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Way back when I was in Cambs., a friend moved to the other side of the world, and I said I'd try to find homes for some of the zines she had. I've asked various people, and mentioned them intermittently online, but no one's been interested. They've moved with me from Cambs. to Wookey Hole to my annexe, but this time if no one wants them they're going to have to go to the great recycler in the... well, that truck thing that comes. *g* So - is anyone interested in taking them off my hands, or shall I just consign them? You've got until my last night in this annexe to let me know, but preferably sooner rather than later, especially as I'm not yet sure when that's going to be...

X-Files slash
Multi story zines, mainly M/K but one or two stories are M/Sk or Sk/K
Double eXposure
Indecent eXposure
Over eXposure

Sympathy for the Devil by Sarah Bellum (M/K)
Heads & Tails by M Fae Glasgow (multistory zine mainly M/Sk but two M/K)
Out of the Dark by Kassandra (M/Sk)

Stargate SG-1 (all J/D)
Fallen by Sideburns a collection of Descended Daniel stories (Fall to Heaven, The Long and
Live in Loves Flame by Pantha

Let me know! *g*
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