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On the last minute as always, but hey-ho - it's a minute! *g* Now - can I be Very Clever Indeed and watch my original dvds on the telly, and simultaneously play the new Network version on my laptop for taking screencaps? (Turns out, yes I could - but not clever enough to manage more than the first fifteen minutes or so of the ep - *headdesk* Ah well, here it is!)

We start with the nasty Tony Temple-Blake himself, dictating to his (presumably) long-suffering secretary (?) I've read people in this Watch saying the villains are a bit over-blown in this ep, but I've got to admit I've never thought that. I can quite believe their nasty self-confidence and inflated self-importance, and the way they don't even question whether they have the right to treat those with less power poorly just so that they can turn a higher profit. And they seem completely realistic when you think about what we have seen going on in the upper eschelons of "business" - end of the NHS, anyone? Grrrr...

Hee - Bodie's I'm a disco man meself is a thing of beauty (as many other people have said *g*) - but I also like Doyle's "he's quite good with a bayonet"... *vbg*
01 B DiscoManMeself 02 HesQuiteGoodWithABayonet

Cowley immediately jumps... )

But bum - that's as far as I've got in the hour I had before bed. I forgot how long it takes to screencap-as-you-go! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow, but stick with writing the story rather than screencapping my rambling thoughts... It was nice to have a reason to watch even a bit of our lads though... and think of what pretty pictures they make. *g*

Saturday and lads

Saturday, March 25th, 2017 11:36 pm
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I have an extra day off again (Monday) - hurrah! I ab dot a code wod I caughd from liddle A, oo was snodding me all ober ebery day lasd week - boo, cos I thought I might nip away for an overnighter somewhere, but I don't like to do that if I'm gonna spread germs... But maybe it'll go away tomorrow... The other flip side of having an extra day off is that Mrs is home for the rest of the week, and mother's help is always more difficult than sole-charge nanny (and R will certainly play up to it...) On the other side, Mrs has booked R in for an extra day of school after Easter, so I'll have three days a week with just wee A, which will be nice. And that's enough about work! What I really wanted to post was one of these... *g*
I can't decide when this was taken... at the end of an op, when they've both realised it's all over and safe? Bodie's looking sort of grimly satisfied and Doyle is looking thoughtful... perhaps he's not sure the baddie deserved to die this time (like with Mickey Hamilton) - although he doesn't look as angry as he usually looks in that situation... Dunno - what do you think? *g*
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I don't seem to have a spring icon - very remiss of me, because it's definitely spring. Today was a going-out-and-exploring day, and so I headed for my new most-local National Trust place - Stowe, which is about half an hour away. It was a not-sure day, all grey clouds with flashes of blue, and not cold but looking as if it should be...

The visitor centre is actually beside what was once basically the pub that catered for people going to visit Stowe's landscaped gardens - New Inn is all its called, but in fact they've done a lovely job of setting the rooms up just as I imagine they might have been. Look - Doyle left his jacket slung over the chairback while he had dinner with Bodie... *g*
DSC_3823 2017-03-19 StoweParlourJacket DSC_3828 2017-03-19 StoweTwoJackets
And their coats, hanging up beneath the stairs. I suspect they took rooms for the night, don't you? They may not have used them both, of course... *g*

I imagine one of them... )
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...and I miss this in my flist (still, again *g*).

So - right now, right this moment, what's your favourite Pros ep, and when did you last watch it, and what's your favourite Pros fic? *g*

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...even though I didn't take a photo today. It's been grey and wet outside, and I've mostly been tucked up inside trying to write (I'm so slow!), and even though I thought I should take one, just for fun!, there was nothing to really take one of when there was no reason for taking it, so...

...Pros update instead! Let's start as I mean to go on. *g*

Current Pros fic - A Family Affair by Lizzie. I could have sworn this was online somewhere now too, but can I think where...? So maybe it's not - rats! It's a regency romance novel, as only Lizzie can write, and perfect for bringing sweet dreams of our lads. Well, I always hope. *g*

Current Pros writing - my story for tomorrow - ack! It's at 39,500 words, and I might just make it in time... there are four more sections to write. Ack and ack and ack! I want to write more now, but I really need to go to bed before 3am tonight, since it won't be the holidays any more on Tuesday... waaah! Oh, and double-ack - I have to post it before 5.30pm tomorrow night too, cos I'm off out with another village-y mate (to the flicks, to see Passengers. *g*)

Current Pros pic - well, this one. Randomly, just for it to be there. *g*
Just cos I like the way they're looking at each other. *g* And the way Doyle's t-shirt is twisting doesn't help. *vbg*

Other Stuff - I saw Sherlock! Friend-who-made-me-dinner very conveniently asked me if I watched it, and then told me she did too, and did I fancy staying on to watch - excellent. *g* And gosh, it was an ep, wasn't it... *g*
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...requires some motivation!
BDC readingpaperscomputerroom
Maybe if I imagine that these guys are in the office down the hall...

I did finish a wee Prosfic yesterday, while waiting for my appointment. Maybe I could type that up today... and I have a Profic for Milomaus top of my new-writing list. Well, except that it's started, so not really new... And...

... and I'm re-reading Jigsaw Puzzle, by HG, whose Pros is always a joy to read. Anyone else reading Pros fic at the moment?

Oh, and I watched The Ojuka Situation last night. I'm amused to find that this is the only pic I have in my files from that ep (well, in my nicely-labelled file, anyway!) I want to know what Doyle's just done to make him laugh like that - and Bodie look like that! *g*
BD CarDLaughing

Okay, it's true. That was distraction, not motivation... Alright, economics-type-stuff, here I come...
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The forecast was for rain and rain and rain - except for maybe half a dozen hours today, and so I decided I'd better take myself to the beach or else I'd not get there for aaages. So I did. And it was less blowy than I might have liked, but it was lovely and grey and fresh and the rain mostly held off until I got back to the car. Half an hour later. But I walked on the beach, just like I wanted to.
2016-11-19 01Beach 2016-11-19 02Beach

2016-11-19 03Beach 2016-11-19 04Beach

2016-11-19 05RainBeach
And then I may have gone to Hobbycraft for supplies, and to the supermarket, and come home and had pizza and watched two eps of Pros - You'll be Alright and Kickback, since you ask... *g* I don't often watch series four, but last week I watched It's Only a Beautiful Picture (though I don't really count that as series four, cos the lads are together *g*) and Blood Sports (still a few nice moments - Bodie picking Doyle up in the restaurant, for one, and canon going-home-with-takeaway-to-watch-the-match-on-telly!) And then Hijack, which again I don't dislike, but... the lads don't seem as together. And then I had to change discs anyway, so why not the next one...? *g* You know, I'm liking the 366 project, and posting every day, but I wonder if I'd be posting more Pros etc. if I wasn't doing that... 324/366 so far - 42 more days to go! And what then..?!

Tomorrow I was going to go to a quilting-for-beginners session at a local-ish quilting supplies shop, but it's raining alot now, and it's not supposed to stop much, and I'm quite fancying the idea of staying home and messing around with my sewing machine and things on my own... We'll see!

How's your weekend coming along? *g*


Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 10:29 am
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This time last week I was still in Germany on holiday... *sniffs sadly and eyes work for today* There was snow. Now it's grey and drizzly and I'd better do more than eye that work...

On the bright side, I'm reading The Rosie Project which is excellent and making me smile, I'm going to book a ticket for a fab-looking performance called The Book of Darkness and Light (a week on Saturday), and I've had to take next Monday off for an appointment. Okay, I only had to take half of next Monday off, but I took all of it. *g* And I think my headache's gone again! So - to celebrate happy things:
BD sleepingbagchat
The lads together in the dark of night... *g*

Anyone else in the office today...? Seems very quiet on lj so far this week! Oh, I do wish I was doing something more interesting today! Though I do have at least one Pros story to write, if I get some work done, which will definitely be more interesting. But in the meantime... save me from the dullness of a drizzly day? Whatcha doing...?
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...I am late again! Or maybe I'm just working around the way I've been going to bed lately... *headdesk* - straight back into old late-night habits! Oh well... *g*

First some inspiration for the day...
Doyle looks so pleased with himself, with his lovely smile and crinkly eyes, and I love that Bodie's the serious one here for a change. I wonder what he's saying...? (Yes, I know it's a screencap, but still... *g*)

There's lots of happy Pros-y things going on right now too, and replying to all the Pros FandomCards posts this morning has been fun. I also had something else very fab in my inbox this morning, but you'll have to wait a wee while for that... *g*

I am feeling all ready to both work and write wee ficlets again... *g* Now, if only this morning's updates were fixing the problems that I reckon yesterday's updates caused with Word, then all will hopefully go according to schedule...

Today's Office... )
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...determined to be productive and cheerful! Let's start with a bit of this...
super agent n2 backAC

I am working today of course, and I have 44 pages to do today, which I suspect will be five pages at a time, so I'm going to play Pros and lj in between in order to achieve my goal (that productive and cheerful thing *g*) Oh, and hopefully catch up on replies and emails and things too.

So - a Pros challenge for you (and me!) If you post a Pros pic into your own lj, so that it turns up on my flist, then I will write a wee drabble/ficlet for it. That will hopefully be cheerful for us all! And if anyone else would like to make the same offer to their flist, then maybe we can splash the lads and some cheer a bit further...?

My Virtual Office day... )

Right - breakfast, and then the first five pages! Ooh - the sun's out too...! Is anyone else in the office, or am I rattling around here on my own? Watcha doing? *g*
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...look what I found! I was perusing the new dvds, and apparently after that smooch on the cheek in my icon here...
BD kissing (LoxleyPrince)
Oh okay, that's clearly untrue, this is a pic by LoxleyPrince, who was using it as a wee tiny icon, but when I complimented her on it posted this gorgeous big version and I just thought... well, there was much sighing. And I thought other people should see it too, and LoxleyPrince kindly gave me permission to post it, and so I'm going to.

Pretty, innit? She's a very clever chap... *g*
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Picspam. Cos sometimes - the lads. *g*

Serious lads, serious lads, serious lads - silly lads, silly lads, serious lads... *g* I do like this last one with Doyle unable to resist touching his Bodie via a manly slap on the thigh before they head off... *g*

Anyone else fancy a flurry of Pros in their flist? You could post anything! A pic, a story review, a general yeay lads... *g*
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Cos [ profile] golden_bastet wanted it, I watched Purging of CI5 tonight (I know, I'm so selfless *g*), and then I watched Need to Know, cos it also had Bodie's flat in it (and of course I'm not selfless at all, it was entirely comfort-watching - I wanted our lads!) And here's some random ramblings as a result... *g*

Fascinating to read the Mark III book that goes with the eps. For instance - When Bodie mocked his superior's response to Doyle's request for a salary advance, he was to have done using Cowley's Scots accent.! *g*
BD YouKnowWhatYoullGet
But as Doyle pointed out, he didn't, did he? *vbg*

Such very beautiful lads in this ep - especially Doyle, somehow...
D ConcentrateDefusing2 D ConcentrateDefusing

B LastCheapRateCall D LastCheapRateCall
And so competent - You mean that thing I always got wrong in Bomb Disposal School..? *vbg*

Love to hear that... )
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Thursday 25th August - a misty evening...
2016-08-25 01mistyevening 2016-08-25 02nightsdrawingin
...and the nights really are drawing in! It's been months and months since I saw the lights on in the stables!

Friday 26th August - a little bit noir...
2016-08-26 01BitNoire 2016-08-26 02BitCountry
...and a little bit country.

Oh, le weekend! *hugs it* It's been a stoopid headache of a week, with much dull work to compound the issue, but you have no idea how unbelievably disciplined I was today in order to catch up and get it done! I deserve much lads, I really do. *g*

What I did do was watch the last ep of Fleabag (so good) and then randomly Burke and Hare (well not totally random, I've got a bit of a 19th century thing at the moment). But Ronnie Corbett! I spent half the film going that IS Ronnie Corbett, and then the other half thinking of all the people who'd died this year, cos... just... Ronnie Corbett too. And I keep forgetting about Alan Rickman, and Terry Wogan, and Victoria Wood, and Caroline Aherne, and Paul Daniels, and Gareth Thomas, never mind Bowie and Prince and Harper Lee and Umberto Eco... never mind our lovely Pros-y people over the last year or two...

Okay, which isn't where I was going with this post, I was going lads for the weekend... Okay, a combination - I wish I could embed it, but it's not up anywhere except at the Circuit Archive - Lithium Doll's Fields of Marigold, another favourite Pros vid of mine...
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It's been a slightly rubbish week this week, but one thing I have done is get out some Pros fic, after a long bout of regular (and excellent) book-reading), and I realised when my telly went funny that I was in the mood for something comforting - our lads. First up, thanks to the unknowing [ profile] dawnebeth was Mixed Doubles. Anyone remember this? *g* Here's a few of my faav-our-ite things... *g*

Hurt/comfort - and Bodie holding on as long as he can.
BD KnifeAttackHug(MkIIIdvds) BD KnifeAttackHug2(MkIIIdvds)

Headshoulder. Because Bodie is where the comfort is. *g*
BD headshoulder (MkIIIdvds)

When Doyle's got his tea... )
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...pick me a number between 1 and 100, please? *g*

[ profile] dawnebeth gave me 88, and so since it was over 57, 88-57 = 31 = on the new Mark dvds = Mixed Doubles<.i>! Lol! And there I thought it would be a good way to end up with a very random ep. I'll just have to force myself to watch.

This will be followed by 42, chosen by [ profile] hagsrus who was also quick, which is... Wild Justice! Another one I'm not lairy of watching! *vbg*

Anyone care to join me? It's gonna be a Pros night!

Also - *grump* - the wireless on my telly isn't working, which means I have to watch actual telly, except there's nothing on. Or Pros. *g*
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I know I've been going on about a whole day off for ages, but now, for the first time since the start of June, I can have a whole weekend off! Wheeee! No idea what I'm going to do, but I'm also celebrating receiving my Mark IV dvds the other day - wheeeee! - and that must be shared!
BD gunslaughing BD lookintoeyes

Happy lads, happy me, the sun's still out and birds are still twittering, and I'm going to go and make some dinner and open some wine now. Yeay!

Happy weekend! *g*
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...imagine the lads with Peter Seller's accents... *g*
FAB208 1980article
Fab 208, 1980 (the annual, I think!)
Or, you know, tangling corks. *g*

Please don't let it be the end!

ETA - and cos I don't have my 200 words yet today, and I'm looking at the Victorian fic and thinking meh, if anyone would care to give me a single word for a Pros drabble, I'll see what I can come up with for you...*g*

A Glad Thing

Sunday, July 17th, 2016 02:03 pm
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Work work work work face-ache work work work work Pros! Let's have some lads.
MS Doyle GuitarSaveWhales LC targetshooting die profis pp10,11

There, that's better. *g*
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Was just one of those days.
2016-07-05 Sabitabstractinnit

Go on - if anyone sees this and comments in the next hour or so, I shall write a Pros drabble that somehow incorporates their user name before I go to bed. *g*


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