Day One Hundred!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 12:50 am
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Yeay - one hundred days in a row of posting, and I think I only missed one post on time! *g*

So - what made me happy on the last day...?
Google's Perseid's animation!
100 2014-08-11 01GooglePerseids
I like pretty space-y things... *g*

Having to go to the supermarket when I'd rather not, but...
100 2014-08-11 02PaxRomana
...listening to a cd I bought at Verulamium the other day, just for fun - Roman music! I actually rather like it, it's sort of mystical plinky-plink music, good for wandering ancient countrysides and sitting quietly under pink sunsets. Or driving to Waitrose, as it turns out. *g*

Okay, it was more a peach-y apricot-ish sunset, but it was all rather soft and lovely...
100 2014-08-11 03SunsetSunbeam 100 2014-08-11 04Sunset
...and it's one of my favourite times of day.

Finishing work to deadline! Always happy - like that Friday feeling every time... *g*

Picture pinched from the web, but - tonight's moon!
100 2014-08-11 05Supermoon(notmine)
I'd been vaguely hoping for a perseid or two, even though I knew the moon would be too bright, and it was - though I did manage to watch a satellite drifting lazily along through my binoculars. Oh, but the moon herself - through my binoculars she actually did look like this - all those gorgeous starburst-lines and all... *g* Bright though - I didn't think about that the first time I turned the binocs in her direction, and I was nearly blinded! So bright! And in the background, an owl hooted away... *g*

And finally, I can't remember how I got there, but I found some rather cool blues violin...
I've never thought of blues violin before - now that's the kind of fiddle I'd like to play! And that double bass! I do like a good double bass... (someone will now tell that's not what it is, but hey-ho - it sounds like one to me!)

So now that the challenge is over... )

Hey - maybe I should have a series of mini-challenges to post about! Give me a challenge in the comments below and I'll post about it for a week! That could be fun, cos they'd all be total surprises... *g* Go on - anything, and I'll photo-post about it for a week! (I'm waiting for someone to say "the quiet and the dark" now... *g*

And now, because I'm rather rambling, to bed... *g* Happy August!
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Gosh, the penultimate day of noticing and posting things that I'm happy about each day! I feel like I should have made a special effort, but...

...mostly it was the weather here that made me happy. *g*
99 2014-08-10 01Rain 99 2014-08-10 02HurricaneBerthaClouds
We had lovely fresh-cold rain and bluster to start with, and there was spots of sunshine and blue skies, and dramatic clouds, and gusts of wind... lovely! *g* Hope it was beautifully dramatic without being inconvenient where you are.

It's been a lazy Sunday in some ways - though I did get some useful things done. Three-month old expenses turned in at last. Postcards written that have sat around since my holiday in May - with stamps on them, cos I got that far with efficiency. Oh - I cleared my... what do I call it? Proper? Official? Domestic? Professional? Erm... Anyway, the email-under-my-real-name inbox so that there were no longer 100+ old emails just sitting around untidily! And I started on the other version, which consists of a pile of paper on my desk... (one of these days I'll get to my slantedlight email, and it'll have less than 300 emails in the inbox again... many waiting for palelyloitering, btw, not just me trying to frame replies and then being distracted or continuing the conversation elsewhere...) *g* Happy organising things! (Actually one of those things must also be palelyloitering - my website programme seems to have vanished from my laptop somehow... did I just not recognise the name and delete it one day, or...? I've still got the ftp programme... well, I needed to update to something easier to use...)

Trouble is, I paused to have dinner early and put on old Never Mind the Buzzcocks via my new tv, and it's distracted me ever since, just working my way through the Amstell seasons... But it's made me happy. *g*

And now it's barely 11pm and I'm sleepy! I may even wake up early tomorrow if I take heed and go to bed at a decent hour- that might be quite happy... *g*)

Hope you've been having a happy Sunday!
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Had to get out of the house today, and it occurred to me that as long as I was visiting Roman remains, I should nip down to Verulamium, which is really only just down the road from me (St Albans) - so I did. *g* I had a wander around the museum, which is very swish.
98 2014-08-09 01Museum

I liked the sea god mosaic best...
98 2014-08-09 02Seagod 98 2014-08-09 03SeagodComplete
...which was found just a few hundred metres away from the museum by Mortimer and Tessa Wheeler. About which, by the way, huh - Mortimer we were taught about until we knew him backwards, we were never told that his wife Tessa was also an archaeologist in her own right.

I've got to say... )
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I think what was making me sleepy yesterday might have been a bug rather than statue-cleaning after all, I felt rubbish today. On the happier side - I feel mostly better now, so I have hopes it'll vanish completely in the next day or two. Landlady had something tummy-ish a few days ago, I expect it's that... *headdesk* But also:

On the bright side - rain!
97 2014-08-08 01RainSkies 97 2014-08-08 03DramaticRain
And dramatic skies! Actually really heavy rain for a while too, which is always fun, and a wee rumble of thunder, too.

But my midsummer flowers are still with me... *g*
97 2014-08-08 02MidsummerFlowers

And when I'd finished work for the day I watched more Arrow (John Barrowman in leather!)...
97 2014-08-08 04HookRug
...and finished that hookrug thingie I started ages ago. It's about cushion-sized, and I'm wondering about doing some other squares to go around it, and make it rug-for-winter-mornings-sized...

My plan for tomorrow is also making me happy - off out, and going for a walk somewhere. I so need some exercise!
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I am so tired and sleepy today! Also, too much went a (minor kind) of wrong today for me not to feel niggled most of the time. But... *g*

I finished work for the night (yeay!) to deadline (yeay!) and treated myself to an episode of the new (to me) series I'm watching - Arrow, and not only am I enjoying it, but it made me very happy to suddenly spot the bloke in this picture...
96 2014-08-06 01Arrow JB
- John Barrowman! At first I wasn't at all sure it was him, but... it is. And he's being rather chilling and the-bad-guy, which made me happy too - he's not just Captain Jack, he can act completely different characters!

And now it makes me very very happy to go to bed... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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1) Remember that tooth I had trouble with? I was a good girl and went to the dentist this morning - and it's fine! Yeay! This is a happy thing, although it probably also means that there's something different that needs attention. But it's not my tooth - yeay!

2) On the way back from the dentist, a wee long-bodied stoat-y type thing ran across the road in front of me. Yeay wildlife! (And actually I forgot to say that about a week ago I was coming home from town and a muntjak strolled from one side of the road in our village to the other. I've never seen one actually on our road/in the village before!) I hope there's wildlife in New Somerset Place too - it makes me happy to see them!

3) Presumably to stop people going through a gate which has "no access" on it, someone has planted sunflowers, and they are happy-making as you drive past! *g*
94 2014-08-05 01Sunflowers
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Happy things today:

New Crocs!
92 2014-08-03 01Crocs
I've always wanted black ones, and I came upon these unexpectedly - and for 30% off! *g*

And another pretty sunset...
92 2014-08-03 02Sunset
...after another summer-y day.

Also - I wrote some more Pros, and I'm re-reading Larton - always happy!
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Forgot to do my happy post before going to bed last night - but I think got to 91 days without forgetting! But - happy things yesterday:
1) Strawberries from my wee strawberry plant, which had been abandoned years ago, but turned out to still be growing in its abandoned pot
91 2014-08-02 01Strawberries
...complete with strawberries for breakfast today!

2) Sunshine through my new snowy-bauble... *g*
91 2014-08-02 02Bauble

3) Spending all morning reading a very good book.

4) Actually committing to move out of this house, to Somerset! This is happy making, because it's as if I can feel Somerset fizz with energy, and Cambs. is nice enough, but it's always felt more flat, somehow... It's hard to describe, but... yeah, Somerset fizzes, and Cambs. is flat. So moving at last - happy! *g*

5) I wrote some Pros! *g* And I plotted around another Pros story, and I did some research (okay, watching the dvd *g*) for another Pros story, all from my co-writing Pros post. Yeay - it's working. *g*
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So... I think I may move to Somerset after all. Okay, I'll have to keep a storage unit, and it'll be a squash getting things into the room a bit, but it'll be nice to live with someone I have things in common with, and... Somerset! There's a photography club, and an astronomy club, and a festival of literature, and... and kayaking on the levels. *g* And I could walk into town, but there'd be fields out my window. Not as big a window as I have now, but still... And I'll think of it as a stepping stone - next step will be a place of my own in Somerset!

In the meantime - I volunteered this afternoon...
89 2014-07-31 01ThistleChairNT
Okay I will miss this - I was hoping to do lots of conservation volunteering over the winter.

It rained - yeay!
89 2014-07-31 02DramaticSky 89 2014-07-31 03Rain
So nice to be a bit cooler.

And then there was the moon... *g*
89 2014-07-31 04Moon

I'm just waiting to hear back from S to be sure I'm not going to frighten her with all my stuff (I don't think she quite gets how much there is!) and then... if it's still all good, I shall tell Landlady. Eeeeep! Am I really doing this, after all this time?!
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...of work, of the day, possibly of me right now. All I want is my bed, and it's sitting there looking bed-ish at me, which is a perfectly happy thing.

And a good book to re-read, today... *g*
87 2014-07-30 01book
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Happy 1 - reading a serious good book all morning because a) you can, and b) you have to. Because it's that good.
85 2014-07-27 01Reading

Happy 2 - [ profile] mescott posting about Astreiant's Points stations, and noting that she and her partner Lisa Barnett had originally planned to write a novel for each station, if there was demand. We need much demand! Astreiant is a wonderful world in its very own right, even if Rathe and Eslingen do remind me of two particular blokes...)

Happy 3 - finding a shared house that might be quite cool to move to, and writing away to ask if the room's still free. Cross fingers that it is, and that it's a decent size. It's been nice having this house to myself for a long weekend, but it'd be even nice to share a place on equal terms rather than lodging...
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Had a very happy time reading over breakfast this morning - loving this book...
85 2014-07-26 01Reading
But despite having the house to myself this weekend, I couldn't stay still today - that's the trouble with working from home - so I headed into Norfolk in the blazing sunshine, under blue skies. I kept my eyes out for poppy fields, because I haven't seen even a hint of one this year, but still nothing - which seems somewhat ironic in the year we're remembering one hundred years since the start of the Great War, symbolised by the poppy...
85 2014-07-26 02PoppyCorn
There were fields of corn and other crops stretching into the distance though, and now and then a scattering of poppies at their side. I do like seeing that wildflowers are growing freely again...

Eventually I arrived at... )
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Happy things today:
- butterflies flying in and out of the kitchen whilst I work
- still liking my Standy-Uppy desk (no, I don't need to talk like a grown up... *g*)
- suddenly seeing a squirrel drop down onto the back fence, and run its way all along to the other end. First squirrel I've seen for ages!
- learning new words as part of my job. Enthru - the energy that actually arrives at the top of a pile when it is being driven into the ground, without considering the rebound. People think about that stuff! They have words for it! And we get jealous of the Inuit words for snow... *g*

Less-happy but interesting things:
- there are thunderbugs around again! Those tiny tiny insects that manage to find their way into my laptop screen. I will not make the mistake of poking at one, with this laptop!

Erm... photo... bedtime is making me happy - and I've taken a photo of it! *g*
84 2014-07-25 01Bed
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Today was a reasonably happy day in general. I got my work done on time (even though when I thought it was done it turned out I'd skipped over finishing a document and still had 5000 words to go - waah!), my standy-uppy desk is so far a great succcess, I have the house to myself for four whole days (yeay!), there was a Riverford delivery, and I went to the supermarket. It's a bit bizarre that you can go to the supermarket and buy tissues and tonic water and a television... but I did. *g*
83 2014-07-25 ThingsThatBeginWithT
Of course when I got it home and set it up there was nothing on telly to watch - and bizarrely enough I couldn't access Netflix (Landlady has a subscription that I borrow), so I'll have to sort that out - so I tried it out with the very old dvd player of my landlady's and it worked just fine. What a big screen I have! You know, compared to my old much littler one... There are all sorts of things in Firefly that I hadn't spotted before... *g*

Tomorrow is a nice light work-day too, so I should be able to get some organise-y work done (and maybe even some writing), so I'm quite looking forward to that. In a house on my own, like a real grown up person! *g* And now I'm going to go and read in bed for a bit - how very lush and happy-making... *g*
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Today was one of those slow days, right from the moment I woke up late, all through... well, all through, really. The most productive thing I did was go into town and buy a keyboard, so that I could create this...
82 2014-07-22 01StandyUppy
The Amazing Standy Uppy Desk! Yes, I know, you have to use your imagination a bit, and it's a work in progress, and the kitchen counter isn't ideal, especially as I can only use it when I've got the house to myself, but... now I don't have to be sitting down at my desk all day!

Whilst I was buying the keyboard I decided to check out tvs too, because it would be quite nice to have a tv that I don't have to plug and unplug to watch and if it's going to happen then it would best be done after the Month of Work Madness... and before the new series of Doctor Who starts next month too... *g* It was quite fun having a browse, and I'm pretty sure I know which one I'll end up with - bought from Another Shop, where it was nearly £30 cheaper... Looking forward to a future happy must also be a happy, right?

And finally - this is a slightly weird thing, and I'm not entirely sure it's a happy at all, but it is really: when I first moved in here, Landlady's Daughter was just starting primary school. Today was her last day at primary school! Yeay for her (and so much for me only being here temporarily...)!
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Yeay post...
81 2014-07-22 01Post

And yeay sunshine...
81 2014-07-22 02Sunshine 81 2014-07-22 03Sunshine
...making shiny patterns across my desk (and up the walls and onto the ceiling... *g*) Cheers a room up, it does - especially when it's the kind of sunshine that's not too hot, but makes going outside a happy thing to do too.

And finally - that piece of stripey paper? That's my new work-organiser, and today it meant that I managed a day and a half's work in one day without going too crazy... yeay!

If only I hadn't been stung by a bee yesterday, which has come out all itchy today, then it might just have been the perfect kind of ordinary day... Any idea what to put on a bee sting that itches? I've not been stung often, but this is the first time it's been itchy - a hayfever tablet this morning didn't help, nor did good old anthisan this evening (applied too late, probably). Hmmn - wikihow suggests ice and toothpaste - 2 remedies, not one! - I'll let you know how that works!
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Nice to be at work (okay, unpaid, voluntary - did I mention unpaid?) helping people to enjoy themselves this morning. Bonus surrounded by history!
80 2014-07-21 01History
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Another quiet day today - well, apart from the thunder and lightning and rain later on of course. *g* Thunderstorms make me happy, and cooler breezes through windows definitely make me happy...
79 2014-07-20 01LazySunday 79 2014-07-20 02Sunset

Despite being all lazy and Sunday-ish, I managed to be productive too, for my Magic in History and Culture group - and yet without thinking I've-got-to-get-this-done, so that was nice!
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Today was hot and sticky and yuck - although it was much nicer when I was in wee car with both front windows down and driving, preferably as fast as the roads would allow... then there was a breeze. *g* So - I might have gone to Ely. Cos you have to have a destination. And a bookshop. You have to have a destination and a bookshop.

I may have bought too many books...
78 2014-07-19 01Books
Not that there's any such thing as too many books, but I generally try to buy them one at a time. Ish. Still - happy!

And then another flaming sunset tonight, which is always happy-making to see...
78 2014-07-19 02Sunset
...and now I can hear thunder in the distance again.

I had the house to myself tonight too, so I could open all the window and borrow the big tv to watch... well, actually the first two eps of Firefly again. *g* I tried to watch Battlestar Galactica and I tried to watch Avengers... erm... something beginning with M. Assemble! Avengers Assemble. Well it's got an M in it. *g* They didn't grab me though, and I couldn't find anything else I wanted to watch available, and I wondered whether I'd appreciate the first eps more now that I appreciate the later eps more, if you see what I mean... Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. *g*

And now I don't want to go to bed cos it'll mean this lovely free day is over - so I shall go and read for a while, of course. *g* Hope you've had a nice day too...
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Here's a happy thing...
77 2014-07-18 02EmptyWeekend
Empty diary weekend! Whatever am I going to do...? Actually I was going to go and find some Romans, but first we were forecast traffic congestion (a warm sunny weekend) and then we were forecast rain and thunderstorms, so... not sure. But I have coffee and almond croissants, and that's a start.

It made me very happy to watch a storm circling around us tonight - I kept waiting for it to slide over the ridge, but it never did, just flashed away in the distance, and in my mirror... *g* I tried taking photos, but... no. *g*
77 2014-07-18 04StormAttempt 77 2014-07-18 03StormAttempt

And finally - a happy thing is that my midsummer flowers are still going - transformed, but still pretty flowers... *g*
77 2014-07-18 01MidsummerFlowers

Happy weekend...

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