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I don't seem to have a spring icon - very remiss of me, because it's definitely spring. Today was a going-out-and-exploring day, and so I headed for my new most-local National Trust place - Stowe, which is about half an hour away. It was a not-sure day, all grey clouds with flashes of blue, and not cold but looking as if it should be...

The visitor centre is actually beside what was once basically the pub that catered for people going to visit Stowe's landscaped gardens - New Inn is all its called, but in fact they've done a lovely job of setting the rooms up just as I imagine they might have been. Look - Doyle left his jacket slung over the chairback while he had dinner with Bodie... *g*
DSC_3823 2017-03-19 StoweParlourJacket DSC_3828 2017-03-19 StoweTwoJackets
And their coats, hanging up beneath the stairs. I suspect they took rooms for the night, don't you? They may not have used them both, of course... *g*

I imagine one of them... )
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I thought today's colours were going to be pink and white, because wherever I turned on the hacktrack, there was pink and white - but actually, here's frothy white, buttercup yellow and clover purple, and then a blue so bright that I thought someone had dropped something plastic...
2016-05-30 01CowParsely 2016-05-30 02CowParselyFroth

2016-05-30 03ButtercupClover 2016-05-30 04Egg
...they hadn't though, it was a bird's egg, broken in the grass of the hack track!

And that second picture of the cow parsley, by the way? I was just standing straight in front of it, not bending, not tilting, not nothing - I just aimed my camera at eye level. *g*
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Still a day behind... Just went for a walk around the hack track yesterday - it's a river of cow parsley, the fields scattered with buttercups and dandelions, lovely! *g* It was also supposed to rain all day yesterday, but instead was the most gorgeous summer's day.
2016-05-28 1CountrysidePheasant 2016-05-28 2WhoMe

2016-05-28 3SnailHanging 2016-05-28 4RiverOfCowParsley
There are critters in three of these pics too, though I guess the horses aren't exactly wild countryside beasts. The one looking all who, me? actually had a mouthful of grass hanging down either side when I saw her, but I fumbled my lens cap and was too late!
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Today's blue has to be about the sky...
2016-05-04 01Blueskies 2016-05-04 02BlueSquareSky

2016-05-04 02Featherclouds 2016-05-04 04Sunset
... which was gorgeous all day! It's May!

Speaking of which - happy Star Wars Day! I always forget, even though I've always loved Star Wars. May the Fourth be with you!

And in a not-so surprising move... )

Midnight lambing!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 01:37 am
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Remember these guys, born just yesterday?
Well I was just about to finish up on my laptop and go to bed a bit early, listening to the wind get up a bit higher and being very very sleepy, when I heard clattering and clunking outside in the bit of shed-building that's almost attached to my bit and where Mrs Sheep and her two babes are currently ensconced. Oooh I thought, I wonder if something's gone over... hope the sheeps are okay... And I thought I'd better go and check, cos I'm a good girl. *g* It wasn't the wind though, it was Landlord, setting up a second sheep pen, because - on the night we're forecast rain and gales - the second of their four sheep had just decided to have her lamb, and it was already looking a bit peaky and mum was just being hungry not paying much attention, and do you need a hand with anything? says I? If you wouldn't mind helping us get them in, says Landlord, We need all the help we can get...

So off we tromped to the field in the dark, and picked up the lamb, and encouraged mumma along with sheep nuts and a good hold on her, and some encouraging shoves behind - she didn't want to come - and eventually managed to get them both indoors... and then she didn't seem at all interested in him... ... ...and we wondered whether to get the other two sheep in, just in case they chose the same lousy night... and we watched to see if mumma had another one coming, and whether lamb would start to feed, and it didn't, and the recommendations were after two hours give them a feed with a tube, and the time came and went, and Landlord decided to go for it, and it's not all dip-your-finger-in-milk-and-let-it-suckle, it's tube-down-the-throat-to-the-stomach stuff, which he took really well, and then we watched to see if he perked up... and then decided to get the other two sheepses into Landlord's garden at least, so they'd be closer anyway if they needed moving to the lambing shed, and... phew! And then mumma delivered her placenta, and Landlord was a goodun and cleaned it up for her (though she got a few nibbles in before that...)

Luckily the weather's held - it's been really windy, but it's almost balmy with it, not cold. Only - you see the trio of dots up there? That's where I suddenly heard lots of loud bleating from the lambing shed as I was typing this, and decided (again) that I'd better go check, and I was just peering in and trying to work out what was wrong, and realising that my back was getting really wet now cos the rain had come, when landlord appeared through the window on the other side, and realised what the problem was. The lamb I was looking at wasn't lamb, it was one of the day-old cousins who'd somehow got through from his pen to the new pen... So he rescued him, and here I am again, having even made up a hot water bottle after all, cos brrrr.

Phew! Mind you, now I feel like I live in Somerset... *g*
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The rain stopped around lunchtime, so I went for a walk in the blustery wind after all, and look what I found - a scattering of blossom, then a little crop of crocuses...
2015-03-29 04Blossom 2015-03-29 05Crocuses

...and then little sproutings of primroses and wild violets too!
2015-03-29 06PrimrosesViolets
But even more spring-like? The reason I went out in the first place - Landlady texted me to say one of their sheep had dropped two wee lambs, if I wanted to come and see... *g*
2015-03-29 03Lambs
Though I'm not sure this year's first day of British Summer Time was the very kindest weather for them to end up in! They're not even two hours old in this pic - awwww... *g*
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Well I was sort of in an office, and worked hard actually - all that thinking about Rasch graphs, and Wright Maps and... quite brain-exploding stuff it was... and now of course there's the coursework about it - eeep! We finished early though, and I didn't get a headache today, and then I ended up deciding not to trog around London when I had no particular plans and did have luggage, so I walked over the river (well, on the bridge, not actually... *g*) and caught the train and was home in time for archery, but then I was quite tired and didn't go after all. I would have had to rush, and miss dinner, and... so no.

But London was lovely and London. Here's the view out my hotel window, and a London-y contre-jour (thanks [ profile] gvenanne!) photo...
2015-03-26 01MorningView 2015-03-26 02LondonContraJour

And then... )

Spring morning magic

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 08:22 am
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2014-02-26 05.53.38-2

Hmmn, I seem to have lost the ability to upload pictures from my device to LJ - is that just me, or just cos I'm on a device at the moment, I wonder... There does seem to be a handy way to do it from Dropbox now, but no control over size etc from this end, so I'm sorry if the pic has turned out huge in your flist... Let me know if it mucks anything up and I'll delete or cut or summat. (Actually it turned out to be huge, so I mucked about with phone and this and drop box and finally managed to sort it...)

But that wasn't what I meant to say this gorgeous spring morning! The sky is blue here, the sun is all new-risen and golden, and when I went out first thing (the trouble with going to bed early is that I'm awake before 6am) there was the crescent moon and Venus just above it - so very beautiful and totally worth being up at that time! Apparently I'm not the only person to think so, but I haven't figured out how to paste from the clipboard on this thing yet...

"This thing" being an Advent Tetra Note 7, which has good reviews for speed, which I liked for something just about in my budget - because my laptop is in the repair shop - waaah! Worst of all it's playing havoc with my work, when I've only just had 4 days off work, but also I miss its lovely keyboard and screen! This tablet is actually for tutoring, so I'm practising now...

Apart from all that though, happy spring! There's even a touch of frost out there this morning - one of my favourite weathers!
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...I seem to be home in England, in Cambs. - in fact I seem to be in exactly the same place I left three months ago (but with new squidgy carpets and fresh paint in my old room *g*) because my landlady didn't find another tenant - and there's the most gorgeous chill in the air... Sorry, I expect everyone here's rather tired of it by now, but I did miss winter here, compared to 41C and half a state on fire... Hello northern hemisphere! And yet again it felt like I was on the right side of the world again, when I got back. So... there. *g*

I know I barely managed to post when I was away, but... here's England!
2014-02-20 00HomeAgain1 2014-02-20 18WimpoleSpring

2014-02-20 01AngleseyAbbeySpring 2014-02-20 12AngleseyAbbeySpring

Turned out that family's not conducive to... )

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