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Wednesday - halfway there... I actually managed to finish work before 8pm last night, which was nice, and finally caught up with Sherlock.

For some reason I was sure there were six episodes of Sherlock this time, and even though I ended up playing catch-up, I was still looking forward to all six of them. But no - and ack, and eep, and waah! Only three...

And everything else, with spoilers, is under the cut... )

The more I read everyone's comments from yesterday about posting via weekly themes, btw, the more I thought it could be fun, so I reckon I'll give that a go. I'll stick to just stuff this week, though. *g*

And today's office:

- downloaded/checked five docs
- 7787
- 3752
- 6391
- Writing Group thingie
- waiting to hear about weekend interview (okay, I can't cross this one out, but still - on my mind!)

And finally - we have blue skies again at last! Much more cheerful, which I could still do with just now!
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It's grey out there again today - and for the rest of the week, by the look of things. Oh well, perhaps I'll get a hack-track walk in later anyway. Thought I'd give the virtual office another run, because I rather miss posting my pics each day. I'm even wondering about doing it just for the sake of it. It was nice to be in touch with people here! *g* Maybe I could go for different-themed weeks for posts in general. This week is clearly virtual-office-and-Pros week!

Hmmn - it's a thought, actually... *g* So - if anyone's out there, and I did decide I'd make a themed post each day, and change the themes about, is there anything you'd like to see in your flist that I could have a go with? Off the top of my head, I could do a Pros week, a space week, a sky week, a Victorian week, a book-every-day week, a... You know, summat like that. *g* Any thoughts/ideas?

And since this is Pros-and-virtual-office week, here's that.... )

DCB laughingtogether
Because sometimes you need a laugh at work... *g*


Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 10:29 am
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This time last week I was still in Germany on holiday... *sniffs sadly and eyes work for today* There was snow. Now it's grey and drizzly and I'd better do more than eye that work...

On the bright side, I'm reading The Rosie Project which is excellent and making me smile, I'm going to book a ticket for a fab-looking performance called The Book of Darkness and Light (a week on Saturday), and I've had to take next Monday off for an appointment. Okay, I only had to take half of next Monday off, but I took all of it. *g* And I think my headache's gone again! So - to celebrate happy things:
BD sleepingbagchat
The lads together in the dark of night... *g*

Anyone else in the office today...? Seems very quiet on lj so far this week! Oh, I do wish I was doing something more interesting today! Though I do have at least one Pros story to write, if I get some work done, which will definitely be more interesting. But in the meantime... save me from the dullness of a drizzly day? Whatcha doing...?
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...I am late again! Or maybe I'm just working around the way I've been going to bed lately... *headdesk* - straight back into old late-night habits! Oh well... *g*

First some inspiration for the day...
Doyle looks so pleased with himself, with his lovely smile and crinkly eyes, and I love that Bodie's the serious one here for a change. I wonder what he's saying...? (Yes, I know it's a screencap, but still... *g*)

There's lots of happy Pros-y things going on right now too, and replying to all the Pros FandomCards posts this morning has been fun. I also had something else very fab in my inbox this morning, but you'll have to wait a wee while for that... *g*

I am feeling all ready to both work and write wee ficlets again... *g* Now, if only this morning's updates were fixing the problems that I reckon yesterday's updates caused with Word, then all will hopefully go according to schedule...

Today's Office... )
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...determined to be productive and cheerful! Let's start with a bit of this...
super agent n2 backAC

I am working today of course, and I have 44 pages to do today, which I suspect will be five pages at a time, so I'm going to play Pros and lj in between in order to achieve my goal (that productive and cheerful thing *g*) Oh, and hopefully catch up on replies and emails and things too.

So - a Pros challenge for you (and me!) If you post a Pros pic into your own lj, so that it turns up on my flist, then I will write a wee drabble/ficlet for it. That will hopefully be cheerful for us all! And if anyone else would like to make the same offer to their flist, then maybe we can splash the lads and some cheer a bit further...?

My Virtual Office day... )

Right - breakfast, and then the first five pages! Ooh - the sun's out too...! Is anyone else in the office, or am I rattling around here on my own? Watcha doing? *g*
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Today is so far one of those days that make you glad you work from home, but mostly because you don't quite want to get on with work. In actual fact it would be much better to be employed to not get on with work, cos then you'd be paid anyway, but hey-ho. So - a virtual office today! Anyone else around? *g*

So far:
- woke up. Well, it's a start.
- coffeeeee
- and a book, cos obviously. The Lady in the Tower this time, which I bought on my recent adventure to Farleigh-Hungerford, which is where it's set. In the 1500s. And it's actually very good, so hurrah!
- check lj, email, news. Nada. Check news again. There's gotta be something... aha!
- watch episode of Fleabag after reading review cos its short. And cos it's one of those days. Very excellent, and I shall watch more. Oddly like a cross between Miranda, for the obvious reasons, and This Life, but probably only cos she reminds me of one of the lawyers. And city life. Anyway, very good if you get a chance to see it. And only 27 minutes long.
- posted yesterday's 366 photo
- opened work folder
- remembered the screencap I took yesterday! Look! What is going on here...? *vbg*
BD CarDLaughing
(Or what's just gone on? *g*)
- moved yesterday's work to completed folder.
- eyed today's work. Oh god, the folder's titled Shipbuilding...
- an email's come in! Thank god!
- an email that was far too short. And was an lj notification. Excellent. *goes to reply*
- right. shipbuilding - 4k, I can do that. And... *opens other folder*... okay, nothing with business perspective in the title can be good... *sighs...

Help! Is anyone out there...? I'll give Pros treats, if anyone can save me from this!

- *goes to bash head on keyboard start work*

ETA - 3.12pm - shipbuilding
ETA - 6.51pm - other very dull paper - yeay! I'm finished! An actual whole weekend free this time - two whole days! Whee!
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The day before yesterday I came up with another experiment. I'm so rubbish at getting Job 1 work done in the morning, that I'm not going to. Mornings will be for writing, Job 1 from noon until it's finished, and perhaps then I'll feel more accomplished about work in general! And this is how it's gone so far:
31st May - a page and a half of an Other story (handwritten)
1st June - 1183 words of my Big Bang story. Good!

Unfortunately it's now past noon, and so I'm off to work. *sighs* But here's another idea - I have seventy pages to do (hopefully ten pages an hour), so for sanity I will post something Pros after every ten pages! And also cos my flist could definitely do with more of our lads in it, if nothing else then for writing inspiration! How can we write Pros without inspiration? Hopefully you won't get bored with the posts, and I will feel inspired! And if anyone else fancies being inspiring... *g*

Right - that's a plan... How're your plans for the day going?
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Lads working.
BDC Conphone
Which is what I'm doing. Honest. *g*

I miss the weekend... I was still sitting in front of the laptop for much of it, but I didn't feel guilty for not proofreading. I did mind you, feel weird in general on Friday night and Saturday - suddenly realised I was all light-headed and when I went to bed on Friday night the room was actually spinning and there'd been no drinking beforehand!... went back to just feeling light-headed on Saturday and then sometime Saturday evening I realised that I felt normal (shush *g*) again, but... odd! Presumably that was the last hurrah of the cold, nicking into my ears to make a bit of bother... Anyway - I was a good girl and had a quiet day in on Saturday cos driving wouldn't have been clever... so I escaped on Sunday! Just a wee escape, to a bookshop in Wells, and then a wee walk down on the Levels where it was all mud and reflections - nice!

Oh, and I watched Doctor Who and felt bad for feeling glad that Clara is theoretically gone now.... she was just such a smug know-it-all - a sort of Mary Sue of a character - so perfect and so understanding and the only one who could save the Doctor from himself... Even her flaw was a "perfect" flaw - she was too reckless and heroic, which led to her brave, brave death... Gargh! Just - no! Who'd've thought that professional authors are all about the Mary Sue... I'm looking forward to getting on with the Doctor now - but I'm worried it might not really happen...

But work! Anyone else in the office? Watcha do-in'...? *g*

Here in the office... )
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Blimey, it's got so dark outside that I've had to turn the lights on - at 10am in the morning, in an open-plan house-ette (it's a bit wee to be called a house, but it's not a flat cos there's only one of it, and... ) with three big windows and two skylights from where I'm sitting!

I was all set to post about something exciting yesterday - my Mark III dvds arrived! - when my security programme did something odd and froze up my computer for ages, so that I had to faff around for hours to make sure it was okay (seems to be... last time I choose to "apply patch now" rather than waiting for it to happen automatically!) I got as far as looking through the galleries and capping some of the pics, so... *g*

From Involvement
BD carryingbloke01 BD DoylepunchBodielaugh
(The second one's just after Doyle has punched Bodie!)

Weekend in the Country (not one of my favourite eps, but they look like they had so much fun making this)
B ontohorse BD onhorsesBodieled
(I love the idea that there's something Bodie's not particularly comfortable with - horses!)

Slush Fund - eeeeh - there are more of these pictures! *g*
BD incarmessing-facespull BD incarmessing-DpushlaughingB

Okay. I think I can cope with the rest of what's going to be a hard day's proofing now - and hopefully there are happy thoughts for other people too, amidst everything else...

Today's job... )
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It became clear to me last night that this rubbish week has been building up towards the cold that showed itself last night just as I was heading off to book group - and has settled in for a good bout of face-ache this morning. Noooooooo! I still have to finish that stupid dense assignment for tonight... So I'm not doing conservation at The House, I am instead home waiting in desperation for the next lot of cold tablets to be due... not that they worked for very long anyway, so.... *headdesk* /whinge. Sorry. *g*

D'you know, all I want to do today is settle in and be Pros-y...

Better have some lads for cheering up...
Oh I know - new game! Guess which eps they're from... one at least should be very easy... *g* And you know what would make it a better game, and fill our flists with our lads? If anyone else would like to play in their ljs! Post a pic from one of the eps, and we can guess which one it's from...? Now that would be a cheerful Friday thing... *uses Bodie's hopeful-eyes to eye flist hopefully from the depths of sniffing and face-ache and dire work assignments*... *is hopeful* *g*

Okay, I need to stop making faces and get to work, don't I, so that I can do five pages and then get back to Reading Room and my flist and all as a reward...
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Oh, what a week it's been... and now it's grey and gloom and wet. Here's Wells Cathedral around 4.30pm yesterday - see the dark! It's winter...
2015-11-04 03WellsGloom 2015-11-04 02WellsGloom
Rambling on a rainy day... )

So just ack! So today is mad catching up with this bloody awkward assignment... Oh, and bookgroup tonight, which is a good thing - and our book was The Paying Guests, which I read in a rush from Saturday to Tuesday, and ended up with a book-hangover from, cos when something's so good it's hard to find what to read next...

But on the bright side it's also Reading Room day over at [ profile] ci5hq, and although we're forecast rain and wind for the whole next week, it's supposed to pause a bit this evening... And I've made an earlier start on work too, so hopefully I'll start to catch up on the emails and comments I by-passed yesterday too - sorry about that...

How're you doing, out there? Everything okay, amongst the sadness and the gloom...?
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The mist has risen on Monday (literally) and it's another gorgeous glorious blue-skyed autumn day out there, so let's have a Virtual Office. And it's going to work like this - when I go for my hacktrack walk, I will take a photo and post it here. And when I finish the first Job 1 then I'm allowed to add in the fic meme that's going around, cos that looks fun and interesting, and when I finish the second Job 1 I'm allowed to start writing for the day. I think I'm going to try a Victorian m/m scene... *g*

So this is going to look a bit sparse for now, but hopefully as a post it'll improve throughout the day. ... Okay, no, this is too sparse for a post. Let's have some inspirational lads to start with!

ETA - 3pmm - Finally - some work done, and a hacktrack mile too.
2015-11-02 Sunshine
And it's 17C outside! I'm roasting after the walk, and have opened all my windows - lovely (except for the flies - I swear, I've not seen such a place for flies since I left Australia!) But now lunch...

Right - today:
Job 1 - 11 pages
Job 1 - 67 pages - 44 pages

Hacktrack walk
Fiddle practice
November writing
The Paying Guests for bookclub on Thursday.
Expense claim made

How's your Monday office? *g*
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What a week... I'm not even sure how it came to be that kind of week! I was ahead of Job 1 on Monday, to the extent that I asked them to send me more work. What happened then, of course, was that a hundred other things jumped up or else took longer than expected, so that from waking on Tuesday thinking it was almost a day off, it was suddenly just a wee bit over-committed... *headdesk* And there's alot on lj-Pros-wise at the moment too, and it's October, and... and... So I'm just stopping by to catch up on some things... *g*

The Dear Author Discussions - [ profile] moonlightmead said that she'd love to see her stories discussed, and so she is the first author up for this. If you've not already, please do nip over, pick an ML Mead story or two, and let her know what you think (even if you don't normally hang at [ profile] ci5hq, I'm sure she'd like to see you there, and anonymous comments are fine too!)

It's Reading Room day, and today's stories are Callisto's Amid the Noise and Haste and the sequel Perennial as Grass, hosted by [ profile] nypagan - something to look forward to. *g*

Volunteering is about to become (in addition, not instead of) Job 3, for just a few hours each month... which I think is good, even though I couldn't live on it. Better than paying gym membership, perhaps... *g*

Job01 - 33
Job01 - 28 - Rats, the file's corrupt. Emailed about it, no reply yet.
Job01 - 7

Hacktrack Walk
Fiddle practice

Buy gumboots (my boots have split, right across the top, as if they'd been slashed!)

Buy book for nephew's birthday (cos I am the Aunt Who Gives Books. *g*)
Post it - cos eep, 11 days to Australia!

The Last Kingdom - I thought I'd missed this, but it turns out it starts tonight after all. The trailer is men-men-men-we're-tough-men, but I'm crossing my fingers anyway (I think we see two women in it too, so they do exist...) Mind you it's also by an author who's boldly proclaimed that "writer's block is nature's way of telling you you're not a writer". Well, lucky old you to have never been stuck with it, when words don't come no matter what you try, but on the other hand, fuck off! That sort of sweeping statement from someone who sounds like he had an awful lot of backing to become a writer makes me cross, cos it takes away the hopes of many many people who have genuine reasons for finding it difficult to get to the point of author! Way to put kids and anyone else without your confidence, off even trying to write, you eejit!

Posting spooky October Pros stories - it's only taken me most of the month to be just a single day behind... but fun to be reading so much Pros again, cos I paused for a while...

And to apologise for the wee rant, have some lads... *g*

BD carsittinghappy2 BD carsittinghappy
(Love the wry look on Bodie's face in the second one - what's he just remembered?! Originally posted by [ profile] ali15on, I think, but it's nice to see smiling lads, so here they are again!)

And finally - how gorgeous is this Pros pic by [ profile] dollidaydream? Plus is makes me think of stories to go with the words and the pictures, so that's cool... *g*

Right - that work thing... But how're you doing today? D'you have the same blustery autumn weather we suddenly have here? No rain today (so far), and it almost feels mild again - outside anyway, but it's definitely autumn here now... *g*
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Finally the day has come - a Writing Wednesday that I haven't filled with other things! I have three things I need to do today - write, finish that bloody CoRtA form, and practice fiddle for tomorrow's lesson. which means that I have so far posted an October fic, downloaded a trial of Aeon Timeline, which I'm loving (and is at least connected to the specific writing that I'm trying to do and I've actually been doing Useful Things on it) and had a Yog Nog bath so that now I smell yummy... *g*

I'm also missing the pic that I spotted of MS in my flist earlier, from a show I didn't watch last night (hello catch-up tv), and since it sadly seems to have vanished, I shall post one of my own (though it'll have to have Bodie as well, cos boys together). So...
Boys on the Town 2 Boys on the Town

Okay - I know I ask for this every now and then, and then don't come through, but... does anyone out there want to give me a prompt for a wee (very wee) Prosfic - maybe three random words, since that's often worked for me in the past? Or a link to a poem or a picture or something? I want to slap all writers who say there's no such thing as writer's block (no, for you there's no such thing as writer's block - lucky you!)... I have lots of things I could be writing, but sometimes it's the freshness of something completely different that's the fresh air needed...

To do
- write! (not just plot - write!)
- download Aeon (to see if it helps with plotting *g*)- liking this!
- fiddle practice
- complete CoRtA application form and prepare for posting tomorrow - get it done now that the bc's arrived! - (at last!)
- post an October Pros fic
- more fiddle practice
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This one is for everyone out there who can't seem to get started today (*waves to [ profile] milomaus... Let's start with a couple of photos taken last night on my new camera's whacky-photos settings...
2015-10-11 01WhackyCameraSettings 2015-10-11 02WhackyCameraSettings
Today's work and stuff:
- 16 pages on the theme of bonds (well, I think that's the theme...)
- 16 pages (but half as many words) on the theme of migration

- 18 pages on the theme of energy and economics

- CST appointment at 2pm
- plunge bathroom sink and be unexpected covered in muck spurting out of that wee hole near the back top of sinks (also, no effect on slow drainage, which I didn't think there would be cos it's not just the sink)
- change out of muck-covered clothes and put on a wash and hang wash out to dry in sunshine

- worldbuilding for my languishing last-year's-NaNoWriMo story (yeay for this one)
- read and post a Pros October fic

- fiddle practice

And finally, some lads to just keep us on the right track...
BD car smiling1 (Londonronnie) BD car smiling2 (Londonronnie) BD car smiling3 (Londonronnie)
And as a treat from [ profile] ali15son (thank you!) - a few more from that photoshoot! What we need now are the ones between where they're both looking quietly out different windows, and when they turn to each other... *g*
BD car smiling1 (Ali15son)

*peers into the depths of the office* How're you doing today?
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It's October! It was just January a second ago, I swear... and I'm in eye-melt again, so yesterday I made a Proper Decision which may or may not work out at all, which is to take Wednesdays off proofreading in general, until further notice, to see if that'll help... and the next Proper Decision is of course to try the varifocals. Both of which, coupled with renewing my certificate to live here, mean that what I really really want - an actual holiday away from everything to somewhere new and unexplored and potentially wonderful - is probably further away again. Except for that long weekend in May this year, I've not been away properly since the May before that, and that's waaaay too long. Maybe I should try to do a weekend away youth hostelling again, p'raps... /whinge.

In the meantime - it's October! Month of autumn and halloween, and cosying-up - lovely! Oh, and [ profile] eldritchhobbit's month-of-halloween posts, too! *g*Perhaps I shall try to read all the spooky-Prosfic I can find, and post about it here... *g* Let's have lads-in-spooky-mode, for the nights drawing in, and the RIP Reading Challenge (which doesn't include fanfic, but hey-ho *g*)...
...and just because I always really like this banner, which is one of the first ones that [ profile] empty_mirrors made for the [ profile] discoveredinalj challenges... I know not everyone likes spooky-Pros, but somehow it works for me - maybe it's the contrast with what we do usually see of them, in the same way that I like hearing about them on holiday... *g*

Well, s'ppose I'd better get on... Anyone else in the office today?

Today's Stuff... )
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Okay, I remember why I was trying to take Wednesdays off - so that I wasn't intensively reading my computer screen for five days in a row and being eye-achey by the end of the week... though really staying up late on the computer doesn't help either... *headdesk* So today, virtual office to keep going... anyone else in the office? *g*
BD pillar laughs2larger (Bluray2)

I like that pic - it's a smile-inducing pic! *g*

Let's go... )

Okay, that should be eminently do-able before late-o'clock, it really should... although granted, if I'm just getting started with work now (sort of) then in theory an eight hour day will end at... twenty to eight. ... *Skypes with bro*... okay, if I'm just starting work an hour later... *headdesk* Also, must try not to be distracted by the chat about how jgl affected Pros fandom when she was around, which is far more interesting than... corporate social responsibility. Or haematology. Or even opthalmology... *sighs*
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So... which silly sausage decided she wanted to see the lunar eclipse last night, even though it didn't start 'til nearly 2am? And got an hour and a bit's sleep, then bounded out of bed, rugged up, and proceeded to spend the next three hours actually standing in the cold, camera in hand, just a bit mesmerised by it all? I may have taken 672 photos... well, it kept me busy. *g* And oooh, the moon! And the night sky! It was an amazingly clear night - and in those three hours there was not just a total lunar eclipse, but three shooting stars, the Milky Way, and a bat come to check me out where I shouldn't be at that hour of the night... *g*

Of course now it's work time, but when you go to bed at 6am, chilled to the core (I was fine for the first two hours, it was the last one that got me) and are up again at 10am... well... posting about it seems like a much better idea to start with. Cos wake up! So... let's see...
TheMoonNight MilkyWay MoonReturn11Cloud
If you click through, that's the Milky Way you can just about see in the first pic - and in the second pic a wee cloud blew through the night just as the moon was about to appear to full again, and I cursed it slightly... but I rather like it. The earth's shadow is somehow over the clouds, too! *g*

Lunar Eclipse... )
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I seem to be doing an even worse job at keeping up with lj these last couple of weeks than I have for ages - from about the day I posted about posting to lj for ten years *headdesk* I keep thinking I'll catch up on replies and everyone's posts and things, and then I have a free moment and I'm so tired it's silly... Maybe I'm getting computer-fatigue, cos I'm not so bad when I'm out and about doing things.
And, for instance, I started that post several days ago, having already started it and lost it before that last week... *headdesk* (Lovely misty-morninged volunteer job... *g*)

Yesterday was a big day out, and even though I do need to nip to a shop at some point today, I fancy today being a day-in (of course its glorious outside right now, just to be contrary *g*). But there's lots to do today, and some of it is Pros-y and some of it is work, and even though it takes time to post, maybe it'll help me keep up and get things done - especially if there might be other people popping in and out of the office, which was why I started this in the first place, cos it's nice to see people at work... *g*

Just to prove Pros-iness...
BD piggybackbwDlookside (cornishcat) BD piggybackbwDlaugh (cornishcat)
And today's schedule - including Pros!
Reading Room - finish reading story!
Reading Room - comment!
Unfinished Pros story 1 - email
Unfinished Pros story 2 - open and write a sentence!
Ongoing Astreiant story - write sentence - sentences!

The duller work schedule bit... )

Oh - varifocal glasses question! Does anyone know...? )
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Who was a good little bunny, and got up early, and was at her desk and working actually before nine o'clock this morning? Me, that's who! And who has been working through all that time, and yet is only just about to start on the actual bit of the job that I get paid for...? *sighs* - me...

On the bright side - rain! Relative cool! So much nicer than the nasssty 28.8C that we had on Saturday, all humid and heavy with wanting to rain but not quite managing it... I did nip down to Stourhead for a wander around the gardens, cos I'm usually up in the house and yet it's famous for its gardens. Oddly few flowers, though the lake was nice of course - and there's already an autumnal tree by the pantheon (which I'll be conservation cleaning later this week, btw, as a change... *g*)
2015-08-22 01StourheadPantheon 2015-08-22 02StourheadFlowers
2015-08-22 03StourheadFlowersScented 2015-08-22 04StourheadReflections

Sunday was all quiet and tucked-up-inside, which I hadn't meant to do, but was nice. I was going to go to Bath and splash out on a new camera, because all the way around Stourhead I wanted to take better pictures - but... laziness. And then I remembered this morning that the current cashback offer runs out on... ack, Wednesday! So if I'm gonna do it, 'twere best 'twere done quickly... i.e. tomorrow. Which means getting on with work again after this posting-break...

But there was writing this weekend too - yeay (including a next installment for the still-ongoing [ profile] discoveredinalj Round Robin Challenge *g*). And writing-research. And I finally watched Tripod tells the Story of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) and it was every bit as good as I was expecting. *g* Meanwhile, have a Lonesome Gregarious Cowboy to cheer up Monday morning...

Did you have a good weekend?

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