Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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FullCalendarHad a notification in my email that an lj user I didn't know had posted to [ profile] discoveredinalj, so I clicked through to have a look at the entry - and what did I get? This community has been suspended. Reasons for this suspension can only be discussed with the owner of the community - which I'm not, by the way, that's [ profile] empty_mirrors, who I can't seem to get in touch with any more. Noooooo! What was going on? Why would they suspend Dialj? Was this...?

So I had a wee flurry of panic (while Riverford delivered and I went to open the gate for him, and we talked about how cold and frosty and beautiful it was), went to import the comm to Dreamwidth in the hope it could be sucked up even though suspended, and which I was going to wait until the end of Discovered in a Christmas Card to do, but is now in progress), and stared at the screen in consternation for a few minutes.

Did various checks, and opened Dialj on another tab from my bookmarks - and it's still there, safe and sound and mostly harmless. Turned out, the spammer who'd tried to post had their account suspended, and it must have been a glitch in lj that gave me the suspension page for the comm rather than the spammer when I first went to check, just because of the timing - phew! Not only is the comm safe, but lj is actively protecting us from the spammers, and I've just seen it in action.

But bloody hellfire! I mean - it shouldn't matter really, in the scheme of things it's just some internet pages with stories and pretty pictures that the authors and creators have saved and often posted elsewhere, but that comm and I have been through alot together - creation and joy and friends and attack and near-abandonment and desperate scrabbles to stay alive! Coming up with new challenges was fun but lots of work when it was Josey and me together, and then even more when it was just me. We always redesigned the comm, and used a new banner for new challenges, and I've managed to keep all those little things up, although I've stopped posting new challenges much, since so many writers head for the Big Bang these days, and it keeps them busy for pretty much the entire year - and even writers who aren't busy there and have signed up for Dialj challenges mostly don't manage to post (often including me, though as always I have better hopes for a new year).

I've always known I'll be sad when my comms end, because their lj-comm-life brings people together a little bit (and stabs at them until they bleed sometimes, but that's also life, I guess), and that's a good thing, that always makes me smile a bit. We've been through alot, [ profile] discoveredinalj and me (and [ profile] ci5hq and me, even more in a different way). Everything dies naturally in the end, and sometimes things need to be put to sleep, but life is life where it still exists - and I reckon there's a bit of life in these old girls yet.

So I'm glad Dialj didn't end today. *g* Look at all those lovely Pros-y people in our calendar! And here's some old lj banners featuring our lovely lads to celebrate!

Dia Sketchbook Banner temptation
DiFallenLeaves DWaC banner

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