy thing (when you've got lots of teaching/named documents etc., not just for all those receipts. *g*) And so this afternoon I shredded and shredded and shredded and still have loads to shred! I must sort out those old laptops too, I really can't cart them to another house, especially a smaller one... (*waffles and rambles*)

So... it's my first day off proofreading, and I'm already feeling more write-y - hurrah! I have my [ profile] picfor1000 prompt, and I actually like it this year, which I haven't for ages (not to be ungrateful, but poker chips and American football were kind of meh for me, I'm afraid... although I did get something out of the wheelie bins!) This years is all moody and atmospheric, though. *g*

I'm eyeing the Big Bang of course, but I dunno... On the one hand, more time = hurrah, but on the other hand, the random stoat thing just throws me every time I glance at the comm...! And I'm planning to write long fic anyway, so...?! Dunno.

What else can I waffle about when I should be shredding again...? Can't believe tomorrow's my last full day here! Oh, my wee annexe! It was the last book group last night too - and bless 'em they gave me a card with a book token in it, which is of course one of my favourite presents, every time, so that was a nice surprise. *g*

And now I am just waffling for no reason but to bore you silly. Okay - shredding...
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