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Today's road (which is yesterday's road, cos I'm so nearly caught up!) was slightly wetter than for the last 11 days.
2016-11-05 01TodaysRoad 2016-11-05 02TodaysRoad
But it brightened up, and only sprinkled briefly at the zoo, and saved the proper downpour for the drive home - perfect!

Which took us to Tierpark Hellabrun - Hellabrun Zoo, in Munich! And we saw giraffes...
2016-11-05 03Giraffes 2016-11-05 04Wolves
...and wolves...

...and... )
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Apparently every second day I can manage two posts... *g* We had a relaxed start to Friday, after the epic Black Forest drive, but by Friday afternoon we were off again. If you take out one of the ss from the name, and you happen to have read the Astreiant books, you might know why I just had to visit Esslingen... *g*

Today's road went through buildings, and past distant vistas...
2016-11-04 01TodaysRoad 2016-11-04 02TodaysRoad

And look who we found - another balancer!
2016-11-04 04Balancer

A river runs through... )
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It's not Sunday at all - it's still Thursday, and I'm just a wee bit behind in my 366 photos. Possibly because I keep posting 366 of them each day at the moment, which really isn't the idea... *g* But today we went to the Black Forest, so there will have to be one or two... *g*

Today's road looked like this before we'd even gone ten miles, so it was an excellent start!
2016-11-03 01TodaysRoad 2016-11-03 02TodaysRoad

Trouble was - it turned out that every road Mr Maus had carefully planned to travel on was closed for roadworks of some kind, and what started out as a four-hour scenic drive turned into a six hour drive, but... well, it was entirely lovely and still scenic! It started looking like this...
2016-11-03 03BlackForest 2016-11-03 04BlackForest

Golden trees... )
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What's this? Another post? Yup! *vbg* I'll be caught up before... well, possibly not, but I'm heading in that direction. So - Wednesday!

Today was a roadtrip with [ profile] firefly1311 and [ profile] dragonfly1311 road took us...
2016-11-02 01RoadMorning 2016-11-02 02RoadMorning

...out of Germany...
2016-11-02 03Bis bald 2016-11-02 04France
...and into France!

We crossed the Maginot Line... )
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On Tuesday [ profile] milomaus had a (hopefully) relaxing holiday from speaking English, and [ profile] firefly1311 very kindly collected me for a wee jaunt away! We set off on the road (this isn't us in the first pic, just so you know, we had a slightly bigger vehicle... *g*)...
2016-11-01 01RoadMorning 2016-11-01 02ElegantSign
Past the elegant brown signs...

To Schloss Schwetzingen, which is a palace with gardens, but the gardens are the biggest thing of all, and were beautifully autumnal of course...
2016-11-01 03Palace 2016-11-01 04GardenStretch

I am reliably informed... )
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Pretend it's Monday, if you please, and that we'll catch up on the rest of Sunday later on... cos we had adventures on Monday too (and Tuesday and Wednesday, but we can't skip days entirely...)

So - up we got, and headed off into the mist...
2016-10-31 01MorningMist 2016-10-31 02MorningDrive

Finally arriving at our destination. I looked up and fell in love with this Linden tree. It makes me think of Christmas, for some reason... But here we're still in the car park, so let's carry on... *g*
2016-10-31 03Linden

We had come to Bavaria to see... )
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It's impossible to do yesterday quickly, but I have to because it's about to become the day before yesterday, and I also want to tell you all about today but I'll have to do that tomorrow so that it's the new yesterday. I think. *g*

So - it's Sunday! And [ profile] milomaus and I are off on a mini road trip to Heidelberg, wheee! It was misty at first, but that soon lifted and there before us...
2016-10-30 01MorningRoad 2016-10-30 02MorningRoadMist

2016-10-30 03MorningRoadMistCastle 2016-10-30 04MorningRoadMistIvy
...was glory! Everywhere I looked there were castles or churches popping out of the mist, or the sun was shining on the River Neckar that we followed, or autumn was just being amazing.

And then more glory... )
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Today was a quiet day at home - and I got to do a sewing project! *g*
2016-10-29 01SewingDay

We did nip to the shops though, past this fountain (no water...) - and I do know this story!
2016-10-29 02Fountain
Apparently there was much political restlessness in 1734, and because Nordheim had lost its church with two bells and a clock once to battle before, in 1693, they decided to save their bells by sinking them in the Neckar River to hide them. When everything was quiet and safe again, they wanted to hear their bells ring out once more. They returned to the Neckar, but they couldn't find the bells - but perhaps they'd been taken by the current, or covered in deep mud, because they were never found again. Not only had they lost their bells, but they were mocked as the glockenstupfer - the bell prodders. (Though presumably they're quite proud of the story really, cos there's a statue! *g*)

I liked this statue... )
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Friday! Up early to go to work with Milomaus, and baffle small children about the fact that I didn't speak German. *g* But it was fun, and I got to play counting with a wee lad who was a real sweetie. *g* Then home to work, and the out again just as the mist and clouds cleared and the skies turned blue and beautiful again! We went to see Lauffen am Neckar, and walked along the river, and visited the castle and the church and the village, and it was all very beautiful and autumnal again.

2016-10-28 01LaufenCastle 2016-10-28 02LaufenRiver

2016-10-28 03LaufenHouses 2016-10-28 04LaufenCastle

So pretty... )
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Well not really, cos I'm still working (and I have half a day's work still to do - eep!), but I'm not at home! I'm on the road!

Mind you, the road started out looking like this...
2016-10-24 01RoadToHoliday 2016-10-24 02StratfordYHA
Happily it brightened up after a while, and this was at the end of it - Stratford-upon-Avon YHA! (Cos it's less far from the airport I'm leaving from tomorrow, and I won't have to deal with long-distance rush-hour traffic. *g*)

So of course I went to visit the local cemetery...
2016-10-24 03WroughtIron 2016-10-24 04AlvestonCemetary

2016-10-24 05AlvestonCemetary 2016-10-24 06Churchyard
Okay, in fact I just wanted a quick walk to stretch my legs and try to get rid of the headache that's dogging me! But this is stressful-have-I-remembered-everything headache I'm pretty sure, coupled with a will-I-be-able-to-get-my-work done headache. It will go! And the cemetary was cool, and I got my second document of the day done before coming down for dinner, where I am now - with interwebz! I have one and a half documents still to do, but it's only 8.30pm... *g* And holidaaaaaaay!

Happy Monday!
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Okay, first things first - my 366 post for today - from foreign lands... *g* I got my half-day's work done afap (as fast as possible *g*), and started throwing things into bags and tidying up. Turned on Gavin the Garmin (may not catch on, especially as my satnave has a female voice, but we'll see. More than the average sex appeal? *g*) and set the address for... my destination! *g* I then ignored many of the directions, but I must admit to appreciating it at the bit to the motorway that I always mess up - perhaps unsurprisingly, if the way you're really supposed to go is down all those tiny lanes...
2016-05-18 00MistyPath
...where mists rise from the path ahead of you... (it really did - there'd just been a downpour of rain, and then this! *g*)

But eventually I went over a very big bridge into blue skies, waited ages in a very big eight-lane queue for the toll booths (thinking blimey- £6.60!), was reminded of what rush hour traffic is like on motorways and in cities, and then finally also reminded that it was worth it to finally arrive in - Cardiff!
2016-05-18 01CardiffBay 2016-05-18 02CardiffMerryGoRound
How pretty is that? )

May holiday booked!

Monday, May 9th, 2016 01:06 pm
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BD WallLeaningWheeee - I'm all excited cos I've finally sorted out my May holiday! I was going to go somewhere exotic, for the first time in aaaaages - to a whole 'nother country! And then my brother went and scuppered that by heading this way from Australia the week after I was supposed to be on holiday - brothers! But I can't miss seeing them, so I changed my holiday week so that it just squeezes in my birthday day and stretches to the week after instead, and I booked three days in the exotic wilds of... Manchester. *sighs* Not that it won't be nice to see it again (I lived there for... *counts*... about twelve years), but it's not quite Rome or Venice.

And then I had days at the start of my hol to fill in. So - the sensible thing to do was wend my way slowly up country, seeing places I'd not seen before. Except, much as I would like to someday, cos there are many places to see, that didn't grab me for now (and besides, most YHAs were booked up over the weekend I'd need). Then I thought - well, there's four or five days, I could catch a cheap flight from Bristol and go somewhere still... but I browsed, and nothing grabbed me about that either. What in the world did I want?

So I browsed ideas online and browsed ideas in my head, and it turns out that what I want, what did grab me as something I'd like to do for those five nights - is Wales! *vbg* And when I looked at the YHAs - availability! Wheeeee!

So I'm going to Wales for my May holiday. *g* Cardiff for two nights, then over to Newport (the one in Pembrokeshire) for a night, and up to Borth (Ceredigion) for a night, and then over to Ironbridge (okay, not Wales any more - Shropshire!) for a night, and then up to Manchester for three nights. So I am going to another country - hurrah! And there's going to be (I hope) Doctor Who and a waterfront and a castle, and general wanderings and explorings, and then beaches and the sea, and then I'm very tempted by an Arthurian Labyrinth that includes going underground in a boat, but that needs to be squeezed in with Blists Hill Victorian village thingie, and then my favourite Jodrell Bank on the way up to Manchester, so we'll see. I think it can be done, though... *g*

Yeay, holiday! Yeay, holiday in Wales! *g*

And... um... now I need to start work for the day... *wanders off to do*

(I continue to be amused by related entries - how long has it been since I used the holidaaaaaay tag!)
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Yaaawn - these nine-hour work days are not good... but I snuck in a squelch around the hack-track, because it was such a gorgeous day - well cold, but gorgeous, and oh, the moon was there...
2016-02-15 Moon 2016-02-15 03Sunset
...and later the sun set...

But... )

On the bright side, I am working so many more hours than I expected on this Job 2.5 project, that I reckon there might actually be a holiday in it for me some time at the end. I've got to get to Alaska this year too (I was thinking October-ish, maybe), but I reckon that spring might just be the right time to go off to parts interesting and elsewhere - somewhere not too far away, and not too expensive, but... oh, holiday! So now the question is where... *g*
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And I'm awaaaaaaay! I finished my work last night, slept in this morning, had a leisurely getting-myself-sorted-out kind of morning, including phoning my mum who's currently a very-happy-grandma-for-the-second-time. It only took me three hours to drive down too - that's practically a day trip, that is... but I have three nights around Cornwall - hurrah! And it's not raining yet... *g*

I got to Penzance before check-in time, so drive down to see what was what... and ended up going through, and found myself in Mousehole, which was looking perfectly pretty, so I parked up and went for a wander... *g* I love the wildflowers everywhere, like these nasturtiums-by-the-sea! Cornwall is so pretty in the spring...
2015-05-17 16MouseholeView 2015-05-17 16MouseholeWalk
If you click through you can read that story - the oldest house in Mousehole, 1300s, involved in defending Mousehole against the Spanish in the 1500s!

I sat by the harbour... )
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Woke up with a stonking headache this morning, which seems unfair after yesterday! But then I do forget that the day after CST is often like that - things hurt a bit more for a bit, before settling down properly... well, cross fingers it's only a day anyway. So I've ended up taking a sick-day from work (reading from a computer for hours on end would not be a good idea!) and am going to do tension-busting things like catching up with this that and the other. First off - back to my Roman adventure at Chedworth and my Celtic sojourn to Rollright... *g*

So, we were in the original west wing of the villa in my last post, which included a bathhouse and mosaics everywhere...
2014-07-14 01ChedworthBaths

If we walk this way to the nymphaeum... )
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Well, it had to happen - today I turned my nose for home...

I drove down Yorkshire roads, and down Lincolnshire roads...
DSC_8207 YorksRoads DSC_8218LincsRoads

But I did manage one final castle... )
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Aha! Not just a service when I wanted to stop on the way east/south, but an actual coffee shop (Cafe Amore) with wifi! Perfick... *g* So, here's where I was yesterday...
Started here, in Whitby:
DSC_8084sherlockcafebackroom DSC_8083sherlockcoffeebooth
A Sherlock-themed cafe! The decoration was very C19 cool anyway (I didn't even notice those skates on the middle pic... *g*) but I got to sit in the wee booth at the back, where I could imagine all sorts of clandestine assignations! *g*

Whitby morning... )
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First of all - what makes me happy today, is fast wireless internet here in the YHA and being able to post pictures properly again - hurrah!

But oh my word what a day - even though I left early, before even having breakfast, I still ended up not far away at 11.30am, and then there was a whole tangle-slurry around Edinburgh (stoopid big cities) and the only thing I had to eat all day was flapjack, and... and... blimey! I finally staggered into Whitby YHA at about quarter past nine... It's been one of those days where very little seemed to go right, somehow - I suppose every holiday needs one of them... But it wasn't all bad - look!

Good morning Nessie!
DSC_8004 LochNessMorning DSC_8005 LochNessiePerhaps
Could that be Nessie...? Or did I just need to put my glasses on and recognise a buoy when I saw one...? *g*

I got off early-ish... )

Day Twenty - Skye

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 09:51 pm
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Well, I very carelessly booked a YHA without wifi for tonight - but it's right on the shores of Loch Ness, so I have one eye out for her highness, and I shall make the best of it! *g* (Except that having put my post carefully together, this computer is awful, so we'll get as far as we get on the extortionate fee I paid... which isn't very far - darn it! More pictures tomorrow, I guess...)

Well, to start with today, breakfast was happy. The best porridge I have ever had - with cream and strawberries - and then a full Scottish, including fried bread... I was so full at the end that I had to turn down the homemade muffins, but the landlady packed up a couple for me to take away... How fab is that? If you're ever in Skye, the Rainbow View, Kyleakin is highly recommended! Plus there were ducks and hens and a rabbit (who apparently thinks he's a hen - or a duck) on the daisy-strewn lawn...

Then I set off! I wanted to drive north, up to Uig, where I'd heard tell (okay, read) of a little-visited fairy glen. So I drove and I drove and I drove... *g*

I guess the local buses run on a slightly relaxed schedule... *g*

And then I found the fairy glen... )
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height="40%" width="40%"
DSC_7676 Keswick

Woke up to unexpected sunshine this morning - and there was the first happy right there, because it turned out that the forecast was now for clear sunny weather, especially if I drove up and up and up towards Fort William - so that was the plan! Breakfast, Castle Rigg stone circle, Long Meg, and then all the way up to Fort William, or the nearest YHA, ready for a push to Skye the next day before I had to slide back down again to Whitby for Friday night. Phew - would I even make it, or would I have to change my plans for practicality, since I'd lingered so long down south?

Well - here's what happened. The coffee shop I'd spotted the night before wasn't open, but I accidentally found the Pumpkin cafe and had really good coffee and a pecan-chocolate muffin for breakfast, whilst reading the book I'm currently adoring, and half-listening to all the old ladies gossiping about Charles and Camilla. Well! *g*

Then I set off to find Castle Rigg stone circle )

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