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Still reading today's newspaper (from 1882... *g*) and I've just come across the Notices to Correspondents columns. I am fascinated by this - I want the column back in today's newspapers, and I rather want the job of answering the questions! Now, what do you think they were?!

First of all, a couple of Victorian pics for the imagination (and how well they go together *g*)...
MS HoundoftheBaskervillesByCandlelight(small) jtr lc(big)

Notices to Correspondents:
Wilts.-1. We should think not. 2. We don't think you can compel him to. You should have seen to it when you took the ground. 3. We cannot say without knowing more of the circumstances.

Bill Blades - If she applies for an order against your son you had better resist it with such evidence as you can produce to show she is leading an immoral life.

Alexandria.-1. Yes; the consent of parents and guardians is only required for minors. 2. An ordinary license costs about £2 2s. 3. Your writing is very good.

Warwick. - No.

Charles Hillier (Rotherhithe). - The Life Guards have not been out of the country since the battle of Waterloo.

J.J.E. - 1. England has not gone to war with Egypt. As Mr Gladstone explains it, the fleet only fired on Alexandria in self-defence. 2. No, we do not believe he is engaged in any private business.

E.B.B. - We think not.

T.Smith. - The United States.

P.C. Courtenay.-1. Keep out of the sun. 2. No.

Naros - 1. Either of them. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. In England and Wales only. 5. If you think they are married you can ascertain the fact by searching at Somerset House.

D.Barratt. - At Mssrs Eyre and Spottiswoode's, East Harding street, Fetter lane, London, E.C. The price depends upon the length.

H.A. - We do not understand your question.

Tero. - The one with rising gallery, of course.

Corsham, W. - 1. No, you cannot. 2. Not that we are aware of. 3. We are unable to say.

Doubtful. - Yes, a will made on a Sunday is quite legal.
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Morning! Ordinary office today, I think, cos there was a Riverford delivery, and I've an appointment in the village in a bit, but that means I definitely need to brighten the day up! I've been thinking about my Victorian story a lot lately (remember that? - gosh, just over a year ago now...). I wrote 50k of it for NaNoWriMo last year, but god it was dull and dreary, so I need to tear it down and start again. Also, recent inspiration has made me realise something that was missing. Here are some clues... *g*
2015-07-23 01Postcard 2015-07-23 02Clock 2015-07-23 03CardingtonAirhangars
The first is a gorgeous postcard I received from someone who'd also been thinking of my Victorian story - yeay! The second is the clock I bought to replace my Ikea-blue-sky one, which worked for just about a month before giving up the ghost. The third is a picture of the huge-enormous buildings I used to pass when I lived in Cambs. - they were actually in Beds., and I always wondered what they were for. I thought probably something WWII, some kind of hangar, but they always seemed even too big for that (see all the other buildings around it? See the church tower?!). I once worked out how to get close enough to see that they're now used for filming sometimes. I could never work out how to google so as to find out more about them - and then the other day, looking up thoughts about that postcard, I came across them. They were airship hangars! Actual zeppelin-type airship hangars, back in the early 1900s - how fab is that?! (And they were also used to film parts of the original Star Wars, one of my favourite movies ever, so bonus - I was always so happy to see them looming up in the landscape, and now there are so many more reasons!) Of course now I'm the other side of the country... *headdesk* But they can still be inspirational... *g*

And then there's my newspaper project - I've subscribed for ages to British Newspaper Archive, and I've also wanted for ages to read the day's paper for the year that my story is set, to get a feel for what people were talking and thinking about, so I'm starting that today too! In today's news...
1882-Cetshwayo-ZuluKing-ToComeToLondon(1882-07-23) 1882-Cetshwayo-ZuluKing-ToComeToLondonPhoto(1882-07-23)
Two newspapers come up for this day, 133 years ago - it was a Sunday, so they say they're "yesterday's news", and they are Lloyd's Weekly News and Reynold's Weekly News. Here's what my Victorian lads would have read about in their paper:
The Coming of Cetawayo, Zulu king from South Africa - "a perfect type of the savage hero"... "We all know the Zulu war was an unjustifiable war; we all know that the deposition and imprisonment of Cetawayo was unjust as well as unpolitic..." (Lloyd's Weekly News)
About Cetawayo... )

Cricket - "Australians v. Yorkshire - Yesterday the Colonial won this contest at Middlesborough by seven wickets the Yorkshirement totalling 129 and 140, against 222, and the necessary 48 to win." (Lloyd's Weekly News)

The State of Ireland )

House of Commons reports - The Channel Tunnel )

The entertainment column:
Princess's Theatr - Every Evening at Eight, "The Romany Rye" by George R. Sims...At 7.30, A Photographic Fright.
"Pluck" (A Story of £50,000) - A New Sensational and Domestic Drama...
Lyceum Theatre - Romeo and Juliet (125th Performance) every evening at 8.0
Globe Theatre - The Vicar of Bray... a new and original English Comic Opera, in two Acts...
Marion, The Giant Amazon Queen, At the Royal Alhambra Theatre every evening, in the magnificent Silver Armour Scene in the enormously successful Fairy Extravaganza 'Babil and Bijou'. This young lady was born on the 31st Jauary, a village in the Thuringian Mountains, Germany, and has attained the remarkable height of 8 feet 2 inches, and is still growing. Notice - The success is so great, that it is absolutely necessary to be early to get seats.
Midgets - Imperial Theatre. Royal American Midgets. General Mite, the Smallest Man in the World, now in his 18th year. Actual weight, 9lbs... Patronised by her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, &c., &c., &c., &c., &c. Admission afternoon or evening, One Shilling.
Victoria Hall - Messrs Poole in Egypt. More new pictures. Great success and grand reception of the New Panorama, illustrative of Alexandria, Cairo and the Suez Canal. Every event of importance and place of interest vividly depicted, in addition to the Mammoth Diorama of the World. Great Concert Company and Banda. Admission 6d. to £1.1s.

I am fascinated by this... )

More news as I "pick up" the paper throughout the day, but for now I'd better get on with work - much time has passed since I started this, and it's now just past noon - *headdesk* (ETA - now it's half-past noon - apparently I shouldn't be allowed to read old newspapers either. Oh, but interesting...)

Today's Work... )

Saturday stuff...

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 10:51 pm
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Woke up without a headache today, thank goodness, and was a good girl and finished my work, and then I was freeee to enjoy the afternoon!
80 SomersetSun
Saturday rambling... )
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Has anyone else's lj stretched itself really wide, as if someone's posted a huge image without a cut, but there's no such image (or anything else that might be causing it) on your flist page? This is very strange and I don't like it because I have to scroll horizontally to read anyone's posts! Or are you having other weird things? I'm dreading the day when it's something that won't adapt to my old style and layout and I have to change...

(Sorry, the pic was just to catch your attention. Despite my best intentions I've been browsing Victorian pictures on Pinterest so far this morning... it's research! This is apparently Brighton Swimming Club, 1863. *g* Well, okay, it's twenty years or so too early for my Victorian story, but still.... hee!)
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Hurrah - it's Friday night, I can haz wine (though not much cos I've not really had dinner... *g*) and work is finished, and I got through to my mum before she was hijacked off to the beach for her 80th birthday, and I got through to the flowers place at last who didn't send me confirmation that they got my order for many big Australian flowers, and now all I need to do is put my laundry away, and then it is all about...

...catching up many many words on my NaNoWriMo! But I know where they go now! I didn't yesterday, but now I do! Hurrah!

[ profile] discoveredinalj's Discovered on a Silent Night calendar is all filled up (hurrah!) and the Pros FandomCard exchange is totally go (and as of Monday I shall be getting on with that from my end too) and... oh, and there's not many days to sort it, but there's usually the [ profile] ci5hq Christmas ProsFic calendar too... I totally have plans to read Christmas-y Pros fic in December, and I thought I might post about them as I went, but I wonder if anyone else would fancy doing it this year? It's nice having Christmas Pros-y fic at Christmastime... *g* Maybe I should ask...

Did I mention that I have four days off in a row now? Four days! For writing and moving into my wee Annexe and getting my zines and things out, and putting books and dvds on my bookcases, and getting my telly out... I can haz telly again! Um... is there anything actually on?!

And I am actually thinking about getting Facebook finally, cos KJ Charles is posting all sorts of wonderful Charm of Magpies stuff there and only there, and I wants to see it Bagginses..., and I do not want the Magpie universe to end...

Oh! And when I went to dry clothes at the (shiny clean friendly incredibly-fast-drying-machines) laundrette in nearest-town, it turned out that it was getting its Christmas on! I couldn't stay for the big Christmas-tree-light-turning-on, but here's what it looked like so far...
2014-11-28 01SheptonChristmas

7598 words of my Victorian m/m story in two and the remainder-of-today days. I can do that, right?

Six thousand...

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 09:33 am
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...words to go to catch up for NaNoWriMo - and I got barely a thousand written yesterday, and that as a last minute blast, again! *sighs* These lads just aren't getting the job done... Maybe I should have had a much more firm plan for the chapters etc. - and stuck to it more than I have the bits that I did have planned... Maybe I just don't know these lads well enough to describe them properly (although it's nice getting to know them, it's taking far too long!) That word count above should be at 38,333 by the end of today - eep! And then there are only 7 days to finish, a single week (although that does include another weekend, so phew! So I'm going to post here today as well as watching my own NaNoWriMo page, and see if I can make a big difference to it by the end of the day...

This may or may not happen, because I have a cold! It turned up on Friday night, just in time for me to be all plagued-up for my first Photography Club, and for E's party last night when I met everyone from around the yard here. Gargh! Ah well... It's actually not raining at the moment, which its forecast to do most of the day...ooh, no it's not! Auntie Beeb has changed her mind since last night, and there will be no rain today! 0C tonight, and frost, and tomorrow will be sunny (yeay, cos I'm collecting the two sofas). Rain was going to help with the staying-in-to-write, but I'll have to leave that up to willpower after all...

ETA - eventually, 3648 words written today. Which isn't bad, and catches up a day's writing, but oh, it should have been so much more. I had the whole weekend - and it was lost in the fug of having a headache-y cold! Of course now when I'm sleepy enough for bed, my head has finally cleared and I just have a cold...

Hmmn - or another way of looking at it that doesn't sound quite so scary: 2092 words to write each day for another seven days. I can do that, right?!
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Apparently I really shouldn't post to say that I'm doing well with NaNoWriMo, because I immediately can't write the day after. Or much the day after that. Eeeeep!

1667 - 3334 - 5001 - 6668 - 8335 - 10,002 - 11,669 - 13,336 - 15,003 - 16,670 - 18,337 - 20,004 - 21,671 - 23,338 - 25,005 - 26,672 - 28,339 - 30,006 - 31,673 - 33,340 - 35,007 - 36,674 - 38,341 - 40,008 - 41,675 - 43,342 - 45,009 - 46,676 - 48,343 - 50,010.

...except, it's a good few hours after I wrote that, and I'm really going to regret this tomorrow morning, and I'm sitting here bloody freezing - but I've actually managed to catch up! Whoo-hoo! And I've got Kenyon and Cross back together for their second meeting, and all is proceeding apace! Yeay! *g*

All of which is pretty meaningless to anyone who isn't me, but... yeay. *g*
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(Ignore these numbers, though you may see them alot over the next month - and hear cries of despair if they stop being crossed off...)
1667 - 3334 - 5001 - 6668 - 8335 - 10,002 - 11,669 - 13,336 - 15,003 - 16,670 - 18,337 - 20,004 - 21,671 - 23,338 - 25,005 - 26,672 - 28,339 - 30,006 - 31,673 - 33,340 - 35,007 - 36,674 - 38,341 - 40,008 - 41,675 - 43,342 - 45,009 - 46,676 - 48,343 - 50,010.
(Actually this is just a wittering post in general, so feel free to ignore - you know, in general. *g*)

I have words, and I have enthusiasm, and I wish I didn't have to do work at the same time because I want to be writing, and I have a broken filling/tooth and an appointment with the dentist on Friday. I am wearing two pairs of trousers in my room today, and multiple top layers, a blanket over my lap and a hot water bottle tucked in between - but thank goodness the heating seems to be coming on!

I did actually leave the house this morning - I have carrots and I don't like carrots so I decided to make carrot cake, which required about £10 worth of ingredients that I would normally have as standard in my cupboards, so isn't really a good idea economically, but still... And so I stopped at Wholefoods for coffee and cake and to gird my loins for work.
2014-11-03 01Breakfast
I like that we're getting the pretty pictures in the froth over here now, though they're nothing like what's standard back in Aus/NZ. *g*

*pause* Noooo! The heating's gone off again already - it was barely on! I shall have to light a guttering candle soon, and huddle around that... /*pause*

*much later (due to actual lj pause for actual work*) - Yeay, the heating came on again! Actually it came on when I went downstairs to refill my hot water bottle, and J and K were in the kitchen making dinner, and J suggested he turn the heating on... *g* (They were going to anyway, but they would have waited until they realised it was cold cos they were sitting still too *g*) They also offered me a glass of wine - go Monday. Yeay lovely landlords.

And now I have finished work and I have... an hour and a half to write about 700 words to reach my goal for today - eeep! What am I doing here?!

*later again* - dunnit! *points to word count* Of course I have no idea right now how I'm going to get Kenyon back to town without boring the both of us stupid, but that can be a job for tomorrow. I rather think I shall sleep on it... *yawns* And I shall post about Doctor Who, and catch up on replies (sorry, again...) and... and... zzzzz....
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...and by the time I got to the end of them and thought Oh-I'm-sleepy-but-I-must-post, my next question was but what about...? But here I am at last, so let's see what we've got!

Thursday was Bath day again, the third one, but for some reason it just wasn't happening for me, which was annoying - the writing group, I mean. I was there, but there wasn't much writing going on in my head. I blame myself for checking my email just before I went in, and there being a work email I didn't have time to deal with - I was all distracted... On the bright side, once I'd pottered around for some chores, I decided to go home and work, because I had a place to work at home and it was nice. *g*

Friday was... erm, can't remember. Work of course, and I got it all done, and... nope, it's a blank. Oh, dinner with K and J (landlords)! Very nice and chatty and friendly and all.

Saturday was more shopping than I'd meant to do, and going to try and track down Apparitions in my storage, only to realise that it was in a bag way at the back, underneath the bicycle and the shelves and the suitcase, and the... So maybe I'll have to stick to re-watching LC's Jack the Ripper instead. Although - that did make me think...

Sunday I decided would be an at-home day, a no-spending-money-day (okay, I may have ordered A Death at the Dioysus Club from Wordery online bookshop, but that doesn't really count... *g*) and hopefully a deciding-what-to-write-for-NaNoWriMo day. See, I think that part of the reason NaNo works for me is that for an entire month I'm absolutely allowed to be completely immersed in the world that I'm writing - everything else, work included, has to fit around that. So I'm not sure about my initial idea of finishing things up after all cos I'd be chopping and changing between worlds. But... then I remembered a story that I forgot to include in my list the other day, maybe because I've barely started it (except for the overall plot, which I do have) - my Victorian story!
Remember that? I got tangled up in wanting to do lots and lots of research for it, when what I really need to do is write it. So maybe I should do that for NaNoWriMo, right? Plus - (thanks [ profile] solosundance for posting it, cos I hadn't actually checked it out yet) how well does this year's banner fit a Victorian story?! So... I think maybe...yes. Probably. Cos if I finish Two Go Adventuring Again first, then I'll be not-fresh to start the third Pros story, and although I could have a go at a steampunk-ish original fic I've got bubbling in the back of my brain... well, Kenyon and Cross are rather like Bodie and Doyle in my head, and I figure that might be a good enough cushion to keep me comfortable with trying a historical story... The only thing like that I've done for years was also based on LC's Godley from Jack the Ripper, Towards Home, and I'm not sure that the time it was set comes through at all, really... eep! So I'm still a bit worried it might not work, but if I start getting my Victorian on this week, then by the time we get to the first of November I'll be all ready to go - right? Well, that's the plan... *g*

Okay, I'm rambling now, aren't I? *g* Oh - and my other plan (apart from the whole moving-into-the-annexe-at-the-end-of-November) is that I will rise to a challenge set me by Kiashi - "taking lots of atmospheric photos of all things pertaining to an "English winter". All I have so far is:
2014-10-24 01Rain
But that's cos I didn't go anywhere atmospheric, and it's been a bit flat and grey in between the occasional touch of damp rain. It will get better, I promise!

Oh - and they've decided to turn the heating on for a bit in the evening - yeay, it'll hopefully just take the edge off enough! Though we're back up to 16C again tomorrow (my plan is to do laundry, cos the one thing they don't have here are tumble driers!) Right - I shall go and snuggle up with Sergeant Godley, I think... *g* Come to think of it, the book I'm reading for the R.I.P. challenge right now is set in Victorian times - I shall get on with it! And a new Mathey and Lynes book winging it's way here too - more inspiration. Yeay! I can do this, right? Kenyon and Cross for NaNoWriMo!
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...and that was really the best happiness today, after Mr Job 4 surprised me with the massive-long extra document that needed to be done as soon as possible. Of course he's not actually been around today, but I was very happy to have completed it to the deadline I set myself - today. *g*

Oh, I know something that made me happy!
57 2014-06-28 01StormSky 57 2014-06-28 02LightningSky
We had a thunderstorm! Those clouds on the left had thunder in them... and when it started raining it was all cosy and quite nice to be inside whilst it was dramatic out, and so I lifted my phone to take a photo, and just before I did, fork lightning streaked across the sky almost horizontally, just where I was about to take that second picture! (I'd been hoping to get more of the raindrops on the window, for dramatic effect - if only I'd snapped before I did, I might have caught the real drama!)

1748 words
(But I must confess that all but 8 words were adding bits of research...)

Day Fifty Six -

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 12:30 am
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I've got to say, sometimes the thing that you're most happy about, is that many other things will be over soon - and I'm at about that stage! Job 1 is on pause, Job 2 deadline 1 is today but there's much mopping up to do, Job 2 deadline 2 is now next week, Job 3 was fine - Littlie 2 has a current craze for playing Scrabble with me, and although this upset Littlie 1 slightly, cos he doesn't like playing, today it was okay cos Friday is DS day. Job 4 of course came back with two documents, one of which I've done, and the other of which is twice as long and will take all day tomorrow, along with the mopping up, and Job2D2. *sighs*

But... I did wake up early this morning, since I went to be "early" last night, and since I couldn't just get up and get breakfast, cos Landlady and Daughter were in the process of getting out to work, I went for a walk. It was grey, but it wasn't raining yet, and I was happy that I'd managed to get out...
56 2014-06-27 01MorningWalk 56 2014-06-27 02MorningWalk

And I noticed that The Drop was still there this morning (though it's gone now)
56 2014-06-27 03PlantDrop
...but plant mystery is quite cool and kind of happy-making.

Also, I am reading a book, and although I'm still two reviews behind, I'm enjoying this one. There are bonus more-innocent-age things to giggle over too - and then feel all poignant about giggling over.

1660 words
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I had breakfast outside again today - that was a happy thing! Then I was off to the coalmines until my next happy thing...
55 2014-06-26 00Send
Sometimes this is a very happy thing indeed - completing assignments, and sending them off in good time for your deadline! *g*

Back to the other coalmines I went, though... and was interrupted by a phone call. It was my veggie box people, and I thought they were calling to remind me to pay my account, cos it's been that kind of a month... but they were calling to tell me I'd just had my 150th Riverford Organics delivery, and to ask what congratulations present I'd like in my box next week! So that was definitely happy... *g*
55 2014-06-26 01Riverford150

Back to the mines I went... and was distracted when a drop of water on one of my long-suffering houseplants caught my eye. I'd watered them this morning, but it'd been warm, and it shouldn't have still been on the leaves... then another one caught my eye too, and...
55 2014-06-26 02PlantTears

55 2014-06-26 03PlantTears 55 2014-06-26 05PlantTears
Well okay, the real happy was that I was playing with my camera, which I haven't done for ages (not my "proper" camera). But also, a plant mystery! Why is my happy-looking plant crying? And in the few minutes I took the picture, though without me noticing until I saw the photo (the drops are actually pretty tiny), the middle drop on the second leaf vanished! Poof! But where to? It didn't fall, there's no wee splash anywhere, it's just... a plant mystery.

And finally, the first thing I did this morning before the coal mines dragged me away:
1619 words
The trouble is, if I start writing and researching and all first thing, I don't want to stop, so I daren't unless I have a whole day empty in front of me, for time to disappear in when I shouldn't be doing something else entirely...

Bed now - and tomorrow should be better yet!
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The thistles have come out in my midsummer wildflowers! And the skies were blue, and fully of wispy contrails and mares' tails... *g*
54 2014-06-25 01ThistlesOut 54 2014-06-25 02BlueSkiesClouds
Best of all, I realised that I'd miscalculated one of my deadlines, and I had four days more than I thought - hurrah! Although sadly it wasn't the one for either tomorrow, or the one for Friday... But I'm up to date with the work for tomorrow's deadline (*touch entire forests of wood*), and hopefully I can do some catching up on Friday's... oh, it's all go! Roll on next week.

Oh! And another work realisation - tomorrow's document is the "CI5 Implementation" - yes! *vbg*

I also realised that it realistically wasn't all going to be over next week either, so I extended my time away from Job 1, and if we do finish early then I'm already waiting for enough pay that another few days won't make any difference to the levels of my starvation... and I'm owed at least five weekends so far! *g* But this was also a happy realisation, because I'm fairly sure I should be able to at least be a bit more relaxed about it than I have been, even if I don't get entire days off, and maybe... do some writing. *g*

Now, how many words can I manage before I have to turn my computer off...? A whole paragraph! I managed a whole paragraph tonight!
1492 words
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The day, that is. And I have no photos! But I am also happy that I completed the massive Job 4 task that I'd set myself (so that the next two days might be slightly less bad, I hope!) and have sent it off winging it's way around the world.

Oh, and Job 3 saw me playing Junior Scrabble and Animal Snap for a couple of hours in between the madness of Job 4. The tears and recriminations weren't exactly happy-making when Bigger was repeatedly accused of cheating, and Littler just got over-excited in general, but around those bits it was rather fun, and it's nice to be with people who have far more important cares than work! *g*

And I am happy that I wasn't quite too sleepy to manage to write It was unmistakeably a man. and to edit another sentence, making a grand total of 10 words on my Victorian story today. But they were words.
1354 words

Oh, and now I'm very happy to be going to bed! Goodnight...

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