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On Friday, I became a grown-up - I now have my very own internet connection, complete with router and all the bars showing on my laptop and phone, and a monthly bill... Wow. It also comes with a telephone, which is something else I've not had for about twenty years, and will finally let my mum phone me (rather than me doing my nut when she calls on the mobile, cos international mobile call! and calling her back on Skype). This entails me actually having to go out and buy a telephone, which I don't remember having to do before (remember the days when you moved house and it came with a telephone?) Anyway, I browsed and browsed, and very quickly came across something that made me swoon slightly and want it, and I've spent the last two days trying to buy one. I could have bought one in the shop I originally saw it in - but it was about 33% more expensive than anywhere else, so I hunted and hunted... Turns out that shop deserves the extra cash for actually stocking it, but it still makes me wince, so I've finally given up and ordered it online. I can collect it on Tuesday - wheee! There will be pics. *g*

Thing is, while I was checking out the telephone, I came across something else that made me swoon and go I want, and that turned out to be available in a local shop, and having had a reasonably stressful start to 2017 I decided bugger it and went out and treated myself. And this is what I bought... *g*
DSC_3973 2017-03-26 NewMusicSystem DSC_3979 2017-03-26 MSsingle

DSC_3982 2017-03-26 Dial DSC_3985 2017-03-26 TurntableDial
Okay, it didn't actually come with MS's single, but that's the only record I've got, and I had to try it out... I did think I had LC's single too, but I can't find it anywhere, so maybe I'm misremembering... or maybe it'll turn up. *g*

What actually sold me on the thing was that not only does it have a cassette player, but you can record from the turntable, cd and cassette player onto usb - finally, I can save all my old tapes that won't be released onto cd or anything! I've been thinking about getting something separate to play music on for ages, cos it's such a faff via computer and speakers that I rarely do it - it was so nice to just go and turn it on, pick out what I wanted to play (using my eyes) and then play it. Retro bliss! *g* And I can turn the dial for the volume, and move the switches to match the words to change source, and... and... and I don't have to faff with the laptop and opening files, and turning on bluetooth and matching devices and turning on the speaker and... just on - eyes - choose - play! I love technology, just... in its place, where I need it to be, not trying to do too much and falling over its own legs. *g*

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