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Kind of a glum Saturday (except for the new Pros dvds - yeay!), but today...
2015-11-15 01beach 2015-11-15 02beach

2015-11-15 03lookingdown 2015-11-15 04lookingdown
Gorgeous wild woolliness down by the seaside... Well, I realised that I just had to get out, it feels like forever since I ventured off to anywhere a bit different and wild and woolly at all, and my legs want to streeeeeetch, and the rest of me just wants to go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o... But the powers that be still have my passport and all, so I can't even pretend that I might go away for Christmas this year (which was my tentative plan earlier this year), let alone hop a weekend flight anywhere exotic, so the beach an hour away is as far as I went. Bliss it was, though, wind and sea and sand and space...


Sunday, November 1st, 2015 12:20 pm
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Somehow October is already over, the stars were out last night at 6.30pm, and it's November... What's been happening...? Where is the world up to? A bit of a ramble... )

Graze! )

Making books... )

Lytes Cary autumn )

Water biscuits! )

Writing not NaNoWriMoing )

Oh - and I took these pics a couple of weeks ago, when I woke early to a beautifully misty morning...
2015-10-14 01dawnwalk 2015-10-14 02dawnwalk

2015-10-14 03dawnwalk 2015-10-14 05dawnwalk
So that's where my autumn seems to be up to so far - how about you? What are you up to, at this borderland time of year...? *g*
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I keep saying I'll post these pics and all, and I got them all ready days ago, so before it slips out of my posting-fingers for good and all... here's What I Did On My Holiday Last Weekend. *g*
2015-10-03 26StratfordAtNight 2015-10-04 26MaryArdensFarmBarnOwl

2015-10-04 10StratfordUponAvon 2015-10-03 22Mad

But first I went to... )
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So... which silly sausage decided she wanted to see the lunar eclipse last night, even though it didn't start 'til nearly 2am? And got an hour and a bit's sleep, then bounded out of bed, rugged up, and proceeded to spend the next three hours actually standing in the cold, camera in hand, just a bit mesmerised by it all? I may have taken 672 photos... well, it kept me busy. *g* And oooh, the moon! And the night sky! It was an amazingly clear night - and in those three hours there was not just a total lunar eclipse, but three shooting stars, the Milky Way, and a bat come to check me out where I shouldn't be at that hour of the night... *g*

Of course now it's work time, but when you go to bed at 6am, chilled to the core (I was fine for the first two hours, it was the last one that got me) and are up again at 10am... well... posting about it seems like a much better idea to start with. Cos wake up! So... let's see...
TheMoonNight MilkyWay MoonReturn11Cloud
If you click through, that's the Milky Way you can just about see in the first pic - and in the second pic a wee cloud blew through the night just as the moon was about to appear to full again, and I cursed it slightly... but I rather like it. The earth's shadow is somehow over the clouds, too! *g*

Lunar Eclipse... )
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...cos I went out yesterday especially to take some with my new camera... Of course I also went out to go walking around a national nature reserve, but that didn't happen either and I ended up briefly at the beach... *g*

Beachy bit )

And I saw the Avro Vulcan! I just happened to look up at a plane noise on my way back from the beach at Charmouth, and there it was! It was flying quite slowly - I nabbed this pic with my ordinary lens (18-55) and then got my telephoto lens out as fast as I could, but this was still the best pic, blown up to 200% - almost identical to the pic on this page - well in shape, not colour or clarity. *g*
2015-08-29 CharmouthVulcan
It's the last Vulcan flying, and it'll be grounded after this year, apparently, cos it's reached the end of its flying hours...

There was a pretty good sunset last night - I only realised when I happened to glance at the window and saw the clouds glowing red. Queue grabbing camera and legging it outside... *g*
2015-08-29 04Sunset 2015-08-29 05Sunset2

2015-08-29 06Sunset3

Books and books... )

And now I'm going to have to go and do something that makes noise, before the current incredibly-loud-music-somewhere-bashing-across-the-countryside drives me mad... There I thought this was a reasonable backwater of countryside, with no reason other than the road to be anything other than peaceful... there is clearly going to be another move in my life, preferably before next summer, though quite honestly I can't face the thought yet... *sighs*

How're you all doing...? What's exciting in the world? Life? On the internet in front of you...? *g*
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I swear I only just got up this morning... but I also remember rushing off to go and do a conservation stint at Stourhead, where I spent the morning covered in dust, but perfectly happy helping to give the Pantheon a deep clean... And I promised pics if I could, so...

Not a particularly promising day for it - and it was warm and steamy under all that grey cloud too, not nice an autumn-cool yet... But Stourhead is rather pretty even under dark skies, so never mind! The Pantheon from across the lake - you can just see the autumn-tree already turning beside it...
2015-08-26 01StourheadPantheonMorning

And we are inside the Pantheon... )

But the really good news? After a rush trip into Bath yesterday, I am now fully equipped to bug you even more again with random pictures... *g*
2015-08-26 Moon(NewCamera)
New camera! This pic was taken from my back door step... *g* It's not quite as solid-feeling as my lovely D40x, but hopefully I'll get used to it... and I'm going to try and work out my controls properly this time, and use them more meaningfully, so I shall record here that this pic was taken with:
- my 70-300 lens (pic info tells me it was taken at 300mm focal length, which is true cos the lens was extended all the way *g* No tripod though, so a bit blurry...)
- camera set to shutter priority (where it chooses the aperture - 5.6 this time, and I choose the shutter speed). When I left it on automatic, I was getting a completely burned-out white moon, but playing with the shutter speed gave control over the light (as it's supposed to do... *g*), and the best result seemed to be from 1/400 sec. So it's taking longer to let the light in, which means it can record more subtle nuances of it.
- I love that in the pic info from the camera there's a blank space for "Subject Distance". Actually, it was about 238,855 miles to the subject... New Camera didn't do a bad job, did she...? *g*
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I could have done with a week off in between, I really could - I hoped I'd have that actually, but Job 2 overran into it. Oh well... So! Today! It's Monday! And it's a new start to Job 1, so let's see if I can manage to do it well - the whole point of deciding to take on Job 1 in the first place was to make it work for me, rather than the other way around.

So - I live in the country, and there's a wee mile-long hacktrack that I should be taking advantage of every day. So I started out by walking to work... *g*

It's grey and muggy and mist-swathed today, though I've had all the windows and stable doors open, and it's all just stirring with a cooler breeze...
2015-07-20 01mistswathed

The hack track is looking very pretty )
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And I'm awaaaaaaay! I finished my work last night, slept in this morning, had a leisurely getting-myself-sorted-out kind of morning, including phoning my mum who's currently a very-happy-grandma-for-the-second-time. It only took me three hours to drive down too - that's practically a day trip, that is... but I have three nights around Cornwall - hurrah! And it's not raining yet... *g*

I got to Penzance before check-in time, so drive down to see what was what... and ended up going through, and found myself in Mousehole, which was looking perfectly pretty, so I parked up and went for a wander... *g* I love the wildflowers everywhere, like these nasturtiums-by-the-sea! Cornwall is so pretty in the spring...
2015-05-17 16MouseholeView 2015-05-17 16MouseholeWalk
If you click through you can read that story - the oldest house in Mousehole, 1300s, involved in defending Mousehole against the Spanish in the 1500s!

I sat by the harbour... )

Sunny Somerset

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 09:06 pm
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It turned into another pretty - and warm (22C according to my thermometer!) - day, even though I was stuck inside for most of it. I did get to my fiddle lesson on time (but not archery, waaah!), and it was a very pretty trip...
97 SomersetContraJour
(I do like a bit of contre jour (and I do like knowing what it's called - thanks [ profile] gvenanne!) *g*)

Now if I could just finish work and then get some writing done... *g* Hope you had a pretty day too!
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Blimey - and here it is, it's April... it wasn't long ago I was wondering why the year wasn't shifting itself a bit quicker, and now it's a quarter over! Happy April (I have no fool for you, though I did go and search for the Grauniad's yearly jape - just a wee bit obvious, this one - though it would actually be a brilliant one if it turned out that the vile Clarkson really had decided to be a thoughtful person after all, and the medieval cemetery under Cambridge university was the joke... but sadly I suspect not...)

Today... wind and sunshine again, and I have nothing to do but work! I have also realised that as much as I've been thinking about it, this week really is a short week, because I've taken Easter off this year (it was too strange not having it off last year), even though I've got absolutely nothing planned to do. So - only two more days of work, then four whole days off in a row! Gosh! Not at my richest right now, mind, but maybe I can get out somewhere... Bath at least! Maybe I visit each of the cites around - Bath, Bristol, Exeter... and a day off. *g* They're each just on an hour away, and - well, Bath's closer yet. Or maybe I should properly dedicate the time to writing, because that's what I end up not doing, no matter what... Hmmn... I'm at home so much that pottering sounds both lovely (cos being home without working!) and yet too ordinary to waste days off on (cos being home as per usual...)

Oh, I know what I should do today in between proofreading - catch up on some posts I've been meaning to make, and then a couple that sounded fun to do when I read about them... *g* Of course I say that, but time will leak away from me. Still, let's try! Speaking of time leaking, I arranged yesterday to do a taster conservation-volunteer day at the local NT... not nearly as local as my Cambs. local NT was, but a pretty drive away, at least. I do know it's a bit mad, though, since I barely get things done without spending half a day each week elsewhere... but it's good to get out, too...

And ack! I delayed posting and starting Job 1 work (to keep up with unpaid Job 2 *headdesk*) and now it's over an hour later. Heeeeeelp! Time leak! Time leak!

Today... )
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Okay - we have baby lambs safe in shed (I know, you can only really see the mums - it's mum-on-the-left whose lamb we were feeding last night. I don't know yet if he's feeding...)
2015-03-31 01lambshed 2015-03-31 02blueskies
...and we have very blue skies!

We also have slates off the roof (of the lamb-shed, actually - and if they'd come off the other side they might well have done for my car. Eeeep!)
2015-03-31 03slatesdown 2015-03-31 04windywashing
...and although I thought I'd see if it was worth trying, since we have sun and wind, it might really be a bit too windy for putting washing out to be a good idea!

We have a headache and sore eyes, we have lots of work to do, but we have paracetamol and sunshine, so... let's see. *g*

Today's Tasks
Fiddle Practice
Post-new-lamb-carrying laundry!
Check lamb!
Work pgs 1-10 (11.36-12.46) Slow start as always.
Fiddle practice
Work pgs 11-18 (1.00-1.30)
Fiddle practice
Return email about NT conservation volunteering
Work pgs 1-10 (2.20-3.20)
Arranged conservation volunteer taster morning at Stourhead
Work pgs 11-20
Work pgs 21-27
Fiddle Practice
Fiddle lesson
Work pgs 1-10
Work pgs 11-21
Waters and the Wild
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The rain stopped around lunchtime, so I went for a walk in the blustery wind after all, and look what I found - a scattering of blossom, then a little crop of crocuses...
2015-03-29 04Blossom 2015-03-29 05Crocuses

...and then little sproutings of primroses and wild violets too!
2015-03-29 06PrimrosesViolets
But even more spring-like? The reason I went out in the first place - Landlady texted me to say one of their sheep had dropped two wee lambs, if I wanted to come and see... *g*
2015-03-29 03Lambs
Though I'm not sure this year's first day of British Summer Time was the very kindest weather for them to end up in! They're not even two hours old in this pic - awwww... *g*
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I had a mission yesterday, and I'm quite excited to have headed into the depths of Devon to accomplish it. No pictures of this bit, cos it would mean nothing, but I went to find an archery shop, and I bought a wrist guard, finger tab, and a quiver of my own... *g* They're not gorgeously rustically ye olde leathere, which is what I aspire to one day, but they're mostly black and red and Will Do the Job. We're not "allowed" to buy our own bows and arrows and so on yet, not until we've been proper club members for a while, but they said it was a good idea to have your own things like this, and I agreed... Plus, shiny new toys. *g*

But then I decided to come home via Montacute House, thinking I'd have a walk around the grounds while the weather was still holding, and it turned out the house was open, so I walked around there instead while the season is still quiet... I didn't have much time to linger, but I managed a few pics... *g*
2015-03-28 01MontacuteBooks 2015-03-28 02MontacuteBooks
From my favourite room. Obviously.

It was a Tudor house... )

Today the world is grey and wet and windy, and an excellent day for staying indoors. I currently just want to read all the books but I will probably do other things too... *g* Such as review some of the books that I've been reading, and am behind in doing...
2015-03-29 01Rain
Oh, and I've been thinking it might be quite handy to have a list of m/m books that I've liked and ones that have been recced etc., cos I'm still struggling to find ones that don't niggle at me, and I'd like to try and work out why. So maybe that'll be a job for today. And some writing. And some tidying. And all the dozens of things that I probably don't have time for with our Lost Hour. But pottering. There'll be pottering. *g*

How's your weekend? *g*
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Well I was sort of in an office, and worked hard actually - all that thinking about Rasch graphs, and Wright Maps and... quite brain-exploding stuff it was... and now of course there's the coursework about it - eeep! We finished early though, and I didn't get a headache today, and then I ended up deciding not to trog around London when I had no particular plans and did have luggage, so I walked over the river (well, on the bridge, not actually... *g*) and caught the train and was home in time for archery, but then I was quite tired and didn't go after all. I would have had to rush, and miss dinner, and... so no.

But London was lovely and London. Here's the view out my hotel window, and a London-y contre-jour (thanks [ profile] gvenanne!) photo...
2015-03-26 01MorningView 2015-03-26 02LondonContraJour

And then... )
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Last pics for tonight, and they're really just an excuse not to settle down quite yet to work again...

Just outside the hotel, a wet London night...
2015-03-24 06Home

...and the hotel is just around the corner from the Brit Mus., so I got to take my favourite light-and-railing pics again!
2015-03-24 03BritMus 2015-03-24 04BritMus
Still on my camera phone, cos I couldn't get two of the screws undone to fix it when I tried the other day - gargh. Oh well - hurrah for camera phones!

Hmmn - in case I finish work and don't fall asleep straight after, does anyone fancy giving me an odd random-word type prompt for if I get really write-y (for something brief and different (in a Pros-y way) before I carry on with other things)?

London, baby...

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 05:26 pm
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Yeay, I made it, and I even got some work done on the train! Mind you, that was a palaver and a half! I trundled down to the local station (fifteen minutes down the road) only to find that all the carparking was parked in. Noooo! And it's just in the country rather than in the nearest town (that it's named after), so there aren't any streets to park on. Disaster!

The palaver bit )But the station was pretty, and the journey was okay (as long as I haven't caught a cold from the two people nearest me, who were both spluttering and suffering...), the tube was good, and when I got to the hotel I was turned away. *g* Well, sort of. Upgraded she called it, to the hotel across the street. Where my room does actually have enough room to perform a ballet, a big couch (that's really too far from the tv to see it, but the thought's almost there), and when I opened the second wardrobe it turned out to be a mini-kitchen, so hee! I neverget upgraded, either, so bonus yeay!
2015-03-24 01Railway 2015-03-24 02Upgrade
It also turns out to have free internet, so I'm taking a few minutes to catch breath, and then I'm off out for a wander before it gets too dark, and something to eat, and maybe to find Foyle's, cos it's open late, and... well, it's a bookshop. *g*

And then back to finish work (which is nearly there, and can be done when it's dark and I'm not out any more), and... well, and to thank everyone who recognised a japonica for me. *g* Maybe hotel rooms will be good for writing, too.... *g*

Sunny Sunday

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 10:42 pm
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Yeay - I made it to the beach! There was definitely moments when I thought I wouldn't, but I finally got the Job 2 coursework finished (for some value of finished...) and off I went, cos the sun was out and the sky had been taunting me with blueness!
81 DorsetBeach
It was quite late, mind, when I got there, so I had just time to wander up Charmouth Beach, fall over on the rocks (ow-ow-owie-ow) and wander back to the car oozing blood into a tissue - and, it later turned out, into my leggings... (scraped and slightly stirred, but still wandering... although quite glad I actually have a CST appointment tomorrow)!

And otherwise I've read Raven Boys, and watched Poldark (still good and still gorgeous) and that's been pretty much it... how do days just go like that? Oh - and I had a few more moments of inspiration for the Victorian story too. It's finally more... there. *g*

I'm quite tempted to have a go at the book meme via [ profile] read_warbler and [ profile] gilda_elise, but I suspect my answers would mostly be "...too many to choose from..." cos I don't do favourite books very exclusively, and I never did... so I shall enjoy other people's. *g*

I must admit, for all it's been reasonably satisfying, I don't feel like I've had a proper weekend, and next week is going to be strange kinds of madness and rushed Job 1 to fit in everything else, so I'm not entirely sure I'm looking forward to it... except that I am really, cos I'm not fond of routine either, so this will be much better! Fiddle and CST and Job 1 and London on a course... oh, I still need to sort my train ticket - this'll be the first time I've caught the train from here, too! Slight sulking cos I'll miss archery on Thursday, but then there'll only be Friday to go until it's the weekend again, so... that's totally do-able, right? *g*

You know, even though it's not even 11pm yet, I rather think my bed is calling me and my fallen-over back and scraped bits... may yours be cosy and full of your favourite dreams... *g*

Saturday stuff...

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 10:51 pm
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Woke up without a headache today, thank goodness, and was a good girl and finished my work, and then I was freeee to enjoy the afternoon!
80 SomersetSun
Saturday rambling... )
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Morning - happy eclipse, everyone who was under it! This was going to be an entirely different post, about how it was cloudy, and my camera was broken, and I'd not sorted out glasses or even an old Pringles container... and then just as I was about to put out my porridge, there was a shout from the yard "Come and see this!" and I thought oooh - have they got viewers? And ack, cos no they didn't, but the sun was under cloud and they'd caught a glimpse under it and were looking... Don't look! I said, but it was too late by then, one girl said she'd been watching for three minutes... and then it turned out that when the cloud moved, you actually could get a half-visible shot on a phone cam (which is all I have left to me, right now - why didn't I think to fix my camera with the telescopic lens and remote control before the eclipse?), and then... well... I didn't look, but I couldn't resist aiming my own screen...
2015-03-10 01Eclipse 2015-03-10 02Eclipse

Too many eclipse pictures... )
I must admit that my eyes are bit sore, but I think that's because I woke up with a stonking headache again... *headdesk* I must also admit that I forgot I left my porridge on the stove, and... burnt porridge... *headdesk headdesk* But a far more fun eclipse experience than I'd been expecting! *vbg*

So - it's 10.30am, I've not started work, but I did have a Calor gas delivery and then a total solar eclipse going on before breakfast, so... *g* Right - the rest of today... Too much proofreading, but on the bright side it seemed reasonable when I started it yesterday, and in theory it's actually an interesting project this time - an assessment of LGBT+ rights in Europe!

Oh! And - and-and-and! I am officially an archer, because I went and joined the improver's group last night, and that means joining the archery club, and that means joining the Grand National Archery Society! And I got to shoot bare-bow (no sights, which is so much better for me...) and we got six arrow at a time rather than three, and... and... *vbg*
Happy Friday! And the sun's coming out in blue-skyed glory even! Now, if only my headache would go away...

The Work Plan... )

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