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On the last minute as always, but hey-ho - it's a minute! *g* Now - can I be Very Clever Indeed and watch my original dvds on the telly, and simultaneously play the new Network version on my laptop for taking screencaps? (Turns out, yes I could - but not clever enough to manage more than the first fifteen minutes or so of the ep - *headdesk* Ah well, here it is!)

We start with the nasty Tony Temple-Blake himself, dictating to his (presumably) long-suffering secretary (?) I've read people in this Watch saying the villains are a bit over-blown in this ep, but I've got to admit I've never thought that. I can quite believe their nasty self-confidence and inflated self-importance, and the way they don't even question whether they have the right to treat those with less power poorly just so that they can turn a higher profit. And they seem completely realistic when you think about what we have seen going on in the upper eschelons of "business" - end of the NHS, anyone? Grrrr...

Hee - Bodie's I'm a disco man meself is a thing of beauty (as many other people have said *g*) - but I also like Doyle's "he's quite good with a bayonet"... *vbg*
01 B DiscoManMeself 02 HesQuiteGoodWithABayonet

Cowley immediately jumps... )

But bum - that's as far as I've got in the hour I had before bed. I forgot how long it takes to screencap-as-you-go! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow, but stick with writing the story rather than screencapping my rambling thoughts... It was nice to have a reason to watch even a bit of our lads though... and think of what pretty pictures they make. *g*
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...and I miss this in my flist (still, again *g*).

So - right now, right this moment, what's your favourite Pros ep, and when did you last watch it, and what's your favourite Pros fic? *g*

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...even though I didn't take a photo today. It's been grey and wet outside, and I've mostly been tucked up inside trying to write (I'm so slow!), and even though I thought I should take one, just for fun!, there was nothing to really take one of when there was no reason for taking it, so...

...Pros update instead! Let's start as I mean to go on. *g*

Current Pros fic - A Family Affair by Lizzie. I could have sworn this was online somewhere now too, but can I think where...? So maybe it's not - rats! It's a regency romance novel, as only Lizzie can write, and perfect for bringing sweet dreams of our lads. Well, I always hope. *g*

Current Pros writing - my story for tomorrow - ack! It's at 39,500 words, and I might just make it in time... there are four more sections to write. Ack and ack and ack! I want to write more now, but I really need to go to bed before 3am tonight, since it won't be the holidays any more on Tuesday... waaah! Oh, and double-ack - I have to post it before 5.30pm tomorrow night too, cos I'm off out with another village-y mate (to the flicks, to see Passengers. *g*)

Current Pros pic - well, this one. Randomly, just for it to be there. *g*
Just cos I like the way they're looking at each other. *g* And the way Doyle's t-shirt is twisting doesn't help. *vbg*

Other Stuff - I saw Sherlock! Friend-who-made-me-dinner very conveniently asked me if I watched it, and then told me she did too, and did I fancy staying on to watch - excellent. *g* And gosh, it was an ep, wasn't it... *g*

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1st, 2017 12:33 am
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Here's to good things happening, and to kindness and happiness where ever we can make it in 2017.
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...requires some motivation!
BDC readingpaperscomputerroom
Maybe if I imagine that these guys are in the office down the hall...

I did finish a wee Prosfic yesterday, while waiting for my appointment. Maybe I could type that up today... and I have a Profic for Milomaus top of my new-writing list. Well, except that it's started, so not really new... And...

... and I'm re-reading Jigsaw Puzzle, by HG, whose Pros is always a joy to read. Anyone else reading Pros fic at the moment?

Oh, and I watched The Ojuka Situation last night. I'm amused to find that this is the only pic I have in my files from that ep (well, in my nicely-labelled file, anyway!) I want to know what Doyle's just done to make him laugh like that - and Bodie look like that! *g*
BD CarDLaughing

Okay, it's true. That was distraction, not motivation... Alright, economics-type-stuff, here I come...


Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 10:29 am
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This time last week I was still in Germany on holiday... *sniffs sadly and eyes work for today* There was snow. Now it's grey and drizzly and I'd better do more than eye that work...

On the bright side, I'm reading The Rosie Project which is excellent and making me smile, I'm going to book a ticket for a fab-looking performance called The Book of Darkness and Light (a week on Saturday), and I've had to take next Monday off for an appointment. Okay, I only had to take half of next Monday off, but I took all of it. *g* And I think my headache's gone again! So - to celebrate happy things:
BD sleepingbagchat
The lads together in the dark of night... *g*

Anyone else in the office today...? Seems very quiet on lj so far this week! Oh, I do wish I was doing something more interesting today! Though I do have at least one Pros story to write, if I get some work done, which will definitely be more interesting. But in the meantime... save me from the dullness of a drizzly day? Whatcha doing...?
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...determined to be productive and cheerful! Let's start with a bit of this...
super agent n2 backAC

I am working today of course, and I have 44 pages to do today, which I suspect will be five pages at a time, so I'm going to play Pros and lj in between in order to achieve my goal (that productive and cheerful thing *g*) Oh, and hopefully catch up on replies and emails and things too.

So - a Pros challenge for you (and me!) If you post a Pros pic into your own lj, so that it turns up on my flist, then I will write a wee drabble/ficlet for it. That will hopefully be cheerful for us all! And if anyone else would like to make the same offer to their flist, then maybe we can splash the lads and some cheer a bit further...?

My Virtual Office day... )

Right - breakfast, and then the first five pages! Ooh - the sun's out too...! Is anyone else in the office, or am I rattling around here on my own? Watcha doing? *g*
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Picspam. Cos sometimes - the lads. *g*

Serious lads, serious lads, serious lads - silly lads, silly lads, serious lads... *g* I do like this last one with Doyle unable to resist touching his Bodie via a manly slap on the thigh before they head off... *g*

Anyone else fancy a flurry of Pros in their flist? You could post anything! A pic, a story review, a general yeay lads... *g*
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It's been a slightly rubbish week this week, but one thing I have done is get out some Pros fic, after a long bout of regular (and excellent) book-reading), and I realised when my telly went funny that I was in the mood for something comforting - our lads. First up, thanks to the unknowing [ profile] dawnebeth was Mixed Doubles. Anyone remember this? *g* Here's a few of my faav-our-ite things... *g*

Hurt/comfort - and Bodie holding on as long as he can.
BD KnifeAttackHug(MkIIIdvds) BD KnifeAttackHug2(MkIIIdvds)

Headshoulder. Because Bodie is where the comfort is. *g*
BD headshoulder (MkIIIdvds)

When Doyle's got his tea... )
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VictorianLadsOld(bsl)I've just had a notice about renewing my subscription to the British Newspaper Archive, which is a fabulous thing, but which I have not made enough use of to justify. Trouble is, when I got to the site with the intention of cancelling, I come across little snatches like this, and I don't want to cancel at all... a tea race! Earthquakes in Scotland! 'orrible murder, and the intrepid police surgeons of 1867!

Reynolds Newspaper, 19th May 1867
"The latest advices from China are to the effect that six ships have entered for the great tea race to England, viz, the Ariel, Serica, Taitaing, Taeping, Stir Launcelot, and Black Prince. Although the Ariel won the run home last year by a neck, the shippers of the new season's teas this year have to a certain extent transferred their favours to the Black Prince as the winner..."

More sadly:
"About nine o'clock on Tuesday morning the dead body of a newly-born child was found in the first-class waiting-room at the Victoria Station, London, Chatham, and Dover Railway. The body, which was that of a full-grown and healthy child, showed signs of having met its death by violence, the neck bearing marks which left little doubt that it had been strangled. No linen, or anything by which it might be identified was found with the child, it simply being wrapped up in brown paper. It was conveyed to St. George's Hospital, and meanwhile the police are making inquiries with a view of ascertaining the perpetrator of the deed."

...earthquakes have not been so frequent since 1839... )

I do have some rather fab Victorian-lads artwork, that would go nicely at the end here, but I'd need [ profile] loxleyprince's permission to re-post it...? *name-links hopefully*

Of course the other problem with the British Newspaper Archive is that it's so easy to be distracted from work... *headdesk* I have an early deadline today too, as well as a shorter late one, but it's Friday, and if I can get it done then I have four days off in a row! Holidaaaaay! *g*
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...and it turns out I'm kind of in the mood for bizarre questions, courtesy of reading [ profile] solosundance's post, so here are the answers to 44 questions. Yep, 44. Hold you breath, sunshine...

Do you like...? )

Have lads.
BD DoylepunchBodielaugh
Do you reckon Doyle went to punch him, and missed? *vbg*
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I know I've been going on about a whole day off for ages, but now, for the first time since the start of June, I can have a whole weekend off! Wheeee! No idea what I'm going to do, but I'm also celebrating receiving my Mark IV dvds the other day - wheeeee! - and that must be shared!
BD gunslaughing BD lookintoeyes

Happy lads, happy me, the sun's still out and birds are still twittering, and I'm going to go and make some dinner and open some wine now. Yeay!

Happy weekend! *g*
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Today is so far one of those days that make you glad you work from home, but mostly because you don't quite want to get on with work. In actual fact it would be much better to be employed to not get on with work, cos then you'd be paid anyway, but hey-ho. So - a virtual office today! Anyone else around? *g*

So far:
- woke up. Well, it's a start.
- coffeeeee
- and a book, cos obviously. The Lady in the Tower this time, which I bought on my recent adventure to Farleigh-Hungerford, which is where it's set. In the 1500s. And it's actually very good, so hurrah!
- check lj, email, news. Nada. Check news again. There's gotta be something... aha!
- watch episode of Fleabag after reading review cos its short. And cos it's one of those days. Very excellent, and I shall watch more. Oddly like a cross between Miranda, for the obvious reasons, and This Life, but probably only cos she reminds me of one of the lawyers. And city life. Anyway, very good if you get a chance to see it. And only 27 minutes long.
- posted yesterday's 366 photo
- opened work folder
- remembered the screencap I took yesterday! Look! What is going on here...? *vbg*
BD CarDLaughing
(Or what's just gone on? *g*)
- moved yesterday's work to completed folder.
- eyed today's work. Oh god, the folder's titled Shipbuilding...
- an email's come in! Thank god!
- an email that was far too short. And was an lj notification. Excellent. *goes to reply*
- right. shipbuilding - 4k, I can do that. And... *opens other folder*... okay, nothing with business perspective in the title can be good... *sighs...

Help! Is anyone out there...? I'll give Pros treats, if anyone can save me from this!

- *goes to bash head on keyboard start work*

ETA - 3.12pm - shipbuilding
ETA - 6.51pm - other very dull paper - yeay! I'm finished! An actual whole weekend free this time - two whole days! Whee!

A Glad Thing

Sunday, July 17th, 2016 02:03 pm
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Work work work work face-ache work work work work Pros! Let's have some lads.
MS Doyle GuitarSaveWhales LC targetshooting die profis pp10,11

There, that's better. *g*
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Glorious blue skies and warm breezes, and summer dresses and yeay!

But I don't have a photo of that. I have this.
2016-07-03 02Writing
Today I did work and I did reading and I did writing and I did plotting. I even went to the supermarket, and I even cooked the yucky chard I had in the fridge. But you know what? You cook anything with onion and garlic and coconut milk, and it's soooo good! *g*

I even took my bug candle outside and sat back and watched the stars come out and the bats flit by for a little bit. It's been that kind of relatively lush day!

Oh, and there was glorious Astreiant, glorious historical cross-over fic that made me giggle and then go oooh, and a Pros ep! It was the one involving this pic, which prompted the captions below, you might remember. I had to have another look, and I giggled again, so I thought you might like to too... *g* And go on - which ep? *g*
BDC footballdance

[ profile] dollidaydream - Would you trust these men to defend your realm?

[ profile] byslantedlight - Many CI5 agents have difficulty with the finer requirements of The Nutcracker Suite...

[ profile] macklingirl - That's what happens when the Minister calls.

[ profile] loxleyprince - It was always hazardous when Anson opened the car door after an overnight surveillance.

[ profile] snailbones - It was one hell of a big mouse...

[ profile] jessebee - The results of the skateboard trials were deemed less than satisfactory.

[ profile] milomaus - "Run Doyle! I've got your back!"

[ profile] loyseofverlaine - And the UK's entry in the three-man bin leaping event is once more disqualified.

[ profile] golden_bastet - The 70s: bell bottoms, pleather jackets, and disco dancing!

[ profile] hagsrus - The weapon of last resort: interpretive dance.

Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday!

Stoopid head...

Monday, June 13th, 2016 04:17 pm
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Despite having quite a nice, relaxed weekend, I woke up again this morning with a head/eye/faceache. Waaaaah! On the bright side, I did do something yesterday which I've not done in recent days without a headache - had vintage cheese in my sandwich and had yoghurt in my dinner. So... maybe it's that, so all I'd need to do was try to avoid dairy like the plague... which is a bit of a bugger, to be honest, but I would really like to never have this headache again, cos ow!

Also - work. Of course. I must work, with this headache, which is making me very fed up indeed. There's only one thing for it.

Random picspam with our lads.

Other days... Although looking at the pic on the left, I'm wondering if Doyle might take up the violin now that they've retired to the Half Moon... *g*

Love them sharing coffee... it's the little things. *g*
One of my favourite scenes is actually in No Stone at the end, where they trade the cup of coffee back and forth so naturally...

Suppose I'd better get back to work now... both corporate-sodding-business type docs today... *sighs* I miss Friday.
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BD Backtrack (Londonronnie)

by Slantedlight

Doyle knew they’d be good together. He’d been watching Bodie for months - the ripple of muscles along his arms in the shower when he reached for the soap, the look in his eyes when someone told a particularly dirty joke, his smile. His arse in those trousers. He’d imagined them together. And then their eyes met when Bodie saw that Doyle had noticed, in admission, in glee, and Doyle knew it was mutual lust.

Doyle knew it was love when he came down for breakfast the morning after, and found the cupboard filled with four different types of muesli.


That's a slightly-edited drabble I posted years ago, because I fancy some Pros-y inspiration today. There should be breakfast, supermarket, a walk somewhere, and writing. A Sunday plan. *g*

Anyone else got an old drabble to post, or a pic they've not shown for a while, or...? It'd be nice to re-visit some of our old Pros-iness - inspiration needed! *g*

Just because...

Saturday, March 26th, 2016 12:01 pm
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Don't you think?
BD overcar
I love the soft look on Doyle's face here, and the way it looks like Bodie's returning just the same look, and they seem so happy together. A moment of peace in their lives...
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Ack! Forgot to post my picture yesterday. It was 2am before I could get to bed, please forgive me... *headdesk* I did take a photo yesterday, I remembered to do that - but that said, it was cheating a bit too, cos it was after dark, and I was looking around the house going umm... - and then I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. I need to see my lads, and I need to take a photo! So... I went looking on the bookshelves...*g*
2016-02-16 01ProsAnnuals 2016-02-16 02ProsArticle

2016-02-16 03ProsXmas 2016-02-16 04ProsXmas
They're clickable, by the way, for bigger sizes and actual reading. (Sorry for lack of source, I'll try and edit it in later, I didn't note which annuals they were. FABs, I think, though one might have been a Jackie. *g*

The top article is the one that talks about the lads being bored on set, and holding a "foreign week" every few weeks. What always twinges my heart though is where it says "Needless to say there are reels of film capturing these moments - and fans will be pleased to hear that they will be shown next year on It'll Be Alright on the Night..." Imagine! Reels of film of our lads messing around on set! I can't imagine they were shown on YBAOTN either, because surely we would have heard about that - surely some of us would have seen it and remembered! Just... oh... - does the film still exist? Is it still out there somewhere? *sighs*

(So - not great photos, but photos. And bonus Pros. *g*)
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I was having rather a cool dream when I woke up this morning - I was visiting some distant northern island, and was about to leave, but the last thing was that I was going to have a picnic lunch with MS! His partner was around, it was just a friendly thing, and we didn't actually get there, it was just gathering stuff together, but - how fun! A bit odd, I grant you, but I think the island was from talking with someone about borderlands and frontiers, and MS was cos I've been eyeing Hobson's Choice at the theatre in Bath and thinking that I'd better get on and get my ticket. *g* I'm hesitating a bit cos I've not been to the evening theatre on my own, and although it's fine, it's not an entirely comfortable thing, cos it's not like the movies when there are potentially other people on their own. Well, even that's more likely in the States, but still... But anyway - result! Cos I dreamed about it. *g* Although I do think it's unfair that I never dream about B/D - I've had a handful of dreams where older MS has turned up for some reason, but only one with B/D briefly appearing... *sighs*

Anyway - I really just popped back cos I wanted to post a Pros-y picture, just cos... and cos I've been thinking about Runner - this one! *g*
There's just something about Doyle's body there, the slant of him under that t-shirt, especially next to Bodie's very solid stance...

Also, my bedtime zine-reading has most recently been my very favourite Voice-Over by [ profile] elizabethoshea. I try not to read it too often, cos you don't want to wear out a favourite fic, but... it's still excellent. Hurt/comfort, partner worry, beautifully drawn sexual tension, a real background, and when you're not smiling at something, you're giggling out loud at something else... *g*

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