Sunday, January 29th, 2017

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Well that woke me up - my alarm went off, I spent a while working out that it was Sunday, went to find tablets I'd left in kitchen, tripped over music stand, music papers up in the air and everywhere, took tablet, clumped back towards bed, stubbed toes really badly on underbed drawer, hopped around for a few minutes, fell back into bed... *headbed*

DSC_3546 2017-01-28 DiscworldEmporiumBagYesterday was quite nice, though I didn't get any tidying up done at all, and I'd meant to go through and get rid of all the old paperwork I've got lying around and really don't need... I'd invited a book-group mate over for dinner, so went off to find a couple of ingredients. Ended up going to the supermarket via completely the opposite direction, to pay a last visit to the Discworld Emporium. I may have made a purchase, which I fell in love with when I saw on their webpage - a pin in the shape of Terry's hat, with Mind how you go on the back. *g* Very much a treat, but I thought it might be a nice reminder of Somerset years, and his hat is part of other things in my life too. The chap behind the Ankh-Morpork Post Office counter in the Emporium is fab. At one point the phone rang, and he answered it loudly "Attila the Hun, House Removals?" There was a pause, and everyone in the shop listened with huge grins. "They hung up," he said. "They always do that..." *vbg* And when I made my purchase he gave me three humbugs for the journey, and drew a picture on the bag he put my stuff in. *g*

It was such a gorgeous day that I really enjoyed my Somerset drive (though I really shouldn't have taken the time). The skies were amazing - beautiful blue in some directions, but with wonderful clouds in others, and light pouring this way and that... I love the star in the clouds!
DSC_3533 2017-01-28 CloudStarClose DSC_3539 2017-01-28 SunSky
I cooked a late-Burns-night-haggis-type-dinner (cos the veggie ones were on sale the other day, and I bought one) for bookgroup friend, which turned out to be Haggis pie (well, sort of - you cook haggis neeps and tatties, then layer them in a dish and top with cheese (lactose-free, it said - cross fingers!) and cook for another 40 minutes or so, with onion-whisky sauce. Completely worth the faffing, it was very tasty (go Delia)! And then whisky and marmalade bread and butter pudding for dessert, which was way lighter than it sounds, and also really delicious (go BBC Good Food). *g* And it was nice chatting and having her be positive for me about the sudden move and all, so that was good!

Arrival-film-posterOn Friday night I went to see Arrival with another bookgroup friend. It seemed a little slow on the one hand, but on the other hand it was also intriguing and tense and interesting, and kept me wanting to know. And the aliens were amazing - and not as much like the 456 as I'd expected from seeing the trailer originally. Anyone else seen it?

And today - today I will deal with piles of old paperwork and things that I don't really need or have meant to tidy into smaller spaces since I got here. It's gonna be fine. Well, except that my toes hurt..!

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