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(Pic blatantly nicked from [ profile] discoveredinalj, as created by [ profile] empty_mirrors for Discovered on All Hallow's Eve in 2006, and refurbished for the 2009 Rediscovered on All Hallow's Eve... *g*)

Trick or treat? Treat? Okay then... cos I just couldn't decide which Pros fic to read for the last Halloween-October Pros story, so I decided that instead of watching the vampire movie I've been putting off already for years, I'd settle down with my red wine and... all the Pros fic. *g* So!

Temple of Venus by Lizzie.
One where there really is a ghost, but it's more about Doyle and AU Bodie... Oh, but I love this story - it's one of those this is just what's happening, deal with it stories that can work really well with paranormal Pros, cos our lads, I reckon are just that pragmatic. But this is Lizzie, and our lads are also just very very hot together... *g*

Tick Tock by Josey.
One where the lads have to dress up for halloween - much to their disgust. It's all Bodie's fault though, and since he seems to be the one suffering most as a result, things seem to work out... over time. *g*

This is Halloween by Magenta Blue.
One where it's all about an op, and CI5 is alive with agents and characters in the way that Magenta Blue makes her own. She's got an excellent touch with both CI5 and people in general, and here are our lads... *g*

Doyle rackreading (ilywela13) D'you know, that was fun - I'm tempted to keep reading Pros fic and posting about Pros fic in November too, just to see if I can... what d'you think, would that be too boring for your flist? I could stick to just reading... *g*
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From Here to Eternity
by Ginny and Hestia

Oh, how much do I love this story... it's supernatural in that there's definitely life after death, and not only that, but life-after-death is out to get Bodie... Also, there's a dog. *g* I don't think this is anywhere except in a zine, but if you love the lads, it's one worth getting hold of... *g*

(Darn it - nearly caught up to post the 30th on the 30th - instead I posted rather spookily at the dot of first midnight on halloween... *g*)
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Time Enough
by BSJ

Another odd story from Other Times and Places III... At first I thought it was a B/C story, and I was all ready to wave it in the air for [ profile] franciskerst, but then it was turned on its head at the end and out of nowhere became absolutely a B/D slash story... I'd say there was an element of horror right there - a writer who perhaps wanted to write one story, but feeling that she had to make it a slash story so that people would read it/it would get into the zine. I could be a thousand-fold wrong, but that's how it read. Don't do it, people! If you don't see the slash without trying, then write the stories you want to write - that way we can believe in them! You can pretty much always tell if an author's not convinced about their own story...

Anyway, this one is another of those excellent-premise ones - Death has come for Cowley. From his time in Africa, Bodie is able to see Death manifested, and he's horrified that Cowley's time has come. So he... well. *g* Just in case you can get hold of this story, I won't spoiler it - but it's another one that I can't find anywhere except in the zine. (If you're interested, clap your hands/drop me a line... *g*)
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20111017 05jackolantern
Tricks or Treat
by Callisto

Another Pros story that I read today, that's being discussed over at Today's Reading Room... This one's fun and light and not at all supernatural-y based, so... *g*

Go again!
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Legacy of Temptation
by Ellis Ward

This feels like cheating, but of course it's not cos I definitely did read the story, it's just that all the discussion is over at Today's Reading Room...*g*

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The Devil You Say by Sue-Anne Hartwick.

Okay, take a good, dark, halloween-type idea - Bodie the demon, Bodie the devil, sent to steal Doyle's soul - and then saturate almost every sentence in the five page story with mush... and you have this fic. It could have been soooo good, but I just can't see the characterisation of lads almost hysterical* in their love for each other... *sighs sadly* On the other hand, I suppose that's a kind of scary idea in itself... *g*

(There's also nothing in this story that I can hang a picture on, there's just... no setting, somehow...)

*I know there are people who don't see dramatic declarations as non-Pros, and that this is just my ever-so-humble opinion, but... it's my opinion. *g*
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2013-01-19 20Scarsdalec 34-171
Discovered in a Barfight
by Shay Sheridan

Speaking of stories where other people are watching our lads... here's one of my favourites. And it is supernatural - it must be. There's a demon stalking the streets of London... oh alright, he's having lunch in a pub. Shepherds pie, since you ask. With an angel. And they're discussing the... hellish state of the eighties. "...well, take that pair at the bar, for example!" *g*
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Horseman by PFL.

PFL apologises for this one at the start, because although it was written for the Discovered in the Fallen Leaves Bodie and Doyle meet... halloween challenge, it both is and isn't supernatural... well it is, but it's a Highlander crossover (which I only knew cos I recognised the name Methos to be honest - this reading and way back then, according to my comment! I guess I need to catch up on that tv series/rewatch the films... *g*). It's a fun crossover where the lads are so involved in their job that they barely pay attention to the oddness of two men fighting with swords. *g* It also starts with a flashback, which is a device I've just been complaining about elsewhere - but I can go with it when it's just one flashback in a short story, it's when a fic is virtually made up of flashbacks that I get frustrated... In this case it's used to add a bit of depth rather than to explain plot that can't be fitted into a short story, so that's cool too. So, yeah. Go read! *g*

(Ack, can't think of a photo to add for this, and I'm supposed to have been working for the last half-hour...)
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2013-01-20 50LondonUnderground
Deadly Intervention by Josey.

You wouldn't have thought a Pros/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fic would work, would you...? *g* Well, if it'd actually had Buffy or the slayerettes anywhere near it, it might not have, but this is very cleverly set in canon Pros time, which would have been approximately when Giles Rupert was still in London, perhaps recovering from his rather darker days... and there are other Buffy characters from London too, who might just have been around...

I like Josey's Pros fic - well *g* - you can sort of fall into the story, and just hang on for the ride, and this one's no exception... in fact it might even be one of my favourites, of hers. *g*

ETA - and now with additional illustration, courtesy of [ profile] ali15son's impressive collection - Bodie with a killing-vampires bow and arrows! Even the advert's heading is rather apposite... *g*
LC BarnetCompoundBowAdvert
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Into the Blue by Verlaine.

A quick one, but a rather good one, I think... *g*
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Fatal, it was, to think that I'd catch up today. So much Pros to read, so little time when I'm not supposed to be working on much more dull stuff... *sighs* Ah well - yesterday's story was...

DSC_0111 HighgateCityOfDead
The Need by Vicki Hauk.

The photo's not really got much to do with the story again - except that it's kind of vampire-ish, right...? *g*

Sadly it had to happen in what's been a good run - I struggled a bit to finish this story, I'm afraid. It's written in the "explain-y" style that never quite works for me, and it was a bit too... well, I think it's still the telling rather than showing, but the emotions seemed a bit overwrought, combined with oddly practical, domestic things. And then the ending was somehow... it could have been darkly optimistic, but the author went for just optimistic which meant that what was proposed really didn't seem practical to me, and... well, anyway. I can't actually find a source for it except for the zine (not even ProsLib) - it's another ghost-y fic, I guess...

I can think of two more Pros vampire fics, both quite long, but I know I like at least one of them - on the bright side, the weekend's coming up... *vbg*
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DSC_0149 HighgateCemetery3crosses
The Vampire by Fanny Adams.

I surprised myself for liking this story quite a bit - and I suspect I've avoided it before, because I'm not always mad keen on FA's writing. It starts off talking about Ann Holly and I thought oh, here we go, evil-woman-trying-to-trap-Doyle-is-really-a-vampire, but actually it's not that kind of story at all! I didn't even mind that the vast majority of it is Bodie and an old mate (lover, even) from his African days. Some of the vampire bits are a little really? but actually this is a bit different and a bit interesting, and it held my attention all the way through! Plus, vampires... *g*

(The pic has nothing really to do with the story, I just thought it looked vaguely more Africa-cemetery than anything else I could think of... it's really Highgate Cemetery, taken a few years ago!)
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2015-09-24 27CastleDrogoKitchen
Sorcerer's Apprentice by Alys.

I love this wee little fic, and I don't read it very often. I can't help wondering if it's cheating to include it here, cos although there's magic and mention that "No one wanted to be on the road after dark; strange creatures left from the wizard-wars ranged close to the city once the sun set..." it's really more about a good Gouda, a disaster in the kitchen, and the meeting of two minds. And bodies. *g* So it's sort of more the dressing-up side of Halloween really, and the fun of magic, but... It also has one of my favourite ever first lines... *g*
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Shade by P. Willow.

I found this bare page and a quarter ficlet, on slightly yellowed paper, in the Big Pile of Fic To be Sorted Out Still, and the title made me think ooh, spooky October fic, and I read it and went huh? (it's been a long day *g*), and then I sat it down to think about, and then it clicked and I thought ahhhh and read it again and thought ahhhhh.

And then I thought - this is the same author who I've just said huh about re: Penhallwick Hall and been less impressed by, and yet I'm quite impressed by this.

I'm also sorry to think that it's very much a ghosty fic, cos I can't find it listed on ProsLib or in a zine or anywhere... so, here's an offer for you. If you'd like to read this one (cos I bet most people don't have it in a file somewhere), then let me know in the comments below, which I'll screen so that no one can see them except the ones that don't have addresses in them - and let me know where to send it, and I'll get out me wee dusty packet of envelopes and buy some new ink for my printer/copier/thingie, and then I'll put them together and see what happens.

If we clap our hands really loudly, maybe the stories won't die... Altogether now - I believe in Pros fic! *g*
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Getting Right Down to It by Shoshanna.

I was digging through paper fic to find more spooky stories this morning, and came across this one, where the words pagan-magical B/D caught my eye. Ah-ha! I thought, and settled down... *g*

Doyle keeps telling Bodie that he's a witch, that he knows just what to do to ensure that they will be together not just through life but through eternity too...
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2015-05-18 StormySeaFormEmerging
Penhallwick Hall by P. Willow.

I'm amused to find that I reviewed this story on palelyloitering way back in 2008, and that my comments are exactly the same this time!

This is a supernatural story that started out alright - not sparkling for me, but okay - and then totally lost me when it brought in the supernatural element. It almost felt as though there was a piece missing, explaining how the lads became involved with the Well. And I like Pros-y spooky stories!

The characterisation was kind of off too - Doyle was weepy and scared half the time, rather than being the bolshy 4.5 that we know and love, and far too willing to bake Bodie chocolate cakes and keep an eye on how much bread was still in the house. Bodie was also a bit passive in some ways.

The funny thing (okay, another one *g*) was that I was convinced this was a supernatural story when I picked it out of my Prosfic Paper Mountain, and so I read and read in anticipation, expecting every moment at Penhallwick Hall to bring some spooky entity or occurrence, and... it just didn't, for ages. Then suddenly there was the Well, and the Guardian, except that I had no idea where that came from. The lads were very accepting of it too - not a moment spent questioning it, never mind disbelieving. Which, I grant you, is kind of spooky. *g*

I can't find any source for this story (my copy is loose paper sheets) except the zine Diamyen Too, which makes me think of all those Pros stories out there that have been written but only published in one place, their presence slowly fading from our world... ghost stories...
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DC graveyardwalk
All Hallows Eve by The Hag.
How could I resist a story actually entitled All Hallow's Eve? Well, obviously not... *g* Despite the title though, this is another story that's about death and coffins and thoughts taking a morbid turn that is very firmly rooted in our lads' world - any ghosts bear no resemblance to white sheets and they don't hang about in gloomy houses, they're all in Doyle's mind... Plus this is written by The Hag, so very definitely worth reading. *g*

ETA - [ profile] the_hag would also like me to link to the version on AO3, which has the correct title (no apostrophe!) In general, I choose story sources for linking at random, and I try to vary them (unless I'm tired and lazy when I just go for the first one that comes to mind *g*), cos there's a big beautiful world of stories out there from long before A03 came along, and I reckon its good to remember that now and then - if nothing else there are all sorts of Pros stories out there that you won't find on A03. *g* But while I'm here, just for fun, you can also find All Hallows Eve at the Automated Hatstand, at the Original Hatstand, on the ProsLib CD and in Roses and Lavender 4!
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Okay, still two days behind... I'll just have to read another October-type story later today, won't I... *g* But this morning's story was...

2015-09-20 02StourheadMist
House Party by Harriet Allenby.

...also known as I Live to Serve by Lizzie. *g* There are two slightly different versions in fact, which is why the link above takes you to two other links, between which you can choose - the zine version, from Unprofessional Conduct 12, and the version posted to [ profile] discoveredinalj's 2010 Discovered in a Haunting challenge.

I like this story. It's clever and it's a bit creepy in a way that you don't really realise until the end and look back on everything that's been happening, and... and that strikes me as very supernatural indeed. *g* And what I really want is a sequel, cos imagine that world!
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Sule Skerrie by Shoshanna Green.

A mysterious man, dragged from the sea as though half-drowned, who leads Doyle to an island that had never existed before, and from whom the fish flee... who is Bodie really? Surely he can't really be a silkie, a stealer of souls, not when he's everything that Doyle has ever wanted...?

I'm not even sure whether this could be our Bodie and Doyle - does it keep hold of them by its fingernails? Doyle is timid, but in fact he does defy his uncle and Father Henry, despite being dragged at by his duty... and Bodie has travelled the seas and now what he wants it Doyle... It could be. Unusually though, whether I see them or not, I like this story anyway, and surely if anything is, a silkie is from some other strange world that seems darker and closer in October... *g*
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2015-05-18 StormySeasBW
The Ghost and Raymond Doyle by Barbara Thomas.

This is one of my favourite Pros stories, I think, although oddly enough I don't often think of it. It's based, of course, on The Ghost and Mrs Muir, and although I wonder how much of our lads we see in there sometimes, actually I think we do see them - less so when Doyle's on his own at the beginnning, but then when he and Bodie are together, we can see that they're themselves, albeit very AU! Because this is set in the late 1800s, and Doyle has been married and has a daughter, and it's only when he defies his family and moves into the haunted house in Whitecliff-on-Sea (from which the estate agent firm of Macklin and Cowley tries to dissuade him *g*) that he meets Captain William Bodie... It's got the most gorgeous ending to it too, so very happy, after some heart-wrenching stuff in between... *sighs happily*

On another note, I'm rather curious about the author, Barbara Thomas - presumably this story isn't anywhere else because it's in Unprofessional Conduct 5, which is a real shame. Some of her other stories are on the ProsLib CD. The author is on A03, but only as posted by someone else (in one of those open door collections things, which seems to me alot like a way of doing what I was assured A03 would never do - posting stories without the explicit permission of the author) for a Sentinel series. I do have another name for BT in my notes, but I can't remember how or why, and carelessly I don't seem to have written down the connection... Any ideas, anyone? Does she have her own website, perhaps (or ever did have)? Are we ever likely to be able to rec this gorgeous story with a link, even if just to the ProsLib CD? (Feel free to email me rather than post here, for the sake of the author's online privacy)

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