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For [ profile] loxleyprince, who dashed me a prompt when I asked for one - the lads in a Capri in the middle of that river in Newport Pagnell park! Thank you!

Snowdrops on the River Bank )
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Argh - today! I had laptop updates last night, and twice today my laptop's just frozen - the first time I had to do a hard shutdown (and lost the ficlet I'd been writing for [ profile] milomaus - gargh!), but the second time the problems seemed to be constrained to Word. Just as I'd got started with today's work, of course... *headdesk* Who's gonna be working late again...? *headdesk headdesk*

While I was waiting for it to stabilise, though, I opened Notepad and started playing with an idea I had for [ profile] macklingirl's picture - which I hope you don't mind me re-posting at the bottom of the ficlet... *g*

What Happened to the Thunder and Lightning Brigade )
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Well, I may not have finished my allocated number of words (it's okay, it was me who allocated them, I can reallocate them with the rest between Monday and Tuesday *g*), but I did finish not one but two wee snippets of Pros fic! About 1600 words altogether, so not much, but... I wroted! I posted the first part earlier, with the picture-inspiration, but here's the first and second parts (separated so you don't have to read the first one again. If you read at all. Which you might not. But hey - you might! *g* They pretty much both stand alone, but I'm hoping to write some more tomorrow anyway, cos I actually have the direction for it... cross fingers! The one thing I don't have is a picture for the second part, so if anyone's feeling creative (or can think of one they know that would fit (like [ profile] sw33n3y's lovely pic) that I could perhaps borrow... that might be nice. *g*)

Things in the Dark )

Things in the Dark - the sequel )
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I'm at page 31/80, so I must post Pros (It's the law... *g*) I was going to just post a pic or two, but [ profile] heliophile_oxon replied to my last post with two inspiring pics, so I thought maybe I'd respond to them instead... *g* (Btw, here's a 'new' thing, presumably Powered by Tumblr and the like, where everyone just hits "re-post", no matter who created an image - used to be I'd ask permission to re-post a pic first, but as this is less and less common/expected in general, I'm a bit conflicted about what to do in Pros. It's long been argued that once something's on the web it's fair game to post it elsewhere, but polite (of course) to always credit your source. I guess that's where we have got to, and what I'll do - but if anyone wants me to ask permission up front to re-post their pics, then please do let me know, cos I'm happy to do that too... *waves to [ profile] sw33n3y and [ profile] heliophile_oxon*) Anyway...

Things in the Dark )

BD ITPI pose (Sw33n3y)
(Artwork by [ profile] sw33n3y - but I can't for the life of me find the original post, though I'm sure I saw it!)

(ETA - bugger! Just realised that would have fit a square on my Bingo card for [ profile] discoveredinalj, but I posted it here instead of there!)
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I don't think I really want to call this a fic, cos I'm not entirely happy with it, but on the other hand it's writing that I did this weekend, and it's Pros, and it was prompted by the rather fab pic at the end, by [ profile] loxleyprince, which everyone should have a chance to see, so there's also something that makes me think I should post it. I'll settle for not calling it fic, though. *g* Maybe one day I'll come back and fix it, and especially take out the thing it does that I don't enjoy reading myself (so really, I shouldn't inflict it on you, but...) Call it getting-back-in-practice writing, perhaps, for anyone who's really bored, and doesn't have high expectations. *g*

Somewhere Among the Clouds )
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So short it barely needs a cut - but Prosfic just the same..! In a round-about way, it was inspired by last night's The Madness of Mickey Hamilton Random ProsWatch - thank you [ profile] cloudless_9193 for permission to include your atmospheric picture of our lads!

Such Stuff
by Slantedlight

You didn’t ask people about their dreams in CI5, for fear they were worse than your own. Doyle knew Bodie dreamed sometimes of Africa, of dusty roads and hot rotting death in jungles, but he would no more say anything about those sleep-light mutterings than Bodie would have talked about the way Doyle scratched and scraped at his arms some nights, eyes closed and not awake for hours, as if they had been bitten by a dozen midges, two dozen needles, were a nightmare of missing veins and madness and vomit and death.

You didn't talk... )
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I was having rather a cool dream when I woke up this morning - I was visiting some distant northern island, and was about to leave, but the last thing was that I was going to have a picnic lunch with MS! His partner was around, it was just a friendly thing, and we didn't actually get there, it was just gathering stuff together, but - how fun! A bit odd, I grant you, but I think the island was from talking with someone about borderlands and frontiers, and MS was cos I've been eyeing Hobson's Choice at the theatre in Bath and thinking that I'd better get on and get my ticket. *g* I'm hesitating a bit cos I've not been to the evening theatre on my own, and although it's fine, it's not an entirely comfortable thing, cos it's not like the movies when there are potentially other people on their own. Well, even that's more likely in the States, but still... But anyway - result! Cos I dreamed about it. *g* Although I do think it's unfair that I never dream about B/D - I've had a handful of dreams where older MS has turned up for some reason, but only one with B/D briefly appearing... *sighs*

Anyway - I really just popped back cos I wanted to post a Pros-y picture, just cos... and cos I've been thinking about Runner - this one! *g*
There's just something about Doyle's body there, the slant of him under that t-shirt, especially next to Bodie's very solid stance...

Also, my bedtime zine-reading has most recently been my very favourite Voice-Over by [ profile] elizabethoshea. I try not to read it too often, cos you don't want to wear out a favourite fic, but... it's still excellent. Hurt/comfort, partner worry, beautifully drawn sexual tension, a real background, and when you're not smiling at something, you're giggling out loud at something else... *g*
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BD kisswhiteborderHey - I found a fic! One that I don't think I've ever posted cos it went in a Christmas card to someone way back in 2012, and has been sat on a memory stick since then, cos I wrote it when I was away from my laptop. This one actually comes with a warning.

Warning: Christmas fic.

Cos it's not Christmas... *g* I wondered about leaving it to post for next Christmas, but you never know what might happen do you, so better to post now I reckon, even if it is nearly the end of January. *g*

Just Another Day at Work )

And just cos I'm curious - does anyone remember receiving this one?!
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Okay, I am sort of mostly through my taxes, held up annoyingly not by the bit that I have to do, but trying to work out what in the world the Job 3 chaps thought they were doing... *sighs* I did laundry. I... um. Oh, I posted about palelyloitering of course, and thank you everyone's who's replied so far! I am mulling... *g*

I read a bit. I'm reading Gil Hale fic right now, because even though it's gen fic, it's episode fic, with all the slash that implies... I'm even reading the Pros/Sentinel crossovers, which are interesting, since I don't know the Sentinel except in theory. They're good though, Hale is very good. *g*

You know, I think what I need is...

BD bistokids BD bybike4

DBgun2 (Cornishcat)
Our lads, together. What d'you reckon? *g*
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2016-01-01 01Rain Thank you [ profile] fiorenza_a who suggested the theme of water for the first week of my 365 project (which is where I post at least one picture a day, for 365 days... *g*) Trouble is - it rained today, and I was going to go out, but actually... So not a very exciting first photo, but it is a photo! It's a start! In other news:

Reading - The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (for book group next Thursday.) I wasn't sure at first, but 100 pages in I'm happy to keep going and find out what happens. *g* It's set in the Congo, which makes me think maybe I should find one of those travel-the-world reading challenges, this year!

Meg Lewtan's Bird in a Gilded Cage beside my bed, but I've remembered what happens in general, and sort of stalled. Read the first story in O. Yardley's Septet zine last night (technically very early this morning!) - nice enough - and I may read the next one tonight, which is a sequel to Two Lovers. Except that I wasn't keen on Two Lovers, it sounded more like O. Yardley than our lads, imnsho, so I might skip it to the next story in the zine... We'll see. *g*

Erk - a bit of helpful research this morning, does that count?

Missed the beginning of Dickensian cos I was making fudge, but the rest was still good. Sherlock was a bit more good - anyone else watch?! If I'd thought about expecting something, that wouldn't have been it... *g*

How're you doing, this first day of 2016 (well, second I expect, by the time I hit post and you read this...)?
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A wee Prosfic for [ profile] heliophile_oxon, because she made just the comment, that along with these pics, inspired it... *g*
1969 DoctorInTheHouse-MascotMSnurse01big 1969 DoctorInTheHouse-MascotMSnurse02

Pros fic - Made Up )
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2015-10-04 06StratfordUponAvonFourPosterBed
Facilis Descensus Averni by EPS.

This is quite a creepy little tale, from the zine Nemo Repente Fuit Turmpissimus, but more recently on ProsLib. The lads take up a dare to spend the night in a haunted room, and some pretty disturbing things happen...

There's a sequel to this, in Three and a Half Hatstands and now also on ProsLib, by a different author, Miso-no-Tsuki - Hic Opus, Hic Labor Est, which doesn't deal with anything supernatural, but with the fall-out from what happened that night. It's a bit over-emotional compared to the first one, and there are a few too many tears for my liking, but it's worth reading too!

Thanks to [ profile] jessebee for the heads-up about this story! And that makes me think - does anyone want to rec some October-ish stories for me to read...? *g*
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I've finally made it to [ profile] dollidaydream's prompt - hurrah! So here's a bit more, just to prove I'm still doing it. I know I started this one for Easter (well, several years ago...) but I am determined to finish off my Prosfic wips this year... *g*

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

Part 4 )

BD printers


And now I really feel that I should make the move from pyjamas to daywear... *g*
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Okay, I am really in need of things to cheer up today - I ended up missing archery last night, which I'd been really looking forward to, because the sodding garage kept my sodding car without telling me they were going to. They did squeeze it in when they were busy, and I do appreciate that, but I also said I needed to use it that night, and said that I could probably wait until next week if they were busy... And just... gargh! I was really looking forward to archery... *sniffs sadly* It's technically club night tonight, so I could go then - but when I went last Friday it was all locked up anyway, and I don't particularly have faith that I'll get my car back tonight either, to be honest...

On the bright side, [ profile] milomaus wrote me a wee inspirational lads-and-archery moment last night, and I decided to have a go at being inspired by it to cheer myself up a bit before I start work... *g*

ETA - I do have a picture, one that goes perfectly with my wee fic below! Thanks [ profile] gvenanne! *g*

Prosfic - Bows and Arrows by Slantedlight and Milomaus )
Bodie smiling ropeholding (Gvenanne)

Hmmn. Okay, I do feel a bit better about the day now... *g* What a shame I don't know of any pics of the lads and archery - now that would be something to see... *g*

And today's work )

It's Friday, right? That's got to be good in itself. And it's still sunny out, and I've got a bloody bicycle - I just need to sort out the tyres - and the local Co-op sells red wine... *g* So we will have a good Friday. And you too!
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Part Three! Here be Part Three! Not... finished yet, I'm afraid. Okay, not actually down to [ profile] dollidaydream's picture yet (neeeearly), but... more. Promised, and delivered. *g* More tomorrow, I hope.

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )
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Well rats - the sun shone today, and it was twenty degrees - twenty degrees Celsius! - and even I couldn't stay inside on a day like that, so I wrote a bit this morning, but then I hoyed myself down to the garden centre to finally see if I could make something of my wee gravel yard, and then there was potting and transplanting and then there was aching aching back and collapsing, and so it was quite late when I carried on writing a bit more, but I did. I started yesterday with just over 600 words, and now there's just over 2500 words, but do you have any idea how hard it is to get the lads from a suburban allotment to... well, to this, which was my first picture prompt?! Blimey-O'Reilly, [ profile] dollidaydream..! I spent a reasonable amount of the day with my hands in compost trying to work out how it might best be done... *g* But I did it. The story below's at a natural chapter-end, but it's not, after all, a complete story yet - rats, and apologies. So I'm adding the next installment to tomorrow's work day instead...

Crossed )
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Well, I'm not in Bath or Bristol or Exeter - or even Glastonbury, though I may yet get there this afternoon at least. Or at least to the supermarket, and/or to Wells tonight, cos it's club night at archery, and they said last night that us beginners could go then if we wanted too... But I seem to be having a quiet Good Friday day, coffee and a hot cross bun, a bit of reading, a bit of writing... *g* So here's what I started last night, and finished this morning - another just wee snatch of time in their lives...

Precious Things )
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My last job for today (well, sort of) - some writing. I beat 165 words to just over 500, and it turned out they were Pros after all... just a snippet of a moment of them, but it's still words. *g*

A Shiver of Grey )

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