Sunday, January 15th, 2017

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I was going to say roll on reincarnation, but considering the way things have gone so far, I'd better be careful what I even pretend to wish for! On the bright side, I'm hoping I've sorted out what to do about the second of my 2017 horrors (the tax one), so that's two out of three. And I'm hoping that that is three - lj-scare, bad-customer and tax-horror. Maybe the last two will even have culminated in something positive...

Meanwhile, I did more tax-ing this morning, and then had to get out of the house for a while. I only meant to nip to Wells to return library books and go to the supermarket for essentials, but then I found myself with the wheels still rolling, and ended up having a rather chilly (but nice) walk along Brean Down Beach.
DSC_3366 2017-01-14 1Brean DSC_3366 2017-01-14 2Brean

DSC_3366 2017-01-14 3Brean DSC_3366 2017-01-14 4Brean
Actually not being able to get on and fix things just meant that I was nerve-jangly and stressed all day (I do hate it when I can't fix things), but still - beach. *g* And I bought some Rescue Remedy (shush, it's 27% alcohol, and if nothing else feels like you've just had a quick nip at the brandy, even in just four drops!), watched the latest QI, and tried to suss out work-horror a bit more (the customer really is trying it on, from what I can see so far - though being me I fret that I made some huge mistake in the bits I've not checked yet...). But now my eyes are melting, and I must away to bed, which means I'll be spending tomorrow proofreading my proofreading for free. Bastardos! I'm really paying for taking that week off over Christmas now - and next weekend will hopefully be the interview, so that won't be "off" as it were, either!

In one more bit of get-it-all-off-my-chest news, I've seen pics of the accommodation with Family 2. I spent ages on Friday trying to work out how big it was, and if there was any way I'd be able to fit in, and while I suspect it's a fair bit smaller than my lovely annexe, the bedroom is apparently pretty big, and if it has enough wall-space for lots of bookcases, then I'll fit in somehow. Its furnished, which is a shame, as I'll be a bit gutted to have to sell my two gorgeous Laura Ashely couches in particular - can't see any way that even one of them would fit (unless the bedroom's even bigger than bigger, but I suspect not... *g*

Bed. Hope you're having lovely weekends - someone should be!

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