Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

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Wednesday - halfway there... I actually managed to finish work before 8pm last night, which was nice, and finally caught up with Sherlock.

For some reason I was sure there were six episodes of Sherlock this time, and even though I ended up playing catch-up, I was still looking forward to all six of them. But no - and ack, and eep, and waah! Only three...

And everything else, with spoilers, is under the cut... )

The more I read everyone's comments from yesterday about posting via weekly themes, btw, the more I thought it could be fun, so I reckon I'll give that a go. I'll stick to just stuff this week, though. *g*

And today's office:

- downloaded/checked five docs
- 7787
- 3752
- 6391
- Writing Group thingie
- waiting to hear about weekend interview (okay, I can't cross this one out, but still - on my mind!)

And finally - we have blue skies again at last! Much more cheerful, which I could still do with just now!

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