Monday, January 2nd, 2017

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...even though I didn't take a photo today. It's been grey and wet outside, and I've mostly been tucked up inside trying to write (I'm so slow!), and even though I thought I should take one, just for fun!, there was nothing to really take one of when there was no reason for taking it, so...

...Pros update instead! Let's start as I mean to go on. *g*

Current Pros fic - A Family Affair by Lizzie. I could have sworn this was online somewhere now too, but can I think where...? So maybe it's not - rats! It's a regency romance novel, as only Lizzie can write, and perfect for bringing sweet dreams of our lads. Well, I always hope. *g*

Current Pros writing - my story for tomorrow - ack! It's at 39,500 words, and I might just make it in time... there are four more sections to write. Ack and ack and ack! I want to write more now, but I really need to go to bed before 3am tonight, since it won't be the holidays any more on Tuesday... waaah! Oh, and double-ack - I have to post it before 5.30pm tomorrow night too, cos I'm off out with another village-y mate (to the flicks, to see Passengers. *g*)

Current Pros pic - well, this one. Randomly, just for it to be there. *g*
Just cos I like the way they're looking at each other. *g* And the way Doyle's t-shirt is twisting doesn't help. *vbg*

Other Stuff - I saw Sherlock! Friend-who-made-me-dinner very conveniently asked me if I watched it, and then told me she did too, and did I fancy staying on to watch - excellent. *g* And gosh, it was an ep, wasn't it... *g*

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