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It feels like forever since I was properly on lj (ie, wittering away... *g*) but today is a gorgeously blue-skyed Sunday when I should be outside doing useful things, and I am feeling lazy enough to look forward to spending it inside doing random things. *g* Well, there may be a garden centre visit later, and there will probably be finally-planting-the-plants-I-bought... *g*

I've been re-importing my DW back-up journal (which will need doing again after this post of course!), but so is everyone else because it's taking forever this time (and I had to remember my password first, too - *headdesk*) I've had emails about people "subscribing" and "adding" me to their DWs, and I shall add back as soon as it's finished doing its thing. I'm still undecided about whether I'll actually use it - and even its use as an archive if my lj actually vanishes is dubious, because my posts generally involve images and those would vanish with lj. But of course I don't want to lose people... Do feel free to add me over there if you have a DW and want to keep in touch, and we'll see how it goes if the time comes I suppose.

So - where were we otherwise?

I'd bought a new sound system (well... *g*), and was looking forward to my new telephone... )

More dramatic skies.
DSC_4063 2017-04-01 DramaticSkies DSC_4078 2017-04-01 DramaticSkies2

Visit to a garden centre which led to the discovery of a local archaeological site and museum...
DSC_4084 2017-04-02 RomanFaceMosaic
Shades of The Secrets Beneath! Sadly they've finished digging the villa itself (they've been working on the site for nearly forty years!), but they're excavating the stable block, and I'm actually thinking of taking myself up there over the Easter weekend to help out. It's been ages since I've done any digging, and there's the actual possibility of finding stuff here, which would be nice for a change!

Spring has continued to be sprung... )
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Just a quickie, and not the post I've been trying to make for the last few days (with added photos), but because there is probably going to be yet another round of teeth-gnashing about it... Lj's new terms of service, of course.

I'm not entirely happy with the new terms of service, but only because I can't actually read the original version of them. To put that in context, however, I wasn't entirely happy with the old terms of service (the US-based ones) where I was also supposed to sign all my rights to a governmental jurisdiction that I wasn't allowed to have any say in, and that often legislated against things (ironically freedoms) that I believed in.

There was an element of protection via EU laws, some of which officially superceded some of the US laws I was less comfortable with, as a member of the EU. That is also shortly going to be taken away from me (and any other UK lj-ers).

On top of that, of course, the recent change in the US government has been for the worse, regarding people's freedoms and rights, and I feel less comfortable with it now than I did previously.

So - when it comes down to it, I don't feel any worse off, I've signed the agreement and will still be here. I'm hoping that other people will be too, but sadly I suspect not. And now I have to dash to work, but I hope I see you around!
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On the last minute as always, but hey-ho - it's a minute! *g* Now - can I be Very Clever Indeed and watch my original dvds on the telly, and simultaneously play the new Network version on my laptop for taking screencaps? (Turns out, yes I could - but not clever enough to manage more than the first fifteen minutes or so of the ep - *headdesk* Ah well, here it is!)

We start with the nasty Tony Temple-Blake himself, dictating to his (presumably) long-suffering secretary (?) I've read people in this Watch saying the villains are a bit over-blown in this ep, but I've got to admit I've never thought that. I can quite believe their nasty self-confidence and inflated self-importance, and the way they don't even question whether they have the right to treat those with less power poorly just so that they can turn a higher profit. And they seem completely realistic when you think about what we have seen going on in the upper eschelons of "business" - end of the NHS, anyone? Grrrr...

Hee - Bodie's I'm a disco man meself is a thing of beauty (as many other people have said *g*) - but I also like Doyle's "he's quite good with a bayonet"... *vbg*
01 B DiscoManMeself 02 HesQuiteGoodWithABayonet

Cowley immediately jumps... )

But bum - that's as far as I've got in the hour I had before bed. I forgot how long it takes to screencap-as-you-go! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow, but stick with writing the story rather than screencapping my rambling thoughts... It was nice to have a reason to watch even a bit of our lads though... and think of what pretty pictures they make. *g*
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On Friday, I became a grown-up - I now have my very own internet connection, complete with router and all the bars showing on my laptop and phone, and a monthly bill... Wow. It also comes with a telephone, which is something else I've not had for about twenty years, and will finally let my mum phone me (rather than me doing my nut when she calls on the mobile, cos international mobile call! and calling her back on Skype). This entails me actually having to go out and buy a telephone, which I don't remember having to do before (remember the days when you moved house and it came with a telephone?) Anyway, I browsed and browsed, and very quickly came across something that made me swoon slightly and want it, and I've spent the last two days trying to buy one. I could have bought one in the shop I originally saw it in - but it was about 33% more expensive than anywhere else, so I hunted and hunted... Turns out that shop deserves the extra cash for actually stocking it, but it still makes me wince, so I've finally given up and ordered it online. I can collect it on Tuesday - wheee! There will be pics. *g*

Thing is, while I was checking out the telephone, I came across something else that made me swoon and go I want, and that turned out to be available in a local shop, and having had a reasonably stressful start to 2017 I decided bugger it and went out and treated myself. And this is what I bought... *g*
DSC_3973 2017-03-26 NewMusicSystem DSC_3979 2017-03-26 MSsingle

DSC_3982 2017-03-26 Dial DSC_3985 2017-03-26 TurntableDial
Okay, it didn't actually come with MS's single, but that's the only record I've got, and I had to try it out... I did think I had LC's single too, but I can't find it anywhere, so maybe I'm misremembering... or maybe it'll turn up. *g*

What actually sold me on the thing was that not only does it have a cassette player, but you can record from the turntable, cd and cassette player onto usb - finally, I can save all my old tapes that won't be released onto cd or anything! I've been thinking about getting something separate to play music on for ages, cos it's such a faff via computer and speakers that I rarely do it - it was so nice to just go and turn it on, pick out what I wanted to play (using my eyes) and then play it. Retro bliss! *g* And I can turn the dial for the volume, and move the switches to match the words to change source, and... and... and I don't have to faff with the laptop and opening files, and turning on bluetooth and matching devices and turning on the speaker and... just on - eyes - choose - play! I love technology, just... in its place, where I need it to be, not trying to do too much and falling over its own legs. *g*

Saturday and lads

Saturday, March 25th, 2017 11:36 pm
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I have an extra day off again (Monday) - hurrah! I ab dot a code wod I caughd from liddle A, oo was snodding me all ober ebery day lasd week - boo, cos I thought I might nip away for an overnighter somewhere, but I don't like to do that if I'm gonna spread germs... But maybe it'll go away tomorrow... The other flip side of having an extra day off is that Mrs is home for the rest of the week, and mother's help is always more difficult than sole-charge nanny (and R will certainly play up to it...) On the other side, Mrs has booked R in for an extra day of school after Easter, so I'll have three days a week with just wee A, which will be nice. And that's enough about work! What I really wanted to post was one of these... *g*
I can't decide when this was taken... at the end of an op, when they've both realised it's all over and safe? Bodie's looking sort of grimly satisfied and Doyle is looking thoughtful... perhaps he's not sure the baddie deserved to die this time (like with Mickey Hamilton) - although he doesn't look as angry as he usually looks in that situation... Dunno - what do you think? *g*
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DSC_3918 2017-03-22 Sunset
Had to run and get my camera, kiddies trailing behind... *g*


Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 11:04 pm
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Rain coming...
DSC_3908 2017-03-21 RainComing DSC_3913 2017-03-21 RainComingGates
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I don't seem to have a spring icon - very remiss of me, because it's definitely spring. Today was a going-out-and-exploring day, and so I headed for my new most-local National Trust place - Stowe, which is about half an hour away. It was a not-sure day, all grey clouds with flashes of blue, and not cold but looking as if it should be...

The visitor centre is actually beside what was once basically the pub that catered for people going to visit Stowe's landscaped gardens - New Inn is all its called, but in fact they've done a lovely job of setting the rooms up just as I imagine they might have been. Look - Doyle left his jacket slung over the chairback while he had dinner with Bodie... *g*
DSC_3823 2017-03-19 StoweParlourJacket DSC_3828 2017-03-19 StoweTwoJackets
And their coats, hanging up beneath the stairs. I suspect they took rooms for the night, don't you? They may not have used them both, of course... *g*

I imagine one of them... )

A bit of park life

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 11:29 pm
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Such a glorious day today - shame I forgot that white sauce has milk in it, and ate with the kids on Monday... *headdesk* Seem to have got the headache mostly overnight though, was grumbly-headed but awake this morning, and by lunchtime it had sorted itself out, so phew. Cos how beautiful was the weather today?!
DSC_3804 2017-03-15 NPparkdaffs DSC_3816 2017-03-15 ParkLife

Have a sunset. *g*
DSC_3820 2017-03-15 Sunset

And there's only one more day to work before my bonus Friday off - and I don't have to drive for three hours unless I really really want to! There's even a chance I can put away some more of these boxes and piles of stuff. Well, find an away for them to be put to. *g* I suspect that Ikea will be involved... Although cooker cleaning will also sadly be involved, cos I tried to use the grill this evening, and little bits of black stuff fell on my food, which was potato cakes, meaning that it couldn't be ignored... *sighs* Surely I must have cleaned everything in this place by now?!

But I don't care - one more day, with R at school so A and me can play (which backfires when R comes home and A is cross cos I can't give her all the attention any more), and then hurrah!

Also, following Fiorenza's recent post at [ profile] the_safehouse I pulled out Jigsaw Puzzle to re-read for the umpteenth time, and am thoroughly enjoying it all over again, so yeay. *g*
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...and I miss this in my flist (still, again *g*).

So - right now, right this moment, what's your favourite Pros ep, and when did you last watch it, and what's your favourite Pros fic? *g*

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Although specifically at this moment I'm in bed, looking out the window at a gum tree in the grey morning light. In Somerset. One of these weekends I'm going to do something nice in Bucks. But not this one or next weekend, cos I can't quite fit the remaining stuff in my car after all (rats!) and I've still got all the plants from the garden to bring up. I'd forgotten how big some of the pots were... But have a pic from yesterday, just cos.

DSC_3732 2017-03-04 BirdsOnTheWire
It was on the way to the recycling place, there were dozens and dozens of birds in a tree, and then even more lined up along the wire, waiting for their turn... Not exciting, I know, but they were fun. *g*

Went to see Logan with sci-fi friend last night, and it wasn't at all what I'd been expecting from the trailers, which was a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film - turned out to be in the X-Men franchise, which I'd only seen the first couple of, and was basically a Wolverine film. Much slashing of stuff, talking about regretting it and killing being bad, and then going on to slash and kill more stuff. It kept my attention, but it was all a bit same-y and definitely for people who knew more of the character background. Oh well - still fun to see a movie!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend... *g*
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The sun is rising before 7am these days - hurrah! I know, because on Tuesdays I see it... *yawwwns for 6.45am start*
DSC_3729 2017-02-28 6-55amSunrise
And just to get back on topic a bit - I'm imagining the lads watching this sunset together... where do you reckon they'd be? *g*
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Way back when I was in Cambs., a friend moved to the other side of the world, and I said I'd try to find homes for some of the zines she had. I've asked various people, and mentioned them intermittently online, but no one's been interested. They've moved with me from Cambs. to Wookey Hole to my annexe, but this time if no one wants them they're going to have to go to the great recycler in the... well, that truck thing that comes. *g* So - is anyone interested in taking them off my hands, or shall I just consign them? You've got until my last night in this annexe to let me know, but preferably sooner rather than later, especially as I'm not yet sure when that's going to be...

X-Files slash
Multi story zines, mainly M/K but one or two stories are M/Sk or Sk/K
Double eXposure
Indecent eXposure
Over eXposure

Sympathy for the Devil by Sarah Bellum (M/K)
Heads & Tails by M Fae Glasgow (multistory zine mainly M/Sk but two M/K)
Out of the Dark by Kassandra (M/Sk)

Stargate SG-1 (all J/D)
Fallen by Sideburns a collection of Descended Daniel stories (Fall to Heaven, The Long and
Live in Loves Flame by Pantha

Let me know! *g*
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For [ profile] loxleyprince, who dashed me a prompt when I asked for one - the lads in a Capri in the middle of that river in Newport Pagnell park! Thank you!

Snowdrops on the River Bank )
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DSC_3555 2017-02-03 LittleTree DSC_3556 2017-02-03 LittleTreeBranches
Well, it's raining outside alright! It's been blustery all day again, and I even had to go out in it, but that was okay. *g* And from next week, I'm going to get to go out in it all the time! Well, sort of - I'll be back in the world, not so tucked away! *g*

I gave in and bought a paper shredder today. I used to have one, and gave it to my mum, and I must admit it's a handy thing (when you've got lots of teaching/named documents etc., not just for all those receipts. *g*) And so this afternoon I shredded and shredded and shredded and still have loads to shred! I must sort out those old laptops too, I really can't cart them to another house, especially a smaller one... (*waffles and rambles*)

So... it's my first day off proofreading, and I'm already feeling more write-y - hurrah! I have my [ profile] picfor1000 prompt, and I actually like it this year, which I haven't for ages (not to be ungrateful, but poker chips and American football were kind of meh for me, I'm afraid... although I did get something out of the wheelie bins!) This years is all moody and atmospheric, though. *g*

I'm eyeing the Big Bang of course, but I dunno... On the one hand, more time = hurrah, but on the other hand, the random stoat thing just throws me every time I glance at the comm...! And I'm planning to write long fic anyway, so...?! Dunno.

What else can I waffle about when I should be shredding again...? Can't believe tomorrow's my last full day here! Oh, my wee annexe! It was the last book group last night too - and bless 'em they gave me a card with a book token in it, which is of course one of my favourite presents, every time, so that was a nice surprise. *g*

And now I am just waffling for no reason but to bore you silly. Okay - shredding...
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SecretRiver-KateGrenvilleI can't believe this is the first book I'm posting about this year, but then there's been alot going on. I have been reading, but mostly comfort-reading (Astreiant, at the moment). But The Secret River was the first book in 2017 for my book group, and my last one for them, of course, so it had to be squeezed in!

London, 1806 - William Thornhill, happily wedded to his childhood sweetheart Sal, is a waterman on the River Thames. Life is tough but bearable until William makes a mistake, a bad mistake for which he and his family are made to pay dearly. His sentence: to be transported to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. Soon Thornhill, a man no better or worse than most, has to make the most difficult decision of his life.

The Secret River is... )
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Well that woke me up - my alarm went off, I spent a while working out that it was Sunday, went to find tablets I'd left in kitchen, tripped over music stand, music papers up in the air and everywhere, took tablet, clumped back towards bed, stubbed toes really badly on underbed drawer, hopped around for a few minutes, fell back into bed... *headbed*

DSC_3546 2017-01-28 DiscworldEmporiumBagYesterday was quite nice, though I didn't get any tidying up done at all, and I'd meant to go through and get rid of all the old paperwork I've got lying around and really don't need... I'd invited a book-group mate over for dinner, so went off to find a couple of ingredients. Ended up going to the supermarket via completely the opposite direction, to pay a last visit to the Discworld Emporium. I may have made a purchase, which I fell in love with when I saw on their webpage - a pin in the shape of Terry's hat, with Mind how you go on the back. *g* Very much a treat, but I thought it might be a nice reminder of Somerset years, and his hat is part of other things in my life too. The chap behind the Ankh-Morpork Post Office counter in the Emporium is fab. At one point the phone rang, and he answered it loudly "Attila the Hun, House Removals?" There was a pause, and everyone in the shop listened with huge grins. "They hung up," he said. "They always do that..." *vbg* And when I made my purchase he gave me three humbugs for the journey, and drew a picture on the bag he put my stuff in. *g*

It was such a gorgeous day that I really enjoyed my Somerset drive (though I really shouldn't have taken the time). The skies were amazing - beautiful blue in some directions, but with wonderful clouds in others, and light pouring this way and that... I love the star in the clouds!
DSC_3533 2017-01-28 CloudStarClose DSC_3539 2017-01-28 SunSky
I cooked a late-Burns-night-haggis-type-dinner (cos the veggie ones were on sale the other day, and I bought one) for bookgroup friend, which turned out to be Haggis pie (well, sort of - you cook haggis neeps and tatties, then layer them in a dish and top with cheese (lactose-free, it said - cross fingers!) and cook for another 40 minutes or so, with onion-whisky sauce. Completely worth the faffing, it was very tasty (go Delia)! And then whisky and marmalade bread and butter pudding for dessert, which was way lighter than it sounds, and also really delicious (go BBC Good Food). *g* And it was nice chatting and having her be positive for me about the sudden move and all, so that was good!

Arrival-film-posterOn Friday night I went to see Arrival with another bookgroup friend. It seemed a little slow on the one hand, but on the other hand it was also intriguing and tense and interesting, and kept me wanting to know. And the aliens were amazing - and not as much like the 456 as I'd expected from seeing the trailer originally. Anyone else seen it?

And today - today I will deal with piles of old paperwork and things that I don't really need or have meant to tidy into smaller spaces since I got here. It's gonna be fine. Well, except that my toes hurt..!
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[ profile] caffyolay gave me Top Five books for an entry, and so that's what this will be! Except - so hard! Well, sort of... I mean, book series count, right...? *g* Also, major caveat, these are my current top-five, and I reserve the right to change them at any time! Plus, in a random order as I think of them.

1. Jackdaw by K.J. Charles (and, you know, the other Charm of Magpie books in the series *g*)

2. Point of Hopes (and Point of Knives, Point of Dreams and Fair's Point) by Lisa Barnett and Melissa Scott
PointOfHopesCover PointOfKnivesCover PointOfDreamsCover

3. Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series...

4. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (well of course)

5. The Persian Boy by Mary Renault (which of course has a sequel... *g*)

The fifth one was so hard to choose! I thought maybe I shouldn't include any more of my current favourite re-reads, but on the other hand, what's a re-read if not a favourite book? So then it should have been the Mathey/Lynes books by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold, or Joanna Chambers' Enlightenment books or the Society of Gentlemen trilogy by K.J. Charles.. But then just cos I haven't re-read them lately... hmmn... Joanna Harris' Chocolat or Blackberry Wine? Or oh, I used to love Mists of Avalon by Marion Bradley... or... or... oh, just gosh! And that's not counting all the other books on my bookshelf where I thought oh-I-loved-that-I-must-read-that-again-soon... But I guess the above are my go-to books for re-reading. I might be re-reading the Points books right now, in fact... *g* I've got quite comfort-read-y over the last years too, so I do re-read even more than I used to. I can probably blame fanfic for that gorgeous bad habit...

What about you - what's your favourite book?
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Only one taker for the meme in the end, but thanks to [ profile] solosundance, here are my top five Pros eps (not that that was pretty inevitable or anything... *g*) Hmmn...
Oh, I know - lets do it this way. You can have a pic from each of my top five eps but no title, and see who can tell which ones they are... *g* Shouldn't be very hard, really!

D ConcentrateDefusing

BD on road

BD Stakeout

BD bystairs

BD undertrees
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At least I think it's a meme. I finished my first doc and made the mistake of coming back to where there's interwebs, and then of clicking on Friends of Friends, which I don't do very often, and I think the meme is that you ask people to give you a subject, and then you list your top five things in that subject. Actually, according to someone's post from seven years ago (seven years ago!), it goes:

Top Five! Ask me for my top five list of anything and I shall respond. Then go forth and do the same.

So... shall we? *g* We could have lots of top-five posts scattered all over our flists, and find out stuff about each other. It could be fun, right?!

Look - five wee pics of our lads, to start us off with fives!

And five other randomly-chosen pics from my scrapbook.
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