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Although specifically at this moment I'm in bed, looking out the window at a gum tree in the grey morning light. In Somerset. One of these weekends I'm going to do something nice in Bucks. But not this one or next weekend, cos I can't quite fit the remaining stuff in my car after all (rats!) and I've still got all the plants from the garden to bring up. I'd forgotten how big some of the pots were... But have a pic from yesterday, just cos.

DSC_3732 2017-03-04 BirdsOnTheWire
It was on the way to the recycling place, there were dozens and dozens of birds in a tree, and then even more lined up along the wire, waiting for their turn... Not exciting, I know, but they were fun. *g*

Went to see Logan with sci-fi friend last night, and it wasn't at all what I'd been expecting from the trailers, which was a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film - turned out to be in the X-Men franchise, which I'd only seen the first couple of, and was basically a Wolverine film. Much slashing of stuff, talking about regretting it and killing being bad, and then going on to slash and kill more stuff. It kept my attention, but it was all a bit same-y and definitely for people who knew more of the character background. Oh well - still fun to see a movie!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend... *g*
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