Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

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It has been a day - and I felt the need to go out with my camera once or twice. *g* The first time was when I got up - it was a bit chilly this morning! It was only 1C when I checked again around sunset, and I suspect it never got much higher, though it was nice and blue-sky-ed for most of the day.

DSC_3286-2017-01-03-2ColdSunflower DSC_3287-2017-01-03-3ColdFern

DSC_3304-2017-01-03-4TreeSunset DSC_3310-2017-01-03-5EveningMoonStar

The second time I went for a tromp around the hacktrack around sunset, and the third time was when work was being impossible and I wanted to play with something shiny. Then I remembered that the moon and evening star had been pretty shiny the night before, so... *g*

Must admit was feeling a bit glum... )

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