Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

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On the last minute as always, but hey-ho - it's a minute! *g* Now - can I be Very Clever Indeed and watch my original dvds on the telly, and simultaneously play the new Network version on my laptop for taking screencaps? (Turns out, yes I could - but not clever enough to manage more than the first fifteen minutes or so of the ep - *headdesk* Ah well, here it is!)

We start with the nasty Tony Temple-Blake himself, dictating to his (presumably) long-suffering secretary (?) I've read people in this Watch saying the villains are a bit over-blown in this ep, but I've got to admit I've never thought that. I can quite believe their nasty self-confidence and inflated self-importance, and the way they don't even question whether they have the right to treat those with less power poorly just so that they can turn a higher profit. And they seem completely realistic when you think about what we have seen going on in the upper eschelons of "business" - end of the NHS, anyone? Grrrr...

Hee - Bodie's I'm a disco man meself is a thing of beauty (as many other people have said *g*) - but I also like Doyle's "he's quite good with a bayonet"... *vbg*
01 B DiscoManMeself 02 HesQuiteGoodWithABayonet

Cowley immediately jumps... )

But bum - that's as far as I've got in the hour I had before bed. I forgot how long it takes to screencap-as-you-go! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow, but stick with writing the story rather than screencapping my rambling thoughts... It was nice to have a reason to watch even a bit of our lads though... and think of what pretty pictures they make. *g*

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