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...Job 2 and Job 2.2 are over! Well, 99.9% over except a couple of relatively minor things that I can't do until other people get back to me. But over in the sense that after five weeks (wait, five weeks, was that all?) I am taking a day off tomorrow. Three days even, cos I am not working over the weekend either (for the first time in five weeks). Yeay!

D'you remember how I actually thought that Jobs 2 would be a nice break from Job 1 and I might actually have the time and inclination to write at the same time? Silly, silly Slantedlight... Although I might have, except for unexpectedly having to take over a second team alongside my first and... oh well. Done now, and there's a few days to relax a bit. *g*

Of course now I'm not quite sure what to do with myself until I start work again on Monday, back at Job 1... *headdesk* Hopefully I'll think of something... *g* I nipped over to a nearby sixteenth century National Trust place this afternoon when I realised I was done - it was so nice to get out!
2015-07-16 01LytesCary 2015-07-16 02LytesCaryGate 2015-07-16 03LytesCaryCampaignBed
That bed? That's a "campaign bed" - they came apart and folded up, and that's what officers actually took with them when they were off on army campaigns, or exploring or the like back in Victorian times! Oddly enough I'd just been reading This Thing of Darkness (by Harry Thompson - brilliant book, about Darwin and Fitzroy on the Beagle) and it'd described Darwin taking a bed with him on a trek over the Andes - presumably it was something like this. Mad!

So I think hopefully I'll get out again tomorrow - maybe Bath, but actually maybe Exeter for a change, I've not been there for yonks, and I've always liked it... or maybe just Taunton, or... the world is my lobster! Well, anywhere within driving distance... *g* And there will be catching up of emails, and lj reading and posting, and tidying up of the wee annexe, and... stuff. Yeay!

How're you doing? *g*
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I had a mission yesterday, and I'm quite excited to have headed into the depths of Devon to accomplish it. No pictures of this bit, cos it would mean nothing, but I went to find an archery shop, and I bought a wrist guard, finger tab, and a quiver of my own... *g* They're not gorgeously rustically ye olde leathere, which is what I aspire to one day, but they're mostly black and red and Will Do the Job. We're not "allowed" to buy our own bows and arrows and so on yet, not until we've been proper club members for a while, but they said it was a good idea to have your own things like this, and I agreed... Plus, shiny new toys. *g*

But then I decided to come home via Montacute House, thinking I'd have a walk around the grounds while the weather was still holding, and it turned out the house was open, so I walked around there instead while the season is still quiet... I didn't have much time to linger, but I managed a few pics... *g*
2015-03-28 01MontacuteBooks 2015-03-28 02MontacuteBooks
From my favourite room. Obviously.

It was a Tudor house... )

Today the world is grey and wet and windy, and an excellent day for staying indoors. I currently just want to read all the books but I will probably do other things too... *g* Such as review some of the books that I've been reading, and am behind in doing...
2015-03-29 01Rain
Oh, and I've been thinking it might be quite handy to have a list of m/m books that I've liked and ones that have been recced etc., cos I'm still struggling to find ones that don't niggle at me, and I'd like to try and work out why. So maybe that'll be a job for today. And some writing. And some tidying. And all the dozens of things that I probably don't have time for with our Lost Hour. But pottering. There'll be pottering. *g*

How's your weekend? *g*
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Well I was sort of in an office, and worked hard actually - all that thinking about Rasch graphs, and Wright Maps and... quite brain-exploding stuff it was... and now of course there's the coursework about it - eeep! We finished early though, and I didn't get a headache today, and then I ended up deciding not to trog around London when I had no particular plans and did have luggage, so I walked over the river (well, on the bridge, not actually... *g*) and caught the train and was home in time for archery, but then I was quite tired and didn't go after all. I would have had to rush, and miss dinner, and... so no.

But London was lovely and London. Here's the view out my hotel window, and a London-y contre-jour (thanks [ profile] gvenanne!) photo...
2015-03-26 01MorningView 2015-03-26 02LondonContraJour

And then... )
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Last pics for tonight, and they're really just an excuse not to settle down quite yet to work again...

Just outside the hotel, a wet London night...
2015-03-24 06Home

...and the hotel is just around the corner from the Brit Mus., so I got to take my favourite light-and-railing pics again!
2015-03-24 03BritMus 2015-03-24 04BritMus
Still on my camera phone, cos I couldn't get two of the screws undone to fix it when I tried the other day - gargh. Oh well - hurrah for camera phones!

Hmmn - in case I finish work and don't fall asleep straight after, does anyone fancy giving me an odd random-word type prompt for if I get really write-y (for something brief and different (in a Pros-y way) before I carry on with other things)?

London, baby...

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 05:26 pm
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Yeay, I made it, and I even got some work done on the train! Mind you, that was a palaver and a half! I trundled down to the local station (fifteen minutes down the road) only to find that all the carparking was parked in. Noooo! And it's just in the country rather than in the nearest town (that it's named after), so there aren't any streets to park on. Disaster!

The palaver bit )But the station was pretty, and the journey was okay (as long as I haven't caught a cold from the two people nearest me, who were both spluttering and suffering...), the tube was good, and when I got to the hotel I was turned away. *g* Well, sort of. Upgraded she called it, to the hotel across the street. Where my room does actually have enough room to perform a ballet, a big couch (that's really too far from the tv to see it, but the thought's almost there), and when I opened the second wardrobe it turned out to be a mini-kitchen, so hee! I neverget upgraded, either, so bonus yeay!
2015-03-24 01Railway 2015-03-24 02Upgrade
It also turns out to have free internet, so I'm taking a few minutes to catch breath, and then I'm off out for a wander before it gets too dark, and something to eat, and maybe to find Foyle's, cos it's open late, and... well, it's a bookshop. *g*

And then back to finish work (which is nearly there, and can be done when it's dark and I'm not out any more), and... well, and to thank everyone who recognised a japonica for me. *g* Maybe hotel rooms will be good for writing, too.... *g*

Sunny Sunday

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 10:42 pm
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Yeay - I made it to the beach! There was definitely moments when I thought I wouldn't, but I finally got the Job 2 coursework finished (for some value of finished...) and off I went, cos the sun was out and the sky had been taunting me with blueness!
81 DorsetBeach
It was quite late, mind, when I got there, so I had just time to wander up Charmouth Beach, fall over on the rocks (ow-ow-owie-ow) and wander back to the car oozing blood into a tissue - and, it later turned out, into my leggings... (scraped and slightly stirred, but still wandering... although quite glad I actually have a CST appointment tomorrow)!

And otherwise I've read Raven Boys, and watched Poldark (still good and still gorgeous) and that's been pretty much it... how do days just go like that? Oh - and I had a few more moments of inspiration for the Victorian story too. It's finally more... there. *g*

I'm quite tempted to have a go at the book meme via [ profile] read_warbler and [ profile] gilda_elise, but I suspect my answers would mostly be "...too many to choose from..." cos I don't do favourite books very exclusively, and I never did... so I shall enjoy other people's. *g*

I must admit, for all it's been reasonably satisfying, I don't feel like I've had a proper weekend, and next week is going to be strange kinds of madness and rushed Job 1 to fit in everything else, so I'm not entirely sure I'm looking forward to it... except that I am really, cos I'm not fond of routine either, so this will be much better! Fiddle and CST and Job 1 and London on a course... oh, I still need to sort my train ticket - this'll be the first time I've caught the train from here, too! Slight sulking cos I'll miss archery on Thursday, but then there'll only be Friday to go until it's the weekend again, so... that's totally do-able, right? *g*

You know, even though it's not even 11pm yet, I rather think my bed is calling me and my fallen-over back and scraped bits... may yours be cosy and full of your favourite dreams... *g*

Saturday stuff...

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 10:51 pm
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Woke up without a headache today, thank goodness, and was a good girl and finished my work, and then I was freeee to enjoy the afternoon!
80 SomersetSun
Saturday rambling... )

Bookshelf pr0n...

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 12:37 am
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I'm falling into bad habits and not posting again, and I told myself I'd do better! I'll see if I can find some more Pros-y snippets to post from the viewing notes - and I swear I'll try to write some more - but for now, a follow-up post to the post I made the other day. This is what I effectively designed the furnishing of my new place around... Bookshelves. *g*

Not just one, but three bookcases within reach of my bed... *g*
2015-02-23 01Bookshelves1
...and an empty shelf left to fill! *g*

My main non-fiction bookshelves... )


Sunday, February 15th, 2015 09:55 am
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...weird weekend. It started well - will hopefully end well - but I went to bed at about 1am this morning and found myself awake around 2.30am and couldn't get back to sleep after that! I eventually gave up and got up and watched it get light, but now I'm sleepy and don't dare go to bed cos I won't sleep tonight. Ack!

I did go off for a wee wander yesterday though, to Stourhead, which was feeling very pagan in the winter light. There were giants of trees...
2015-02-14 01Tree

...and pools and groves...
2015-02-14 02Pool 2015-02-14 03Grove

and grottos where lurked silent gods... )
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...because I've just discovered that not only is the third Charm of Magpies book out in paperback much sooner than I expected (it's only just been released as an e-book late last year) but the new Jackdaw, which is in the universe, and apparently features a policeman who should know better, a thief who may never learn, Victorian morals, heated encounters, and a very annoyed Stephen Day. looks like it's going to be simultaneously released in paperback. Yeay and thrice yeay! *g*

And to celebrate, here's the list of all the Magpie Universe so far, just so I have it all in one place. The shorts are free, if you want to sample her...

1) The Smuggler and the Warlord (set before all other stories, but read those first so it makes sense) (free online very short)
2) The Magpie Lord - e-book and paperback
3) Interlude with Tattoos (free online very short)
4) A Case of Possession - e-book and paperback
5) A Case of Spirits (free online and included in ACoP paperback)
6) Flight of Magpies (e-book and I've just found out it's out now in paperback - whooohooo! *runs to Wordery*)
7) The Feast of Stephen (free online short)
8) Jackdaw (not Lucien/Stephen, but they apparently appear - same universe, character from Flight of Magpies. And I've just found out it's going to be released as a paperback at the same time - whoooohooooooo! (Even though I've already pre-ordered the e-book... *g*)

(Also yeay, because my lj fixed itself overnight, and my flist is no longer scrolling horizontally! Well, not until someone posted an absolutely huge image outside a cut... I wish lj would go back to defaulting images to smaller sizes instead of the original, cos they end up enormous if they're big to start with and people don't remember to change them manually...))

Right - I built a bed over the weekend, now I'm off to build just one more bookcase... *g*
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...and not as warm as it has been, though not cold either (unless you're sitting at a desk all day desperately trying to meet your deadline cos you were skiving in the sunshine the day before... *headdesk*)

Anyway, it looked rather like this...
2014-10-29 01DampDay 2014-10-29 02DampDayStill
That's yesterday's laundry still not quite dry because the air got so damp and stayed that way! Ack! I keep wondering if it's just cold, but I think there's a touch of damp in there still... and it was warm enough yesterday that there's been no evening heating again - rats!

Oh, but a happy thing -
- A Flight of Magpies is finally out (though only in e-reader - it's one of the few that I'll buy to read now and buy the paperback when it eventually comes out... And since I'm reading The Haunting of Hill House right now, and I am not going to read that in bed at night, I reckon I might just start my Vaundrey/Day book... *g* Although the sad thing is that I've seen it described as a trilogy, and the last book in the trilogy, as in there aren't going to be any more - waaah! (I know, there are four covers there, the third one was for a mini-novelette bonus free extra that the author very kindly wrote... *g*)

And A Death in the Dionysus Club is hopefully winging it's way this way as I type, too - but a real proper paper book... Yeay!

Now, if I'd just gotten on with planning for NaNoWriMo, cos it's the one thing I haven't done after buying those books yesterday, and... and... I think I need a plan or it might all fall apart after all! Eeep! Last writing group in Bath tomorrow morning too (and then home for the day's work) - but more about that then, of course... And I have lj comments to catch up with too - I will, I will get there...

Soooo sleepy now - bed beckons. Can I be bothered going down to fill my hot water bottle, even? I'm not sure I can, you know... zzzzzz
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Or at least a jolly warm autumn. We were back up to about 19C today, and I was happily swanning around without any sleeves. It also meant that since I didn't have a work deadline until tomorrow I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go out jaunting to buy a tuner for my fiddle, so I found myself heading off into blue-sky-ed autumn...
2014-10-28 01SunnyAutumnDay

...stopping at traffic lights that no one, apparently, should risk stopping at... )
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...and by the time I got to the end of them and thought Oh-I'm-sleepy-but-I-must-post, my next question was but what about...? But here I am at last, so let's see what we've got!

Thursday was Bath day again, the third one, but for some reason it just wasn't happening for me, which was annoying - the writing group, I mean. I was there, but there wasn't much writing going on in my head. I blame myself for checking my email just before I went in, and there being a work email I didn't have time to deal with - I was all distracted... On the bright side, once I'd pottered around for some chores, I decided to go home and work, because I had a place to work at home and it was nice. *g*

Friday was... erm, can't remember. Work of course, and I got it all done, and... nope, it's a blank. Oh, dinner with K and J (landlords)! Very nice and chatty and friendly and all.

Saturday was more shopping than I'd meant to do, and going to try and track down Apparitions in my storage, only to realise that it was in a bag way at the back, underneath the bicycle and the shelves and the suitcase, and the... So maybe I'll have to stick to re-watching LC's Jack the Ripper instead. Although - that did make me think...

Sunday I decided would be an at-home day, a no-spending-money-day (okay, I may have ordered A Death at the Dioysus Club from Wordery online bookshop, but that doesn't really count... *g*) and hopefully a deciding-what-to-write-for-NaNoWriMo day. See, I think that part of the reason NaNo works for me is that for an entire month I'm absolutely allowed to be completely immersed in the world that I'm writing - everything else, work included, has to fit around that. So I'm not sure about my initial idea of finishing things up after all cos I'd be chopping and changing between worlds. But... then I remembered a story that I forgot to include in my list the other day, maybe because I've barely started it (except for the overall plot, which I do have) - my Victorian story!
Remember that? I got tangled up in wanting to do lots and lots of research for it, when what I really need to do is write it. So maybe I should do that for NaNoWriMo, right? Plus - (thanks [ profile] solosundance for posting it, cos I hadn't actually checked it out yet) how well does this year's banner fit a Victorian story?! So... I think maybe...yes. Probably. Cos if I finish Two Go Adventuring Again first, then I'll be not-fresh to start the third Pros story, and although I could have a go at a steampunk-ish original fic I've got bubbling in the back of my brain... well, Kenyon and Cross are rather like Bodie and Doyle in my head, and I figure that might be a good enough cushion to keep me comfortable with trying a historical story... The only thing like that I've done for years was also based on LC's Godley from Jack the Ripper, Towards Home, and I'm not sure that the time it was set comes through at all, really... eep! So I'm still a bit worried it might not work, but if I start getting my Victorian on this week, then by the time we get to the first of November I'll be all ready to go - right? Well, that's the plan... *g*

Okay, I'm rambling now, aren't I? *g* Oh - and my other plan (apart from the whole moving-into-the-annexe-at-the-end-of-November) is that I will rise to a challenge set me by Kiashi - "taking lots of atmospheric photos of all things pertaining to an "English winter". All I have so far is:
2014-10-24 01Rain
But that's cos I didn't go anywhere atmospheric, and it's been a bit flat and grey in between the occasional touch of damp rain. It will get better, I promise!

Oh - and they've decided to turn the heating on for a bit in the evening - yeay, it'll hopefully just take the edge off enough! Though we're back up to 16C again tomorrow (my plan is to do laundry, cos the one thing they don't have here are tumble driers!) Right - I shall go and snuggle up with Sergeant Godley, I think... *g* Come to think of it, the book I'm reading for the R.I.P. challenge right now is set in Victorian times - I shall get on with it! And a new Mathey and Lynes book winging it's way here too - more inspiration. Yeay! I can do this, right? Kenyon and Cross for NaNoWriMo!
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Meet my new bestest friend...
2014-10-22 01HotwaterBottle
...the last one in Boots! He's already done sterling service keeping me warm as I work, because it's got a bit chilly lately! Granted I'm in an old farmhouse-type building, and my job involves sitting inactively at a desk, but... chilly!

Also - today seems to have been that day when someone switched the lights off early. Really really early. Suddenly it's dark at around 5.30pm, and it really really was... Luckily there's a similar day sometime in February when it's as if someone's turned the light on again, but that's a wee while away now!

All of which means, yeay, hunkering down for winter, which I missed last year... Mind you, I'd like this one to be cold and crisp and perhaps snowy, please - not mild and wet, wet, wet...

What else? I managed some writing today (for tomorrow's class, not anything Pros-y) and that was pretty cool. We had to write as a character from another country. I'm not sure if it's cheating that I went for Australia, but the point of it was to write in their way of speaking and thinking and so on. Not standard English. *g*

Yawn-yawn! Bed, I think! How're you doing? Is it dark and cold where you are, or are you on 27C and more already..? *g*
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We even had a gorgeously gothic moment the other night when I heard the wind start to pick up, and thunder in the distance, rain slapped my window, then there was a flash! and the lights went out, followed by the most brilliantly dramatic roll of thunder... Pause...and then the lights came back on again and it was all over! This weather is confusing me though - I'd just thought it was getting all cool and autumnal properly, and today it was back up to 17C and I got to wear my summer dress again!
2014-10-17 01WetDay 2014-10-18 01Packed
I really should be working, but it feels like it's been a long week - even though I was on holiday from work for the first three days of it (how does that happen?!) I'll start any second now...

Anyway - it's Saturday! And that means that I have spent the last two days packing up everything I moved to Somerset, either into my storage unit or into my car (or into a pile waiting to be taken to my car) because tomorrow is the Sunday that I finally move out of this horrid houseshare! Yeay and yeay! *g* Tomorrow is the Sunday that I move into what will hopefully be very nice lodgings for five or six weeks, before moving into my very own annexe for the beginning of my forseeable future. Yeay! I may even have the house to myself tonight, for my last night, because when I got back from being out earlier, I found the dregs of my deposit in cash on the table (at least she's been honest about that), with a post-it with my name on, and the place empty. Not even "Post the key through the mailbox", or "Goodbye" or anything... I mean, just... so, so bizarre that I barely know what to say. Well, except what I've just said. *g* I mean, granted I was raised by somewhat old-fashioned parents, and quite some time ago at that, but the way people treat each other nowadays just boggles me. When I were young... *g*

In other news, I had my second fiddle lesson yesterday, and yeay and hooray for that too! I am now going to drive all neighbours mad by practicing my bowing for the next two weeks, cos my tutor's off on holiday to Ireland. Oh, but I like it and I want to do more now! *g* (ETA - actually I had a wee practice then, and even worked out how to play the first couple of lines of Twinkle Twinkle... well, with a wee bit of help from google. *g*)

Also I want to write. And watch Doctor Who at 9.30 when it's on iPlayer. And oh, all sorts of things that aren't the work that I must do! But the sooner I go and do it, the sooner I can watch Doctor Who and the sooner it will be Sunday and the sooner I can not be here. Did I say - hurrah! And happy Saturday to all... *g*
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Catching up, catching up....*g*

So - Thursday is Writing Group day! Here is one of my prompts...
2014-10-16 01WritingGroupTin 2014-10-16 02ViewFromTheOfficeToday
...and here is the view from my office window when I went and got on with some work after the meeting, like a good girl... *g*

Lunch-cum-dinner - well, the pudding part of it, anyway. The beginning was courgette and lemon soup, and celeriac fritters with remoulade - very yum on both counts. Oh, and a classic juice - carrot and apple and ginger, I think...
2014-10-16 03EndOfLunch 2014-10-16 04ToyAtLunch
And this was on a shelf beside me, and I fell in love with it and want one to play with... *g*

Then a wander back through Bath to the bus stop, and I paused to read about some of the famous people from Bath. Mary Shelley was one of them, and of course the board focussed on Frankenstein - and her clothes. Her dresses. Cos that's what Mary Shelley was about, not all the other books that she wrote, or her radical political views, or anything like that. Her dresses. *sigh* They didn't talk about Isambard Kingdom Brunel's trousers on his board, or even Gainsborough's hats... *sighs more*
2014-10-16 05MaryShelley 2014-10-16 06DeathOnABike
But to cheer me up, I encountered Death on a bike. Or someone really dead on a bike. Or some striking advertising for a play that's on. Either way - *g* I still like Bath.

Hope you've all been having good days!
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I managed to completely forget that if I wanted to post pics I had to take them on my phone, so I only have one to post today. And its been quite the day...

Found my way to trendy coffee place that owed me a free coffee for breakfast, and had coffee and porridge (which they do with prunes and honey and cinnamon - nicer than I was expecting!), and then found my hospital appointment, and all is good (apparently my Hashimoto's thyroiditis comes with the sensation of someone's hands around your throat as standard, but it should eventually fade as the thyroid atrophies and shrinks - erm, hurrah?) So I set off happily via the bank so that I could pay for my parking, all pleased cos I'd get to London early. And the roads were clear, and all was good. Except that I got there and for the first time ever there was nowhere to park! And then I saw I had a missed call, so I thought maybe someone'll move whilst I'm checking - only it turned out to be the bank all apologetic cos they'd forgotten to give me my card back, and could I come and get it...? But... I said... but I've just got to London... Only she couldn't quite grasp the concept of posting it to a branch bank for me to pick up, so I headsteeringwheeled a few times and set off back to Cambridge... Got my card, got back in the car, and drove back to London again. Gaaaargh! So three hours after I first got there I arrived again and on the bright side at least there was parking by now... But did I mention gaaaaargh? I knew everything'd gone too smoothly...

This time though I managed to get myself onto the tube too, and headed for Tower Hill to meet a Pros-y person for wanderings and chat. And there was both, and there were poppies at the Tower of London looking just as amazing and sad and spectacular as all the pictures had suggested they would, and all was finally good again!

And now there is Holland Park YHA and being too tired to do anything but sit here and type! There's actually a couiple of big high school groups (of the noisy age group...) here too which is a bit of a bugger, and I'm in the "new" bit rather than the nice old bit, but hey-ho. Therse will shortly be sleep, and when I wake up I will be in Kensington, where my older-lads live(d). It was funny walking down Kensington High St from the tube - it actually felt like the place where they lived, as if I'd see them walking down the street any minute! I must write some more about them in those years... *g*

And now I shall brave bed, I think, and perhaps have a wee thinks about our lads in their flat together... *g*
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Missed a day already, that's no good... Especially because yesterday I finished work early and took myself off on a jaunt...
2014-10-03 30Passage2 2014-10-03 30Passage3 2014-10-03 31Chimneys2
...which ended up being very autumn-ish and just a bit halloween-y... *g*

I headed south... )
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1. I am going to write for an hour today, at 5pm. Don't care what else I'm supposed to be doing.

2. If you own cats, then you're responsible for feeding them. If someone tells you the automatic feeder isn't working, possibly because it's nearly empty, and you say "Oh, I need to buy some more dry food" and thank that person for feeding your cats with the wet food when you're away for days on end, then before you go away for more days on end buy some bloody cat food - dry and wet both. Because otherwise your new-and-soon-to-be-ex-housemate will find herself in the situation of either having to go out and buy cat food for you or letting your cats starve. Guess which I'm not prepared to do. Gods, I dread to think what happened to the poor things before I was here - though perhaps their feeder was still working then. I hope so.

3. When I went to Taunton to look at the definitely-taken annexe yesterday, and wandered into the independent bookshop, I immediately found the one book I've been looking for in all bookshops since I heard it was out, and fell in love with the cover of another one that turned out to fit my Readers Imbibing Peril challenge... pretty picture!
2014-09-17 07Books

4. A place to live will turn up. A nice place. It'll be fine. *sighs*

5. And Scotland! Oooooh, Scotland! Home of all my ancestors, that - I wonder what's going to happen... Maybe I should have moved there!

Wretched cold...

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 11:25 pm
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...all I want to do is go to bed to sleep, and that was all I wanted last night too - what a waste of being in London (which I'm not any more...)

My cold just got worse and worse, and though I dragged myself out for a walk to the river after the course...
2014-09-05 01ThamesWalk...and paused at Amico Bio for a veggie dinner on the way back, I was soooo tired, and I just took myself back to my hotel room and collapsed.

Today was almost as bad - though I was a bit more awake for longer, which was good, becuse I decided I couldn't possibly force an entire YHA dorm room listen to me cough and sniff all night, and so I drove home instead of having an extra free day in town.
2014-09-06 01DrivingHomefromLondon
Drove through pastures new too - the North Circular (Hangar Lane!) out to the M3, which was going west not north. The sun was spectacular - after being grey and flat all day, it peered out for some evening drama. I reckon... a dragon! *g* Then it was all gorgeously mellow and misty all the way back to Somerset...

Got back to WH safely, even stopping at the big supermarket in nearby town to pick up some more tissues, only... I knew there was a music festival here this weekend, and that was one reason I was planning to stop in London. I figured I'd eardrop and cottonwool my ears and let the tinnitus take over. Not ideal, but hey-ho... What I hadn't thought about was that everyone would have nicked the parking! Gargh! So I've had to park in the carpark that threatens numberplate recognition and dire consequences on all who park there overnight. Cross fingers for me - they'd have to be pretty tight to punish me because the organisers haven't arranged parking so as not to disrupt residents, right...?

Turned out S was home too, and watching telly loudly in her room, but she didn't do more than call out hi when I did, and I don't want to breathe my Horrid Germs all over her, so I put my earphones in to watch Doctor Who on iPlayer, and hid with a medicinal glass of Drambuie (which I can actually taste!) I feel bad that I'm going to be coughing all night, but...

Also - Doctor Who!

Spoilery bit about Robot Of Sherwood )

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