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I was so sure I'd keep up with my 366 photos this weekend, but while having guests is lovely, it turns out not conducive to posting - even when it's a Pros-y guest. Too much talk and exploring and visiting... *g* [ profile] gilda_elise and her friend stopped by on her Grand Tour of Over Here, and so there was... talk and exploring and visiting. *g*

Do you remember this place? Old Wardour Castle, which I found after wandering past Fonthill Bishop, home of William Beckett (who'd fled England for Italy after being found in bed with a beautiful boy, and went on to write the first English-Oriental Gothic Horror story (which I'd entirely forgotten about until I looked again!)
2016-09-16 01WardourCastle 2016-09-16 02WardourCastleGrafittiQVR
I did get a bit distracted by the grafitti - QVR are Queen Victoria's Rifles, who were a London regiment, and one of the first regiments in France when war was declared in 1914. Only 40 of them survived Hill 60, at Ypres, in 1915, and they suffered heavy losses at the Battle of Gommecourt on 1st July 1916. I wonder if Milles had already been invalided out, when he carved his name here at Old Wardour, or if he was at home on leave perhaps, and yet to fight at Gommecourt...

2016-09-16 03WardourCastle 2016-09-16 04WardourCastle
It was rather fab visiting with a friend, this time!

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )
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Late again...

Random visit to Weymouth on Sunday, cos it was a beach that I'd never been to, and not much further away than the other beaches I usually go to. Plus it promised sand.
2016-08-14 01Weymouth 2016-08-14 02JurassicViewer
And of course it was rammed - even around 5pm, when I got there. Managed to find parking near something called the Jurassic Viewer.

Which I was amused to discover... )

And it all felt rather summer-y, so that was nice. *g*
2016-08-14 09PierEnd

On Monday I ummed and aahed about what to do, and suddenly thought - I know! I'll have a writing day! Excellent right? Nice warm summer's day, a bit of jaunting behind me, pottering around at home and writing. So how much did I write? About a hundred words. Sort of. Gaaargh! I sat down to do it, and... blank page, blank page, blank page and words stuck. I'm starting to think I should give up this lark, cos honest, if I can't write when I've got a whole day set aside to do nothing else, and I want to, then what hope? *sighs*

So yesterday ended up a bit blaah, cos how depressing, to not be able to write, and I barely managed a couple of pics in the garden. But [ profile] miwahni was asking whether there was any sign of a flower on my sunflower, and so I thought I'd show what was going on. It might be thinking about it, d'you think?
2016-08-15 01AlmostSunflower 2016-08-15 02OncePoppy
And a once-was poppy, just for balance on the page. *g*

So now it's Tuesday, and I bounced up early, got washing on, watered flowerpots, walked around the hacktrack, did some family treeing, read my book over breakfast, and here I am. A bit more productive so far today, at least. I might nip down to Glastonbury, but I'm just generally going to not plan to do anything today...

How's your Tuesday? *g*
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Lovely relaxed morning on Saturday, finishing The Petticoat Men, and then I needed some exercise, so I went to visit this chap.
2016-08-13 01CerneGiant 2016-08-13 02CerneGiantClose
Found him in need of a good trim and shave!

Wandered into Cerne Abbas itself, through lovely cool green.
2016-08-13 03PathToCerneAbbas
There used to be watervoles along here, a lady stopped to tell me, but they're gone since it was cleaned up and given hard edges...

Popped into the church... )
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(Not sure why the pics aren't showing up in preview, cos they're there in my Scrapbook all waiting - if they turn up when I hit post then I'll delete this, if not then I'll leave it to explain what I'm wittering about below while they're still not showing. I presume it's an lj-glitch - what it says is that it's "waiting for an available socket" - huh?! Hopefully it'll work by morning if not before...

After a domestic day yesterday, today was of course escape day. This time I headed inland across Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, which was all decked out in deep summer colours.
2016-08-07 01WiltshireSummerColours 2016-08-07 02CuckooStone
I parked myself by Woodhenge, and wandered off first to find the Cuckoo Stone (a lone sarsen stone that's actually native to the area, and apparently used to be standing up on its own). Everything was looking very golden-under-grey, though it was warm.

Woodhenge and Durrington Walls and the Westbury Horse oh my! )
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Unplanned adventures! I didn't mean to go to sea to Devon... *g*

I started off in Dunster, which is in Somerset, although even that was a bit further than I'd planned to go. But I thought, it's a nice day, why not? First the Dream Garden...
2016-07-31 01DreamGarden

...where there were flowers, and bees on flowers...
2016-07-31 02BeeFlower 2016-07-31 03Bee

Then down to... )

2016-08-01 01Rain
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I went to meet the gang at their hotel this morning - today's stairs are from the Britannia Hotel (originally built as a warehouse in 1851).
2016-05-25 01Britannia

Then it was on a bus... )
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Most of today's pictures, I have to admit, involved people, because I met up with my brother and his family and we went to see the Museum of Science and Technology. The best bit, according to my nephew, was the science experiments where you could try things for yourself, and I have to say I agree with him. Will is eight now, and hugely into Star Wars - I always knew he was a smart kid. *vbg* His sister Isla is one, and rather shy with it, but a cutie nevertheless. But here are pictures of Manchester instead. *g*

Not terribly exciting ones, I'm afraid. Architectural. *g*
2016-05-24 01StAnnsArcade 2016-05-24 02TownHall
One of the arcades, and the town hall.

The Deansgate, with the buildings that go on and on.
2016-05-24 03Deansgate 2016-05-24 04NewerManchester
And newer Manchester. Though proper new Manchester would be the huge Hilton, which sticks up above everything like a spike in the city...

Strange to be back in Mancester - so different, and yet the same old Manchester in so many ways. It feels like Manchester too, a very different vibe to other cities I know... Anyway - a nice day was had, and I'm looking forward to Legoland tomorrow... *g*
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Instead, I started the day by going here... Jodrell Bank!
2016-05-23 01JodrellBank 2016-05-23 02JodrellBank
They've got a nice little visitor centre, and it was fun to wander around and find things out. Did you know that the Lovell telescope (*points upwards*) could detect the signal from your mobile phone if you were on Mars? Apparently so... *g*

The off to Manchester, with relatively little fuss. I must admit that it was nice to have the sat nav to guide me into the city, as the YHA is in a spot that wasn't here (well, in the same accessible way) when I lived here. Which, granted, was nearly twenty years ago - eep!
2016-05-23 03ManchesterCanals 2016-05-23 04JohnRylandsLibrary
The canals have been rather cleaned up - enough that people can choose to barge down them and stay the night, apparently. Nice to see that some things have stayed in the same place though - the old John Rylands Library, and the Starbucks I was so excited to see in town, back when it was the first and only one in Manchester, and Marks and Sparks, and... um... Waterstones. *g*

Having a quiet night now, though suspect it may yet go horribly wrong cos I think the girl in the other bottom bunk has got a cold... eep! I'm trying to hold out awake until 11pm, too, but that's a whole two hours away - I'll never make it! Trouble is, if I go to bed too early I'll wake up dead early as well - like 5am silly-time early... Ah well, we'll see how we go. Cross fingers the mattress is reasonably soft - I gave in and brought my own pillow, but you can't exactly bring your own mattress, and they do tend to stock up with firm ones at the YHA...
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Fab drive north today - the weather's been amazing. Blue skies and sunshine alternating with the most dramatic clouds and downpours, and sweeps of almost-downpouring-on-us, and more sunshine. Which made rainbows. I've never seen so many rainbows! There was a big fat end of a rainbow as I was coming up to Bristol, and by the time I was past it had stretched itself all across the road...
2016-04-06 01rainbowroad 2016-04-06 02rainbowrepeat
Even more amazing, I realised that it was actually repeating colours at the bottom - but not all of them, just an extra stripe of green (or blue, maybe *g*) and sometimes I thought I could see purple under that! I've souped up the saturation on the second pic, cos it didn't come out ordinarily, and you can see where the colours are. And maybe a blur of red, so maybe it was a whole repeat, but sort of squished up at the top... *g* Anyway - cool.

Then of course, through the gorgeous Welsh borders country, unfortunately behind ever lorry that decided to take a small road, but I did eventually get here...
2016-04-06 03yharoom 2016-04-06 04stairs

2016-04-06 05frontdoor 2016-04-06 06bench

2016-04-06 07WilderhopeManor
Wilderhope Manor - a YHA that is owned by the National Trust - an Elizabethan manor. I'm sleeping in an Elizabethan manor! In a bunk bed, admittedly, and I really hope none of the others in the room snore (!) but hey - Elizabethan manor! *g*

Also, I finally got my work finished, and everyone else headed off to bed about an hour ago, and it's so nice and peaceful that I almost don't want to go to bed... except that I do. Tired!

(Eeep! Two knockings from the far door! Wind, I expect... eeep!)
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Kind of a glum Saturday (except for the new Pros dvds - yeay!), but today...
2015-11-15 01beach 2015-11-15 02beach

2015-11-15 03lookingdown 2015-11-15 04lookingdown
Gorgeous wild woolliness down by the seaside... Well, I realised that I just had to get out, it feels like forever since I ventured off to anywhere a bit different and wild and woolly at all, and my legs want to streeeeeetch, and the rest of me just wants to go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o... But the powers that be still have my passport and all, so I can't even pretend that I might go away for Christmas this year (which was my tentative plan earlier this year), let alone hop a weekend flight anywhere exotic, so the beach an hour away is as far as I went. Bliss it was, though, wind and sea and sand and space...
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I keep saying I'll post these pics and all, and I got them all ready days ago, so before it slips out of my posting-fingers for good and all... here's What I Did On My Holiday Last Weekend. *g*
2015-10-03 26StratfordAtNight 2015-10-04 26MaryArdensFarmBarnOwl

2015-10-04 10StratfordUponAvon 2015-10-03 22Mad

But first I went to... )
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And I'm awaaaaaaay! I finished my work last night, slept in this morning, had a leisurely getting-myself-sorted-out kind of morning, including phoning my mum who's currently a very-happy-grandma-for-the-second-time. It only took me three hours to drive down too - that's practically a day trip, that is... but I have three nights around Cornwall - hurrah! And it's not raining yet... *g*

I got to Penzance before check-in time, so drive down to see what was what... and ended up going through, and found myself in Mousehole, which was looking perfectly pretty, so I parked up and went for a wander... *g* I love the wildflowers everywhere, like these nasturtiums-by-the-sea! Cornwall is so pretty in the spring...
2015-05-17 16MouseholeView 2015-05-17 16MouseholeWalk
If you click through you can read that story - the oldest house in Mousehole, 1300s, involved in defending Mousehole against the Spanish in the 1500s!

I sat by the harbour... )
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Ladies and... well, probably just ladies I expect 😁... I am currently reporting to you live via wifi at Stonehenge. Cafe. Stonehenge cafe. But live! (Though I suppose it would be a bit too Halloween to report dead from Stonehenge, now I think about it...) Anyway... let's see how this works...

First of all, I drove a completely digfferent way to get here, over Salisbury Plain which was all grey and windswept. Came up a rise and there was the visitor center, just where it was supposed to be. I was ten minutes late for my slot (tree blown down diversion around the back of the moon to get to the sun!) but on a day like today that wasn't a problem! Got my ticket, and a seat on the Landrover-pulling-carriages that was the shuttle, and off we went...
...and when we got there I looked up to find that the driver had a handful of starlings! Very cool... 🐦

Had a wander around the stones. You go the other way now - not widdershins any more! - and actually something about it does feel more open to the sky. Or maybe that was just the rain keeping the crowds away! Still busy, mind.
Back on an ordinary shuttlebus, and wandered through the exhibition, which is very nicely done. They've done a good job of placing the stones in thre wider landscape, and over time, I think, and there's a brill 360 degree screen so that you stand in the midle of the circles over time...

Then through the shop and finally a bite to eat at the cafe - which I'm amused to see is still all sausage rolls and sandwiches! Right - I'd better go brave the weather and carry on east...🚗
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Missed a day already, that's no good... Especially because yesterday I finished work early and took myself off on a jaunt...
2014-10-03 30Passage2 2014-10-03 30Passage3 2014-10-03 31Chimneys2
...which ended up being very autumn-ish and just a bit halloween-y... *g*

I headed south... )
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Woke up with a stonking headache this morning, which seems unfair after yesterday! But then I do forget that the day after CST is often like that - things hurt a bit more for a bit, before settling down properly... well, cross fingers it's only a day anyway. So I've ended up taking a sick-day from work (reading from a computer for hours on end would not be a good idea!) and am going to do tension-busting things like catching up with this that and the other. First off - back to my Roman adventure at Chedworth and my Celtic sojourn to Rollright... *g*

So, we were in the original west wing of the villa in my last post, which included a bathhouse and mosaics everywhere...
2014-07-14 01ChedworthBaths

If we walk this way to the nymphaeum... )

Day 31 - London baby!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 12:18 am
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Happy things today are London-related, because that's where I am, and ever it's a very cool place to be - even if it's for work!

Big old Victorian hotel!
31 2014-06-02 00Hotel

Staircase in big old Victorian hotel... )
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Well, it had to happen - today I turned my nose for home...

I drove down Yorkshire roads, and down Lincolnshire roads...
DSC_8207 YorksRoads DSC_8218LincsRoads

But I did manage one final castle... )
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Aha! Not just a service when I wanted to stop on the way east/south, but an actual coffee shop (Cafe Amore) with wifi! Perfick... *g* So, here's where I was yesterday...
Started here, in Whitby:
DSC_8084sherlockcafebackroom DSC_8083sherlockcoffeebooth
A Sherlock-themed cafe! The decoration was very C19 cool anyway (I didn't even notice those skates on the middle pic... *g*) but I got to sit in the wee booth at the back, where I could imagine all sorts of clandestine assignations! *g*

Whitby morning... )
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First of all - what makes me happy today, is fast wireless internet here in the YHA and being able to post pictures properly again - hurrah!

But oh my word what a day - even though I left early, before even having breakfast, I still ended up not far away at 11.30am, and then there was a whole tangle-slurry around Edinburgh (stoopid big cities) and the only thing I had to eat all day was flapjack, and... and... blimey! I finally staggered into Whitby YHA at about quarter past nine... It's been one of those days where very little seemed to go right, somehow - I suppose every holiday needs one of them... But it wasn't all bad - look!

Good morning Nessie!
DSC_8004 LochNessMorning DSC_8005 LochNessiePerhaps
Could that be Nessie...? Or did I just need to put my glasses on and recognise a buoy when I saw one...? *g*

I got off early-ish... )

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