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The trouble with this relaxing lark, is that I'm getting behind..! I did manage a quick hack-track mile around sunset on Boxing Day.
2016-12-26 01BoxingDaySunset 2016-12-26 02BoxingDayThistle

2016-12-26 03BoxingDayVines 2016-12-26 04Murmuration

2016-12-26 05Murmuration 2016-12-26 06Blossoms
The last two sunset pics? I hope you can see the Somerset starling murmuration! I was so glad to have looked up at just the right moment, to see the biggest flock I've seen in real life passing over! Not quite as dramatic as the various famous photos, but they're there! I was at the other end of the fields, naturally, when they swooped in, and they were gone in a minute or so, but how fab!
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I actually finished two day's work in one! It turned out to be the best assignment I've had for ages - straight-forward proofreading rather than secondary-translating, good English, written by people who know what they're talking about and how to say it - bliss! It was even kind of interesting - and there was mention of fanspace. *g* Thank you, writers! I can have my whole weekend after all! *g*

Last set of pics like this for a while though - the temperature was on the rise today. Below freezing still when I got up, and for most of the day, but then the trees began to drip, and now it's 5C above freezing. *sighs sadly* No more clear night sky either, it's all cloud. But I managed to nip out before that happened, so...
2016-12-02 01FrozenFlowers 2016-12-02 02FrozenFlowers

2016-12-02 03Frostlinedleaves 2016-12-02 04FrozenFlower

2016-12-02 05Flower 2016-12-02 06Web

And - my flist is full of Pros-y gorgeousness, my dreamy Pros-y card is right in front of me (and I have time to email the artist now!), and - it's the weekend! *vbg* I've no idea what I'm going to do yet, but it's December, so it will involve Pros, and Christmas-y things, which is good. *g*

Happy weekend!
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I thought I was so sleepy last night, and then I couldn't sleep at all, so that I woke up all slow and unslept this morning (except that I obviously had slept, since I woke up, but you know what I mean!) So today started behind, and I knew I had a long-ish document and then another medium-sized one, adding up to more than the average bear for one day, and I'd rather stupidly booked a haircut today, cos I kept swiping hair out of my eyes yesterday and it really bugged me, and... ack! But actually, even though I only just finished work a wee while ago (and it's dot-on-midnight as I type this), things turned out okay... My long document turned out to be about dinosaurs - wheeee! And I got to my hair appointment on time.

And when I decided I'd have coffee and tiramisu slice because glump, my coffee came out looking like apple art. *g*
2016-11-25 01Coffee

Then it turned out... )

Ethereal little fairy-floss fluffs, all delicate pink with the sunset...
2016-11-25 08CottonCandyPlant 2016-11-25 09CottonCandyPlant

2016-11-25 11CottonCandySunset 2016-11-25 10CottonCandySunset
...and all curls and waves... I have no idea what they are, but I was rather taken with them!

ETA - it's Traveller's Joy (or Old Man's Beard), the seed-fluffs of the common clematis - thank you [ profile] unbelievable2!

And then of course I had to come home and finish work, but actually that was okay too, cos I was looking out for Pros-y things at the same time, and all was good! And now it's le weekend! *g* This weekend there must be writing! And reading. Lots of reading. *sighs happily*
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So... which silly sausage decided she wanted to see the lunar eclipse last night, even though it didn't start 'til nearly 2am? And got an hour and a bit's sleep, then bounded out of bed, rugged up, and proceeded to spend the next three hours actually standing in the cold, camera in hand, just a bit mesmerised by it all? I may have taken 672 photos... well, it kept me busy. *g* And oooh, the moon! And the night sky! It was an amazingly clear night - and in those three hours there was not just a total lunar eclipse, but three shooting stars, the Milky Way, and a bat come to check me out where I shouldn't be at that hour of the night... *g*

Of course now it's work time, but when you go to bed at 6am, chilled to the core (I was fine for the first two hours, it was the last one that got me) and are up again at 10am... well... posting about it seems like a much better idea to start with. Cos wake up! So... let's see...
TheMoonNight MilkyWay MoonReturn11Cloud
If you click through, that's the Milky Way you can just about see in the first pic - and in the second pic a wee cloud blew through the night just as the moon was about to appear to full again, and I cursed it slightly... but I rather like it. The earth's shadow is somehow over the clouds, too! *g*

Lunar Eclipse... )
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Back to the ordinary Virtual Office... I had a cunning plan for yesterday's virtual office, which was to take the day off Job 1 and dedicate it instead to Writing Virtual Office! This was slightly scuppered by going to bed at 2am the night before, so that I started even later, and then having many other niggling tasks that niggled at me to get done instead... Also I made the mistake of deciding to start with a Round Robin chapter, and got all tangled up in plot-disentangling to the point that I needed to wait, which threw me a bit... But I did writing-plotting, which counts, and I did actually write just over 200 words of another fic before I got caught up in wondering what the point of the story was (cos even PWPs have to have a kind of a point), and then getting tangled up in a Job 2.2 deadline (it's never really over, Job 2, it just pauses now and then...), so... not quite as planned, but there were bits of writing. And Job 1 is quiet, so there's gonna be next Wednesday too. *g* Anyway - today!
There will be much working, in time to finish for my hair-fix at 5.00. Even though I'm starting late. Hmmn...

Oh, in other news - just before I went to bed at... um... 2am... last night I nipped out for more Perseids and there were - half a dozen bright ones in just ten minutes or so, all golden-flared and with trails, including a double one! I've never seen one like that before, how fab! This is all those science fiction worlds being true... *g* We're scheduled to be really really cloudy for a day or so, sadly... Speaking of which, Accuweather tells me it's going to rain in exactly five minutes (11.35am) and stop at 12.05pm. I'm watching... *g*

How're you?

ETA - There is no rain! Honestly, it calls itself a minute-by-minute forecast... although I will grant you that we seem to be on the very tippy-edge of the rain patch according to their radar... next attempt at 12.36 apparently. I hope so - my wee pots need watering!

Today's Stuff )


Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 11:08 pm
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I ran out because there was a really low plane passing by a little while ago - really low - and, you know, I like interesting things, and as I looked up, a shooting star flashed across the corner of my eye and I remembered that it was Perseids night. It wasn't very dark yet, but there were a scattering of stars, and I thought oooh - and then was distracted by a big flash of light to the south-east. I turned to see that, but all I could see was a trail of smoke higher in the sky. Turned around again to look for Perseids, and there was another flash behind me. Wandered out past the outbuildings towards clearer skies, wondering if someone had fireworks out, but - nothing more. Turned and wandered back towards the house, and saw the brightest shooting star I've ever seen - and orange, actually orange-golden. That was heading south too, come to think of it! I watched for a bit longer, because it's the most beautiful, balmy-breezed night, but not only did I not see any more shooting stars, but I realised that cloud was drifting in - from the east. Gargh! I have a feeling tonight would have been really really something... maybe the cloud'll blow over... *sighs*

Has anyone else seen Perseids tonight? (Or mysterious flashes of light or streaks of smoke, or...? *g*)

ETA - and there was an even lower plane, and I went to see how low (reeeeally low...) and the cloud had blown past and the stars were out, and I lay back on my car's bonnet and gazed up... I saw half a dozen more really bright ones, and flashes of more ordinary ones. The bright ones are really golden tonight, though!

Oh, and I was buzzed by a bat. *vbg*

(And now I'm trying to think of lads-under-the-stars fic... *g* I've written some, but there must be others... *g*)

And now that I'm warmed up a bit and have pulled on me leggings and cardi and big socks, I'm just going to nip outside again for a bit...

ETA II - also, you can see the dust trails that slash after them, for just a second longer than the light, they're there... *sighs happily*
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On my way to NT volunteering this morning, before a full day's work this afternoon and then getting ready for tomorrow's Job 2.2 all-day online meeting, I suddenly realised that last weekend, which I messed up by working in, were the last days I'd have off for about six weeks - ack! I'm hoping to at least have some quieter days in there, I must catch up on lj, and I'm desperate to escape to a beach for just a few hours, but in the meantime I found this via the dread fb. There's always books. Phew!

How brilliant and happy-making is that? *vbg*

*wanders off back to work*...
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...cos look how pretty it was outside at twenty to ten tonight... *g*
132 LateEveningSkies
Not only that, but I went to archery - and shot rubbish, but it was at new distances - 30m and then 50m - instead of 20! Every second time I go there's a different condition to shoot under though, I don't have time to... to settle into it - ack. On the bright side, chappy didn't shout at me this time, and was in fact quite friendly. Also I came home and actually finished that piece of work, so now I'm a day ahead, which is where I wanted to be so that I can have Thursday "off" (not really off, just off on unpaid work - induction for NT volunteering... though they will teach me how to claim my travel expenses, and I think I might at this one cos it's a proper half-hour's drive away, not ten minutes up the road like Wimpole was).

Okay, and now I'm rabbiting on when the other thing I meant to post was this - today's NASA apod. I love this...
Credit to Damia Bouic You can click through to the big version, but if you can't be bothered - on the left is the sunset from Earth, and on the right is the sunset from Mars! And the Martian sunset is blue, not red/orange like ours! Just imagine if you could see it though, even once... *sighs for a future that isn't here yet*
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Morning - happy eclipse, everyone who was under it! This was going to be an entirely different post, about how it was cloudy, and my camera was broken, and I'd not sorted out glasses or even an old Pringles container... and then just as I was about to put out my porridge, there was a shout from the yard "Come and see this!" and I thought oooh - have they got viewers? And ack, cos no they didn't, but the sun was under cloud and they'd caught a glimpse under it and were looking... Don't look! I said, but it was too late by then, one girl said she'd been watching for three minutes... and then it turned out that when the cloud moved, you actually could get a half-visible shot on a phone cam (which is all I have left to me, right now - why didn't I think to fix my camera with the telescopic lens and remote control before the eclipse?), and then... well... I didn't look, but I couldn't resist aiming my own screen...
2015-03-10 01Eclipse 2015-03-10 02Eclipse

Too many eclipse pictures... )
I must admit that my eyes are bit sore, but I think that's because I woke up with a stonking headache again... *headdesk* I must also admit that I forgot I left my porridge on the stove, and... burnt porridge... *headdesk headdesk* But a far more fun eclipse experience than I'd been expecting! *vbg*

So - it's 10.30am, I've not started work, but I did have a Calor gas delivery and then a total solar eclipse going on before breakfast, so... *g* Right - the rest of today... Too much proofreading, but on the bright side it seemed reasonable when I started it yesterday, and in theory it's actually an interesting project this time - an assessment of LGBT+ rights in Europe!

Oh! And - and-and-and! I am officially an archer, because I went and joined the improver's group last night, and that means joining the archery club, and that means joining the Grand National Archery Society! And I got to shoot bare-bow (no sights, which is so much better for me...) and we got six arrow at a time rather than three, and... and... *vbg*
Happy Friday! And the sun's coming out in blue-skyed glory even! Now, if only my headache would go away...

The Work Plan... )
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There needs to be much more of this sort of thing around - so very beautifully shot, such a very beautiful boy, and you've gotta love someone so competent and in control of his body... as someone elsewhere suggested, there's a vague flavour of Jackdaw about him... *g*

I can haz comet!

Friday, January 16th, 2015 10:05 pm
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2015-01-16 01CometLovejoyISawIt (NasaPic)
Yeay! Okay, this is NASA's apod picture from the 2nd of December, and I definitely didn't see the spiral galaxy, and actually I didn't even see the comet looking like that either, but... I saw the fuzzy grey blob that is the comet through binoculars! Whoo-hoo! And thank you very much to [ profile] snailbones who saw it yesterday and described it as a fuzzy grey blob so that when I finally saw it I recognised it straight away. *vbg* I spent ages not looking in the right place, but I persevered with the various quite-vague-really charts I could find on t'interweb, and I found it! As soon as I did there was no mistaking it for a star either, which is what I thought I'd probably do.

So yeay - for the first time in my life, because I've missed all the other ones, including the apparently spectacular Hale-Bopp (*sniffs*) - I've seen a comet, zooming its way across the universe! *vbg*
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Today's NASA apod (definitely worth looking at full-screen).

And here's Erik Wernquist who put it together...

It makes me want to re-read The Cook and the Warehouseman, and Echo, and all the other Pros science fiction stories, and get started on the Science Fiction reading challenge (which I'm not doing until January, despite the fact that I haven't managed to read a single Christmas book in December yet (I've been finishing up other things - and starting a local bookgroup book...) Ack! Too much to read, too little time... but gorgeous vids to watch in the meantime...
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Well, this may be a mistake, based on recent experience, but... hello. *g* It's Sunday. It's wet outside (but not cold), and... *gulps nervously*... *whispers*... I've finished Job Two for the session. Yes, again. (To be fair I accepted a contract for the next bit of Job Two, which will go on until around November, but that generally comes in teeny-tiny bits and pieces, so that should be okay...). And this is my first weekend without any work of any kind since... May? Definitely May - before I'd even quit Dayjob, before I'd even been on holiday. A work-free weekend! Nothing even lurking! Wheeeee!

And I can walk again. And drive. And do all the exercises on my physio sheet, finally... I'm even de-stapled, and - lushness of all lushness - allowed to take showers again. Two weeks of doing that thing where you hover one leg outside the bathtub, wishing you were brave enough to just cover it with plastic and hope for the best, and also that you're not about to slip and break your neck on top of everything else, was far too long... I'm still hobbly, but it's getting better at last. I can walk up and downstairs! Yeay!

I am in the mood for Wonderful Things, so here are some... *g*
2013-08-25 01WonderfulThings-SolarImpulseGlider 2013-08-25 02WonderfulThings-MSTranorPlanetSola
(from Today's Observer)

People doing really good things in the world - sensationalist headline or none... I so need to hear about more things like this.

A snippet from Fair's Point, the next Astreiant book by Melissa Scott! Still too far away (next spring) but it's coming! Good books are a Wonderful Thing. *g*

There's something scary about this report, following the detention of David Miranda, but the scariness is what people will do with it - the thing itself pretty amazing:
The principle of laser spying is comparatively simple. The conversation inside a room moves the air; the air moves the windows. A laser beam aimed at the window will shift slightly in wavelength as the window moves. By tracking that shift, the movement of the window can be inferred – yielding the original conversation.
Now, if our lads hadn't retired by now, I guess they would have known all about it... and hopefully not be on the scary side...

Currently one of my favourite vids. It's like looking at a patch in the night sky, then putting your glasses on and looking at a patch in the night sky, then looking through binoculars at the same patch, then a telescope... there are just more and more stars and wonderful things to see every time. And then... the Hubble Deep Field...

Okay, not quite finally for now. Finally for now, my camera's telephoto lens is a Wonderful Thing too. It's not good, because it was taken out of my window, hand-held, without much thought, but how amazing is it that the picture I ended up with shows craters on the moon, actually as craters on the moon (over by the edge - the "lunar terminator)?
2013-07-19 02Moonshot
Imagine if I bought a tripod... *g* I've decided that one of the next goals of my life is going to be taking those amazing pictures of the Milky Way at night...

And catch up with emails. And probably go and have another shower... and drive somewhere. And walk up and downstairs a few times. Just cos I can. *g*
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I spent years when I was a kid, wishing I could see even a picture of the aurora borealis (or australis, for that matter... *g*) And now there's this - set to music, even! Ain't the future grand?

I miss going out at night and looking up to see this... *sighs* Maybe I should move to the Shetlands... *g*

(Courtesy of the Astronomy Picture of the Day again...)
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And another wonderful space-y thing, via apod - the asteroid that went shooting past us on the same day that a meteor didn't...

It might not look like much as a video, but if you think about it... *g*


Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 01:10 pm
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Nooooo - they stole my idea and cast the wrong two blokes! (Okay, our lads wouldn't have been vicious, but they were going to be our odd couple living together in London... *sighs*)

Speaking of our lads living together... I am soooo failing at NaNoWriMo right now... I should have known that trying to write at the same time as organising a Pros-y holiday, at the same time as all the challenges are supposed to be going up, at the same time as... well, you get the picture. Perhaps it was never going to work... But still... if I can just get our hol sorted (only 3 more sleeps to go!) and Dialj up, then perhaps I'll be able to writewritewrite for the rest of the month... after all, I've written 50,000 words in a month twice before - surely it's time to up the challenge and try it in three weeks... *headdesk*

On a happier note (though actually I'm fairly happy - this only working 2 jobs lark is nice... *g*) - how gorgeous is this picture?
Winner of the GDT European wildlife photographer of the year 2012. I rather suspect this is the BP Wildlife Photographer of the Year that was - the same exhibition that sent me off to Denali National Park looking for the northern lights in September... and a whole new life! *looks back at old new life from current new life... and sighs*

How're you all doing? Is anyone still out there...?

Analemma, eh?

Thursday, September 20th, 2012 09:45 am
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I've always wondered about this, and never got around to doing anything methodical to answer my question, but so many other people have that there's a name for it - an analemma! How cool is this though, the pattern in the sky that the sun makes, if you photograph it at the same time of day over the period of the year... If I move house and find myself a spot I could do this from, I'm so going to photograph an analemma next year (and figure out how to make it into a cool picture like this...)! *g*

(Pic from Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day of course - today! *g*

Analemma, eh?

Thursday, September 20th, 2012 09:45 am
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I've always wondered about this, and never got around to doing anything methodical to answer my question, but so many other people have that there's a name for it - an analemma! How cool is this though, the pattern in the sky that the sun makes, if you photograph it at the same time of day over the period of the year... If I move house and find myself a spot I could do this from, I'm so going to photograph an analemma next year (and figure out how to make it into a cool picture like this...)! *g*

(Pic from Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day of course - today! *g*
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From Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day today - Christian Mülhauser's vid of the aurora... When I was a kid in Australia I desperately wanted to see one, or at least to see a picture of one that was better than the black and white blur in the Encyclopaedia. Now we have this...

This was filmed in Norway, but it makes me miss Alaska!

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