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It feels like forever since I was properly on lj (ie, wittering away... *g*) but today is a gorgeously blue-skyed Sunday when I should be outside doing useful things, and I am feeling lazy enough to look forward to spending it inside doing random things. *g* Well, there may be a garden centre visit later, and there will probably be finally-planting-the-plants-I-bought... *g*

I've been re-importing my DW back-up journal (which will need doing again after this post of course!), but so is everyone else because it's taking forever this time (and I had to remember my password first, too - *headdesk*) I've had emails about people "subscribing" and "adding" me to their DWs, and I shall add back as soon as it's finished doing its thing. I'm still undecided about whether I'll actually use it - and even its use as an archive if my lj actually vanishes is dubious, because my posts generally involve images and those would vanish with lj. But of course I don't want to lose people... Do feel free to add me over there if you have a DW and want to keep in touch, and we'll see how it goes if the time comes I suppose.

So - where were we otherwise?

I'd bought a new sound system (well... *g*), and was looking forward to my new telephone... )

More dramatic skies.
DSC_4063 2017-04-01 DramaticSkies DSC_4078 2017-04-01 DramaticSkies2

Visit to a garden centre which led to the discovery of a local archaeological site and museum...
DSC_4084 2017-04-02 RomanFaceMosaic
Shades of The Secrets Beneath! Sadly they've finished digging the villa itself (they've been working on the site for nearly forty years!), but they're excavating the stable block, and I'm actually thinking of taking myself up there over the Easter weekend to help out. It's been ages since I've done any digging, and there's the actual possibility of finding stuff here, which would be nice for a change!

Spring has continued to be sprung... )

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