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I don't seem to have a spring icon - very remiss of me, because it's definitely spring. Today was a going-out-and-exploring day, and so I headed for my new most-local National Trust place - Stowe, which is about half an hour away. It was a not-sure day, all grey clouds with flashes of blue, and not cold but looking as if it should be...

The visitor centre is actually beside what was once basically the pub that catered for people going to visit Stowe's landscaped gardens - New Inn is all its called, but in fact they've done a lovely job of setting the rooms up just as I imagine they might have been. Look - Doyle left his jacket slung over the chairback while he had dinner with Bodie... *g*
DSC_3823 2017-03-19 StoweParlourJacket DSC_3828 2017-03-19 StoweTwoJackets
And their coats, hanging up beneath the stairs. I suspect they took rooms for the night, don't you? They may not have used them both, of course... *g*

I imagine one of them sitting down at this desk to pen an urgent note for London - to Cowley, of course... *g*
DSC_3831 2017-03-19 StoweWritingDesk DSC_3833 2017-03-19 StoweParlourKitchen
And the kitchen, where it all happened. Where what all happened? Well I don't quite know yet, but somehow it was such very strongly 1700s lads in this place that something must have happened... *vbg*

Here's the house itself, seen from the (long!) path from the New Inn.
DSC_3835 2017-03-19 StoweHouse DSC_3841 2017-03-19 StoweGardenFollies
It wound around the lake and the many follies and constuctions landscaped around...

There was a wee waterfall, with purple flowers...
DSC_3843 2017-03-19 StoweWaterfall DSC_3844 2017-03-19 StoweGardenDoor
...and a shadowy garden door in the woodlands...

I love the blue of these flowers...
DSC_3851 2017-03-19 StoweBlueFlowers DSC_3856 2017-03-19 StoweDaffs
...and the gorgeous yellow of the daffs!

Stowe house is actually a school (private, natch) but it was open for timed tours today, so I decided I should! My favourite room... *g*
DSC_3864 2017-03-19 StoweLibrary DSC_3865 2017-03-19 StoweLibraryBooks
The pics were taken upwards only, because it is actually the school library, and there were students at the desks (we were only allowed in briefly and quietly).

Stark lines and shining curves...
DSC_3869 2017-03-19 StoweHouseLines DSC_3870 2017-03-19 StoweChandelier

It was also - shades of MWnP - the school sports day, and there were refreshments being laid out for the parents and visitors (not us, unfortunately!)
DSC_3874 2017-03-19 StoweTeacups DSC_3877 2017-03-19 StoweMilkjugs
(Argh, I meant to straighten that first pic and forgot - now it's all uploaded and late at night and all...)

Just imagine this being your school - walking through these rooms just as a matter of course...
DSC_3878 2017-03-19 StoweDoorColours DSC_3881 2017-03-19 StoweDomeCorner'd definitely give you a particular view of the world, wouldn't it!

This is where the kids have dinner...
DSC_3898 2017-03-19 StoweSchoolDinners DSC_3899 2017-03-19 StoweSchoolHallway
...and here's a hallway...

I liked these figures at one of the windows, too.
DSC_3900 2017-03-19 StoweWindowFigures

Meanwhile outside, it was spring green - the other side of these blossoms was a golf course that the students clearly used at will! We saw what looked like Year 7s (11-12 years old) pulling golf carts around!
DSC_3901 2017-03-19 StoweGreenSpring DSC_3904 2017-03-19 StoweHouse
And another view of the house, across the water this time.

It was all nice and relaxing to wander around, like time out of time when there was nothing real to think about for just a while - lovely! And then I went and checked out a music shop (looking for a new fiddle teacher), braved Ikea but then didn't brave it after all, cos I couldn't face lugging home the size of the boxes I need, and then ventured into Waitrose and managed to come out having spent not much more than I meant to, this time. Honestly, supermarkets are deadly... Later I put in my first Riverford-here order, to try and avoid the supermarket-thing! And now I must to bed - I'm almost finished Jigsaw Puzzle, and after watching Runner last night, I carried on to watch A Hiding to Nothing tonight - it's nice to have some lads back in my world, too!
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