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On the last minute as always, but hey-ho - it's a minute! *g* Now - can I be Very Clever Indeed and watch my original dvds on the telly, and simultaneously play the new Network version on my laptop for taking screencaps? (Turns out, yes I could - but not clever enough to manage more than the first fifteen minutes or so of the ep - *headdesk* Ah well, here it is!)

We start with the nasty Tony Temple-Blake himself, dictating to his (presumably) long-suffering secretary (?) I've read people in this Watch saying the villains are a bit over-blown in this ep, but I've got to admit I've never thought that. I can quite believe their nasty self-confidence and inflated self-importance, and the way they don't even question whether they have the right to treat those with less power poorly just so that they can turn a higher profit. And they seem completely realistic when you think about what we have seen going on in the upper eschelons of "business" - end of the NHS, anyone? Grrrr...

Hee - Bodie's I'm a disco man meself is a thing of beauty (as many other people have said *g*) - but I also like Doyle's "he's quite good with a bayonet"... *vbg*
01 B DiscoManMeself 02 HesQuiteGoodWithABayonet

And Cowley immediately jumps to take Doyle down a peg or two as well - though Doyle doesn't look overly cowed. (heh - Cowed! Geddit? *vbg*)
02YouWerentMuchBetter 02YouWerentMuchBetter2
Cowley gives him a proper whippy-flick with his foil, though, which seems to surprise him!

Love the closeness of Bodie's aside to Doyle - a "watching brief", whatever that means and Doyle's return glance...
03 WatchingBrief

I never quite know why Cowley warns Bodie that there are other ways of interrogating someone than violently - I'd swear it tends to be Doyle we see more often being violent when they're questioning/confronting villains...
03 WithoutRemovingTeeth
It amuses Doyle though - in fact he seems gently amused by and tolerant of Bodie all through this scene. The reason is clearly given in the next few words... *vbg*

Aww - Bodie stayed over at Doyle's for the first time the night before - Cowley didn't get out of a strange bed at five in the morning with a hangover...
04 StrangeBed
I'm so going to write that fic for the ep, just not quite tonight...

Okay, that was just an excuse for lots of pics of our lads in their fencing kit. *g* Have one more. Chopsticks. *vbg*
05 Chopsticks

More villains... I think they're well-done and nasty, and the Whitehall mandarins are nastily slimy as well, but there's too much of them all, which is probably why I don't watch this as often as I might... And now we're back to the villains again...

The next scenes make up for it a bit. Love the lads shouldering their way into the pub, as seen in the mirror...
06 EnterBar
This scene always reminds me of [ profile] shayheyred's brilliant Discovered in a Barfight as well, which always makes me smile.

And when they get to the bar - Hardly your class of cocktail bar, old man. - I always like a place where I can spit on the floor., followed by Doyle's understated but brilliant You'd miss. *vbg*
07 YoudMiss

Too many of you fellows are bent The look between our lads! I mean, that is definitely a look! Scripted? *g*
08 TooManyOfYouFellowsAreBent

But bum - that's as far as I've got in the hour I had before bed. I forgot how long it takes to screencap-as-you-go! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow, but stick with writing the story rather than screencapping my rambling thoughts... It was nice to have a reason to watch even a bit of our lads though... and think of what pretty pictures they make. *g*
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