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Although specifically at this moment I'm in bed, looking out the window at a gum tree in the grey morning light. In Somerset. One of these weekends I'm going to do something nice in Bucks. But not this one or next weekend, cos I can't quite fit the remaining stuff in my car after all (rats!) and I've still got all the plants from the garden to bring up. I'd forgotten how big some of the pots were... But have a pic from yesterday, just cos.

DSC_3732 2017-03-04 BirdsOnTheWire
It was on the way to the recycling place, there were dozens and dozens of birds in a tree, and then even more lined up along the wire, waiting for their turn... Not exciting, I know, but they were fun. *g*

Went to see Logan with sci-fi friend last night, and it wasn't at all what I'd been expecting from the trailers, which was a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film - turned out to be in the X-Men franchise, which I'd only seen the first couple of, and was basically a Wolverine film. Much slashing of stuff, talking about regretting it and killing being bad, and then going on to slash and kill more stuff. It kept my attention, but it was all a bit same-y and definitely for people who knew more of the character background. Oh well - still fun to see a movie!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend... *g*
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Well that woke me up - my alarm went off, I spent a while working out that it was Sunday, went to find tablets I'd left in kitchen, tripped over music stand, music papers up in the air and everywhere, took tablet, clumped back towards bed, stubbed toes really badly on underbed drawer, hopped around for a few minutes, fell back into bed... *headbed*

DSC_3546 2017-01-28 DiscworldEmporiumBagYesterday was quite nice, though I didn't get any tidying up done at all, and I'd meant to go through and get rid of all the old paperwork I've got lying around and really don't need... I'd invited a book-group mate over for dinner, so went off to find a couple of ingredients. Ended up going to the supermarket via completely the opposite direction, to pay a last visit to the Discworld Emporium. I may have made a purchase, which I fell in love with when I saw on their webpage - a pin in the shape of Terry's hat, with Mind how you go on the back. *g* Very much a treat, but I thought it might be a nice reminder of Somerset years, and his hat is part of other things in my life too. The chap behind the Ankh-Morpork Post Office counter in the Emporium is fab. At one point the phone rang, and he answered it loudly "Attila the Hun, House Removals?" There was a pause, and everyone in the shop listened with huge grins. "They hung up," he said. "They always do that..." *vbg* And when I made my purchase he gave me three humbugs for the journey, and drew a picture on the bag he put my stuff in. *g*

It was such a gorgeous day that I really enjoyed my Somerset drive (though I really shouldn't have taken the time). The skies were amazing - beautiful blue in some directions, but with wonderful clouds in others, and light pouring this way and that... I love the star in the clouds!
DSC_3533 2017-01-28 CloudStarClose DSC_3539 2017-01-28 SunSky
I cooked a late-Burns-night-haggis-type-dinner (cos the veggie ones were on sale the other day, and I bought one) for bookgroup friend, which turned out to be Haggis pie (well, sort of - you cook haggis neeps and tatties, then layer them in a dish and top with cheese (lactose-free, it said - cross fingers!) and cook for another 40 minutes or so, with onion-whisky sauce. Completely worth the faffing, it was very tasty (go Delia)! And then whisky and marmalade bread and butter pudding for dessert, which was way lighter than it sounds, and also really delicious (go BBC Good Food). *g* And it was nice chatting and having her be positive for me about the sudden move and all, so that was good!

Arrival-film-posterOn Friday night I went to see Arrival with another bookgroup friend. It seemed a little slow on the one hand, but on the other hand it was also intriguing and tense and interesting, and kept me wanting to know. And the aliens were amazing - and not as much like the 456 as I'd expected from seeing the trailer originally. Anyone else seen it?

And today - today I will deal with piles of old paperwork and things that I don't really need or have meant to tidy into smaller spaces since I got here. It's gonna be fine. Well, except that my toes hurt..!
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The trouble with this relaxing lark, is that I'm getting behind..! I did manage a quick hack-track mile around sunset on Boxing Day.
2016-12-26 01BoxingDaySunset 2016-12-26 02BoxingDayThistle

2016-12-26 03BoxingDayVines 2016-12-26 04Murmuration

2016-12-26 05Murmuration 2016-12-26 06Blossoms
The last two sunset pics? I hope you can see the Somerset starling murmuration! I was so glad to have looked up at just the right moment, to see the biggest flock I've seen in real life passing over! Not quite as dramatic as the various famous photos, but they're there! I was at the other end of the fields, naturally, when they swooped in, and they were gone in a minute or so, but how fab!
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As predicted, Thursday was something of a rushed madness of work, with a nice book group in between that I had to cut slightly short to get back and finish a document for deadline - rats. I nipped out quickly before re-starting the job to take some pics for my 366 photos, and was rather fascinated by the way the camera picked up light at night when on the "painting" setting. This is just before 10pm at night!

My night garden - and the stables across the way.
2016-06-02 01NightGarden 2016-06-02 02NightStable

A couple more from Thursday night... )

Yesterday I worried would be just as work-disastrous as Thursday, because I (perhaps foolishly) arranged to go to the Royal Bath and West Show for a couple of hours in the morning with a book group friend, and I had a feeling it might drag a bit further into the afternoon, and be 1 or even 2pm when I got back to make a start, but I was wrong. At 4.15pm we looked at each other and decided we'd had enough and could go home. Ack! But I was still wrong, because the two documents for the day were nice and straightforward and not dull and business-based, and I still got them done by deadline and made one of my Riverford dinners and re-watched and ep. of Ripper Street too. So hurrah - yesterday turned out to be really nice!

The Show was good - I missed it last year, and had been determined to go this, because it's only about four fields away from us. Even more oddly, much of our visit actually involved buying clothes, because we kept coming across quirky clothes places that not only had things I liked, but that would fit me! I'm going to buy all my clothes from county etc. shows, from now on! *g* There was also more show-y type stuff, which I took photos of...
2016-06-03 01MerryGoRoundShow 2016-06-03 02PimmsShow

And there were animals and things too... )
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I thought today's colours were going to be pink and white, because wherever I turned on the hacktrack, there was pink and white - but actually, here's frothy white, buttercup yellow and clover purple, and then a blue so bright that I thought someone had dropped something plastic...
2016-05-30 01CowParsely 2016-05-30 02CowParselyFroth

2016-05-30 03ButtercupClover 2016-05-30 04Egg
...they hadn't though, it was a bird's egg, broken in the grass of the hack track!

And that second picture of the cow parsley, by the way? I was just standing straight in front of it, not bending, not tilting, not nothing - I just aimed my camera at eye level. *g*
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Still a day behind... Just went for a walk around the hack track yesterday - it's a river of cow parsley, the fields scattered with buttercups and dandelions, lovely! *g* It was also supposed to rain all day yesterday, but instead was the most gorgeous summer's day.
2016-05-28 1CountrysidePheasant 2016-05-28 2WhoMe

2016-05-28 3SnailHanging 2016-05-28 4RiverOfCowParsley
There are critters in three of these pics too, though I guess the horses aren't exactly wild countryside beasts. The one looking all who, me? actually had a mouthful of grass hanging down either side when I saw her, but I fumbled my lens cap and was too late!
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I remembered to take my camera with me on the way to the supermarket yesterday... *g*
2016-05-14 SomersetRoads
(That is the pretty way, up through the Mendip hills. I'm actually in the middle bit between the Mendip Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - equal to, but not quite the same as, a National Park) and the Cranborne Chase AONB, and believe it or not, this picture was taken in neither. *g*

A rant about the bloody rave... )

Really what I was going to say though, was:
a) I did watch WtHCO, it's just taking me forever to do the pictures again!
b) I'm working today, so I can hopefully finish early on Wednesday, but on the bright side I just came across a reference to fandom in one of the docs I'm working on - a completely mainstream academic subject, treating fandom as a perfectly mainstream thing that happens! *g*
c) I also gave in yesterday, sort of on impulse, and bought a sat-nav... *sighs* I don't want to, cos I do think I'll end up with less of an idea myself of where I am, but I realised why I was finding it harder to navigate via maps these days. It's got nothing to do with the maps or my brain - it's my eyes! Trying to map-read means I'm going from long-distance-glasses viewing to no-glasses-close-reading - and of course you really can't glance at a map while driving when you need to adjust glasses to do it... So I had to give in - dammit! If nothing else it's more stuff to lug around that's got to be protected from being pinched... It's all charged and updated and stuff and ready to go, and I shall try and get out tonight to test it... if I get on and finish the next document. But I'll take my camera with me. And then I'll come home and finish off my WtHCO post, cos lovely slashy lads... *g*

How're you doing, this sunny Sunday?
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Today's blue has to be about the sky...
2016-05-04 01Blueskies 2016-05-04 02BlueSquareSky

2016-05-04 02Featherclouds 2016-05-04 04Sunset
... which was gorgeous all day! It's May!

Speaking of which - happy Star Wars Day! I always forget, even though I've always loved Star Wars. May the Fourth be with you!

And in a not-so surprising move... )


Sunday, November 1st, 2015 12:20 pm
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Somehow October is already over, the stars were out last night at 6.30pm, and it's November... What's been happening...? Where is the world up to? A bit of a ramble... )

Graze! )

Making books... )

Lytes Cary autumn )

Water biscuits! )

Writing not NaNoWriMoing )

Oh - and I took these pics a couple of weeks ago, when I woke early to a beautifully misty morning...
2015-10-14 01dawnwalk 2015-10-14 02dawnwalk

2015-10-14 03dawnwalk 2015-10-14 05dawnwalk
So that's where my autumn seems to be up to so far - how about you? What are you up to, at this borderland time of year...? *g*
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So... which silly sausage decided she wanted to see the lunar eclipse last night, even though it didn't start 'til nearly 2am? And got an hour and a bit's sleep, then bounded out of bed, rugged up, and proceeded to spend the next three hours actually standing in the cold, camera in hand, just a bit mesmerised by it all? I may have taken 672 photos... well, it kept me busy. *g* And oooh, the moon! And the night sky! It was an amazingly clear night - and in those three hours there was not just a total lunar eclipse, but three shooting stars, the Milky Way, and a bat come to check me out where I shouldn't be at that hour of the night... *g*

Of course now it's work time, but when you go to bed at 6am, chilled to the core (I was fine for the first two hours, it was the last one that got me) and are up again at 10am... well... posting about it seems like a much better idea to start with. Cos wake up! So... let's see...
TheMoonNight MilkyWay MoonReturn11Cloud
If you click through, that's the Milky Way you can just about see in the first pic - and in the second pic a wee cloud blew through the night just as the moon was about to appear to full again, and I cursed it slightly... but I rather like it. The earth's shadow is somehow over the clouds, too! *g*

Lunar Eclipse... )
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I seem to be doing an even worse job at keeping up with lj these last couple of weeks than I have for ages - from about the day I posted about posting to lj for ten years *headdesk* I keep thinking I'll catch up on replies and everyone's posts and things, and then I have a free moment and I'm so tired it's silly... Maybe I'm getting computer-fatigue, cos I'm not so bad when I'm out and about doing things.
And, for instance, I started that post several days ago, having already started it and lost it before that last week... *headdesk* (Lovely misty-morninged volunteer job... *g*)

Yesterday was a big day out, and even though I do need to nip to a shop at some point today, I fancy today being a day-in (of course its glorious outside right now, just to be contrary *g*). But there's lots to do today, and some of it is Pros-y and some of it is work, and even though it takes time to post, maybe it'll help me keep up and get things done - especially if there might be other people popping in and out of the office, which was why I started this in the first place, cos it's nice to see people at work... *g*

Just to prove Pros-iness...
BD piggybackbwDlookside (cornishcat) BD piggybackbwDlaugh (cornishcat)
And today's schedule - including Pros!
Reading Room - finish reading story!
Reading Room - comment!
Unfinished Pros story 1 - email
Unfinished Pros story 2 - open and write a sentence!
Ongoing Astreiant story - write sentence - sentences!

The duller work schedule bit... )

Oh - varifocal glasses question! Does anyone know...? )
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...cos I went out yesterday especially to take some with my new camera... Of course I also went out to go walking around a national nature reserve, but that didn't happen either and I ended up briefly at the beach... *g*

Beachy bit )

And I saw the Avro Vulcan! I just happened to look up at a plane noise on my way back from the beach at Charmouth, and there it was! It was flying quite slowly - I nabbed this pic with my ordinary lens (18-55) and then got my telephoto lens out as fast as I could, but this was still the best pic, blown up to 200% - almost identical to the pic on this page - well in shape, not colour or clarity. *g*
2015-08-29 CharmouthVulcan
It's the last Vulcan flying, and it'll be grounded after this year, apparently, cos it's reached the end of its flying hours...

There was a pretty good sunset last night - I only realised when I happened to glance at the window and saw the clouds glowing red. Queue grabbing camera and legging it outside... *g*
2015-08-29 04Sunset 2015-08-29 05Sunset2

2015-08-29 06Sunset3

Books and books... )

And now I'm going to have to go and do something that makes noise, before the current incredibly-loud-music-somewhere-bashing-across-the-countryside drives me mad... There I thought this was a reasonable backwater of countryside, with no reason other than the road to be anything other than peaceful... there is clearly going to be another move in my life, preferably before next summer, though quite honestly I can't face the thought yet... *sighs*

How're you all doing...? What's exciting in the world? Life? On the internet in front of you...? *g*
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I swear I only just got up this morning... but I also remember rushing off to go and do a conservation stint at Stourhead, where I spent the morning covered in dust, but perfectly happy helping to give the Pantheon a deep clean... And I promised pics if I could, so...

Not a particularly promising day for it - and it was warm and steamy under all that grey cloud too, not nice an autumn-cool yet... But Stourhead is rather pretty even under dark skies, so never mind! The Pantheon from across the lake - you can just see the autumn-tree already turning beside it...
2015-08-26 01StourheadPantheonMorning

And we are inside the Pantheon... )

But the really good news? After a rush trip into Bath yesterday, I am now fully equipped to bug you even more again with random pictures... *g*
2015-08-26 Moon(NewCamera)
New camera! This pic was taken from my back door step... *g* It's not quite as solid-feeling as my lovely D40x, but hopefully I'll get used to it... and I'm going to try and work out my controls properly this time, and use them more meaningfully, so I shall record here that this pic was taken with:
- my 70-300 lens (pic info tells me it was taken at 300mm focal length, which is true cos the lens was extended all the way *g* No tripod though, so a bit blurry...)
- camera set to shutter priority (where it chooses the aperture - 5.6 this time, and I choose the shutter speed). When I left it on automatic, I was getting a completely burned-out white moon, but playing with the shutter speed gave control over the light (as it's supposed to do... *g*), and the best result seemed to be from 1/400 sec. So it's taking longer to let the light in, which means it can record more subtle nuances of it.
- I love that in the pic info from the camera there's a blank space for "Subject Distance". Actually, it was about 238,855 miles to the subject... New Camera didn't do a bad job, did she...? *g*
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Who was a good little bunny, and got up early, and was at her desk and working actually before nine o'clock this morning? Me, that's who! And who has been working through all that time, and yet is only just about to start on the actual bit of the job that I get paid for...? *sighs* - me...

On the bright side - rain! Relative cool! So much nicer than the nasssty 28.8C that we had on Saturday, all humid and heavy with wanting to rain but not quite managing it... I did nip down to Stourhead for a wander around the gardens, cos I'm usually up in the house and yet it's famous for its gardens. Oddly few flowers, though the lake was nice of course - and there's already an autumnal tree by the pantheon (which I'll be conservation cleaning later this week, btw, as a change... *g*)
2015-08-22 01StourheadPantheon 2015-08-22 02StourheadFlowers
2015-08-22 03StourheadFlowersScented 2015-08-22 04StourheadReflections

Sunday was all quiet and tucked-up-inside, which I hadn't meant to do, but was nice. I was going to go to Bath and splash out on a new camera, because all the way around Stourhead I wanted to take better pictures - but... laziness. And then I remembered this morning that the current cashback offer runs out on... ack, Wednesday! So if I'm gonna do it, 'twere best 'twere done quickly... i.e. tomorrow. Which means getting on with work again after this posting-break...

But there was writing this weekend too - yeay (including a next installment for the still-ongoing [ profile] discoveredinalj Round Robin Challenge *g*). And writing-research. And I finally watched Tripod tells the Story of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) and it was every bit as good as I was expecting. *g* Meanwhile, have a Lonesome Gregarious Cowboy to cheer up Monday morning...

Did you have a good weekend?
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BD bw contentpic

...Job 2 and Job 2.2 are over! Well, 99.9% over except a couple of relatively minor things that I can't do until other people get back to me. But over in the sense that after five weeks (wait, five weeks, was that all?) I am taking a day off tomorrow. Three days even, cos I am not working over the weekend either (for the first time in five weeks). Yeay!

D'you remember how I actually thought that Jobs 2 would be a nice break from Job 1 and I might actually have the time and inclination to write at the same time? Silly, silly Slantedlight... Although I might have, except for unexpectedly having to take over a second team alongside my first and... oh well. Done now, and there's a few days to relax a bit. *g*

Of course now I'm not quite sure what to do with myself until I start work again on Monday, back at Job 1... *headdesk* Hopefully I'll think of something... *g* I nipped over to a nearby sixteenth century National Trust place this afternoon when I realised I was done - it was so nice to get out!
2015-07-16 01LytesCary 2015-07-16 02LytesCaryGate 2015-07-16 03LytesCaryCampaignBed
That bed? That's a "campaign bed" - they came apart and folded up, and that's what officers actually took with them when they were off on army campaigns, or exploring or the like back in Victorian times! Oddly enough I'd just been reading This Thing of Darkness (by Harry Thompson - brilliant book, about Darwin and Fitzroy on the Beagle) and it'd described Darwin taking a bed with him on a trek over the Andes - presumably it was something like this. Mad!

So I think hopefully I'll get out again tomorrow - maybe Bath, but actually maybe Exeter for a change, I've not been there for yonks, and I've always liked it... or maybe just Taunton, or... the world is my lobster! Well, anywhere within driving distance... *g* And there will be catching up of emails, and lj reading and posting, and tidying up of the wee annexe, and... stuff. Yeay!

How're you doing? *g*
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...cos look how pretty it was outside at twenty to ten tonight... *g*
132 LateEveningSkies
Not only that, but I went to archery - and shot rubbish, but it was at new distances - 30m and then 50m - instead of 20! Every second time I go there's a different condition to shoot under though, I don't have time to... to settle into it - ack. On the bright side, chappy didn't shout at me this time, and was in fact quite friendly. Also I came home and actually finished that piece of work, so now I'm a day ahead, which is where I wanted to be so that I can have Thursday "off" (not really off, just off on unpaid work - induction for NT volunteering... though they will teach me how to claim my travel expenses, and I think I might at this one cos it's a proper half-hour's drive away, not ten minutes up the road like Wimpole was).

Okay, and now I'm rabbiting on when the other thing I meant to post was this - today's NASA apod. I love this...
Credit to Damia Bouic You can click through to the big version, but if you can't be bothered - on the left is the sunset from Earth, and on the right is the sunset from Mars! And the Martian sunset is blue, not red/orange like ours! Just imagine if you could see it though, even once... *sighs for a future that isn't here yet*
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The darker side of Job 1 (i.e. a grump) )

And I'd been having such a nice morning. Well, until my car nearly caught fire.

But before that I'd been having a nice morning...
2015-04-08 01NTvolunteering 2015-04-08 02NTvolunteering
I've been at this sort of place, arranging to do some conservation volunteering... which of course turns out at least partly to be cleaning, which I can quite honestly do unpaid at home, but there will hopefully also be interesting stuff. And I do like being able to explore all the corners of places like these that you don't normally see. Plus I will be special, and allowed to drive through the gatehouse and sweep around in front of the house as if I were a horse and carriage, before nipping in through the side entrance to park. Cos I will be special. *g* Better photos next time, but I was a bit rushed today...

Something was a bit squeaky on my car as I drove home through the hills and woods, but it all seemed fine. When I got home it turned out that Landlord had been burning off - oh no, wait, it turned out that the nassty burning smell that accosted me when I paused to open the gate was my car! Very hot brakes... I think there must be something caught in the disk somewhere, but Landlord had a quick look at it and thought it looked alright - not overly worn or anything. Gargh... I'll have to look tomorrow, no time tonight...

...cos I also came home to an email that required extra work on an assignment that had been perfectly well done but wasn't worth what I was originally paid for it to start with (plus she was wrong). I thought I'd go for a rather brisk walk around the hack track (two or three times...), and throw things hard for Otto, but when Landlady said "We're off to the pub for an hour in the the sunshine, want to come?" I thought Christ yes... and did. *g*
2015-04-08 03PubSunshine 2015-04-08 04PubSun
The trouble with that is, it's now 7.10pm and I have to start work... *headdesk*

And I wanted to write installment four of Crossed too... and practice fiddle at least once today! Ack! Well - at least it's a decent assignment, that will hopefully go twice as fast as most (to make up for the other, more common, kind)...

Okay - ideally I will get to 33/66 today. I'm currently on 3/66...16/67 (10k/44k).

How're you? *g*

Sunny Somerset

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 09:06 pm
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It turned into another pretty - and warm (22C according to my thermometer!) - day, even though I was stuck inside for most of it. I did get to my fiddle lesson on time (but not archery, waaah!), and it was a very pretty trip...
97 SomersetContraJour
(I do like a bit of contre jour (and I do like knowing what it's called - thanks [ profile] gvenanne!) *g*)

Now if I could just finish work and then get some writing done... *g* Hope you had a pretty day too!
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Blimey - and here it is, it's April... it wasn't long ago I was wondering why the year wasn't shifting itself a bit quicker, and now it's a quarter over! Happy April (I have no fool for you, though I did go and search for the Grauniad's yearly jape - just a wee bit obvious, this one - though it would actually be a brilliant one if it turned out that the vile Clarkson really had decided to be a thoughtful person after all, and the medieval cemetery under Cambridge university was the joke... but sadly I suspect not...)

Today... wind and sunshine again, and I have nothing to do but work! I have also realised that as much as I've been thinking about it, this week really is a short week, because I've taken Easter off this year (it was too strange not having it off last year), even though I've got absolutely nothing planned to do. So - only two more days of work, then four whole days off in a row! Gosh! Not at my richest right now, mind, but maybe I can get out somewhere... Bath at least! Maybe I visit each of the cites around - Bath, Bristol, Exeter... and a day off. *g* They're each just on an hour away, and - well, Bath's closer yet. Or maybe I should properly dedicate the time to writing, because that's what I end up not doing, no matter what... Hmmn... I'm at home so much that pottering sounds both lovely (cos being home without working!) and yet too ordinary to waste days off on (cos being home as per usual...)

Oh, I know what I should do today in between proofreading - catch up on some posts I've been meaning to make, and then a couple that sounded fun to do when I read about them... *g* Of course I say that, but time will leak away from me. Still, let's try! Speaking of time leaking, I arranged yesterday to do a taster conservation-volunteer day at the local NT... not nearly as local as my Cambs. local NT was, but a pretty drive away, at least. I do know it's a bit mad, though, since I barely get things done without spending half a day each week elsewhere... but it's good to get out, too...

And ack! I delayed posting and starting Job 1 work (to keep up with unpaid Job 2 *headdesk*) and now it's over an hour later. Heeeeeelp! Time leak! Time leak!

Today... )

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