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Later in life you work out how to become an onlooker of art, but in childhood you are free to live inside the stories you love. The writers of fan fiction recapture that childish bravado, those easy movements from one narrative to another and in and out of real life. As they reweave these stories they remind us that the boundary of the published book, and the control exerted by the individual author over a tale, is a relatively recent phenomenon for art, both in history and in our individual lives.

Indeed, when it comes to fan fiction, the internet is giving us back something like an oral society, in which people can retell the stories that are most important to them and, in so doing, change them. For all the dross and smut they produce, these communities in which readers become writers, fans become creators and old tales become new, also give out blasts of energy. And they remind us that the power of these fantasy worlds are not built just on profit and loss, but on imagination responding to imagination.
The Guardian, 2004

They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.
Time Magazine, 2011

I read and I read, and I slash Pros, and I adore Torchwood and Doctor Who too... I wander around the country when I can, I ramble about planes and the sky and whatever grabs my fancy at the time, and some of these posts are flocked, especially if other people are involved, but most of my Pros, fannish and book posts are all open. I'm getting back to reading more widely, after a long time when it was mostly fandom-based, and I'm taking part in some reading challenges - I've only just started and I'm really enjoying that. And I must, I really must, get my travelling boots properly on again... *g*

Feel free to friend me, and if your journal is full of Pros or other things we have in common then I will almost certainly friend you back. If we've drifted apart, fandom- or otherwise, and you de-friend me, I won't be offended, and hope you won't be if it happens vice versa.

The Disclaimer Bit: Bodie and Doyle and the entire "Professionals"/CI5 universe are fun to play with, but I fully know and acknowledge that they are not mine, I did not originally create them and therefore I make no profit from writing about their further adventures...
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