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Just a quickie, and not the post I've been trying to make for the last few days (with added photos), but because there is probably going to be yet another round of teeth-gnashing about it... Lj's new terms of service, of course.

I'm not entirely happy with the new terms of service, but only because I can't actually read the original version of them. To put that in context, however, I wasn't entirely happy with the old terms of service (the US-based ones) where I was also supposed to sign all my rights to a governmental jurisdiction that I wasn't allowed to have any say in, and that often legislated against things (ironically freedoms) that I believed in.

There was an element of protection via EU laws, some of which officially superceded some of the US laws I was less comfortable with, as a member of the EU. That is also shortly going to be taken away from me (and any other UK lj-ers).

On top of that, of course, the recent change in the US government has been for the worse, regarding people's freedoms and rights, and I feel less comfortable with it now than I did previously.

So - when it comes down to it, I don't feel any worse off, I've signed the agreement and will still be here. I'm hoping that other people will be too, but sadly I suspect not. And now I have to dash to work, but I hope I see you around!
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